He whimsically remembers one streamer cutting away from commercials to stream himself playing, Jake believes cable companies like the one he works for are simply afraid of leaving money on the table. “I hate it too,” Cuban responded to Jordan. Here is why the subreddit got taken down: ALSO READ | WWE Crown Jewel debt finally paid off by Saudi Arabia amid chaos. This was all the passion of the people just coming together to watch basketball and talk [in the chat room].”, RIP r/nbastreams…..(and Ballstreams) both somehow had better streams than NBA league pass broadband that I pay for. “If Cuban’s comments are about exploring options with League Pass to better incorporate advertising or sponsorships into those streams and reduce the price to consumers as a result, there could be some logic to that. We ask them to every year.”. If you visit reddit.com/r/NBAstreams, you will see the message that the subreddit has been banned. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. “Which is why I think everyone who was a part of the community should keep spreading awareness and news to keep everyone updated on how to watch games online.”. “The idea of ‘advertiser-supported streams’ makes some sense, as most sports content is somewhat advertiser-supported. Top. The internet’s home for pirated feeds of live NBA games, r/nbastreams, was shut down Monday, following repeated violations of Reddit's copyright infringement policy. He wasn’t alone. “As for the streamers, there could be from 20 to 40 streamers for a game [depending] on the time of the year.”. Thunder cracked as Jordan hit send. He knew it was a Hail Mary, but maybe the Shark Tank star and media entrepreneur could somehow swoop in and save him. We talked to streamers, mods, NBA media experts and Mark Cuban himself about the purging of a beloved online NBA community. That means that leaders have time to prepare backup plans and alert their communities. Like Jordan, I reached out to Mark Cuban to see if he had any thoughts on what the NBA could do to win back illegal streamers. After receiving thousands of takedown requests, Reddit banned r/nbastreams days after the NBA Finals, as the war against pirated games online continues. I have cable! We offer NBA streams, NFL streams, MMA streams, UFC streams and Boxing streams. “There’s a billion-dollar cable contract right there for them. It’s for this reason that if you’re watching NBA League Pass, you’ll see the local advertisements of the broadcast you’re watching. This subreddit, like the earlier one, will only share illegal streams so it is highly recommended that you do not use it. According to Bucholtz, that’s what Cuban means when he talks about exploring the economic benefits. They already stream G-League games free of charge on Twitch, and in an interview with Strategy+Business, NBA commissioner Adam Silver acknowledged that the only thing holding them back from experimenting more with direct-to-consumer streaming is their current media contracts: “As far as I know, the partners who have our rights — ESPN and TNT — have no plans to distribute their programming on platforms that don’t collect subscriber fees. If you’re watching an NBA game on ESPN, TNT or a regional sports network, you’re going to see ads; those networks make enough to buy NBA rights from a mix of advertising and per-subscriber fees from cable, satellite or streaming TV providers,” he explains. “As a college student, without any disposable income or any income at all,” he laughs, “that sub was a lifesaver. A confluence of factors, however, may have upset that balance. That’s how bad their product is.”. is brilliant.”, “sometimes I worry [MEL is] a psy-op meant just for me.”, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA. “Why the hell would I sign up for [League Pass] when every time I try to watch my home team it’s blacked out?” asks Alex, a 32-year-old in Chicago. “It’s scary, I get it. In a blog post titled “Integrated Advertising in Sports: The NBA,” MediaRadar notes that the NBA has increased the amount of in-stadium advertising, including jersey ads, so consumers watching commercial-free streams still get a healthy dose of marketing. /r/nbastreams_adam metrics (NBA Streams Adam) This subreddit will provide free live … If you want to move into that stratosphere, you need to realize the media climate you’re currently in. “They were all blacked out in my area, even with League Pass.”. Longer term, we’re already in a direct-to-consumer business through NBA League Pass. This year, Reddit has eliminated other groups as well. Not only are the Philly games blacked out for me, but the New York games too, and I wouldn’t have access to [Yankee Entertainment and Sports Network] or MSG even if I did have cable, because I’m in Central Pennsylvania. Hot New Top Rising. That is to say, perhaps the NBA is already looking at offering direct-to-consumer, advertiser-supported streams. The Google, , put in place during the 1998–99 NBA lockout to sell more tickets, They were all blacked out in my area, even with League Pass.”. As frustration mounts for young NBA fans without disposable incomes, the NBA must be thinking ahead, right? In the MMA group’s case, it was former fighter Brendan Schaub drawing fans’ ire. “There’s a billion-dollar cable contract right there for them. pinned by moderators. By the time the site removed /r/nbastreams, the league’s takedown requests had reached into the thousands, with a flurry during Game 6 of the NBA Finals possibly leading to the final result. But look at Netflix: $160 billion valuation or something” —. “I’m not gonna say I did watch it illegally, I’m not gonna say I didn’t. Plus, improved tracking technology has made leagues and networks more confident in their ability to diminish the practice. Instead, the pages existed in a gray state, with individual posts being taken down but the communities persisting. When it does, the r/NBAstreams community will be there to help each other out. What’s holding it back? Figure out a fucking way to get it to us in a high bit rate, at a decent cost, and we’ll all buy it. Some of these links were even based on peer-to-peer networks which were hard to track. While Adam Silver has earned a reputation as the internet-friendly commissioner—”No sports league has embraced the power of social media as much as the NBA,” The Wall Street Journal wrote in March—the league confirmed its involvement in r/nbastreams’s demise through a statement. These services are the only legal methods to watch NBA games and it is highly recommended that the fans do not stray away to other sources. ALSO READ | WWE: Randy Orton's annual salary, net worth and his early career, NBA: John Collins gets 25-game ban, tests positive for growth hormone, NBA 2019-20: LA Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks match preview & team news, NBA: Watch the best plays from Week 2 as Harden, LeBron make history, NBA: Watch LeBron James score triple-double against Chicago Bulls, NBA: Kevin Durant reacts hilariously to Garrett Temple's soft dunk, In TRP case, OpIndia to hand over witness coercion tapes to CBI on November 6 at 2 pm, OTV, Prag News & News Live newsrooms join Republic TV & Republic Bharat; Unite for Arnab, Maharashtra HRC summons DCP Zone III for initiation of chapter proceedings against Arnab. I don’t torrent movies, I don’t steal TV dramas, but I do stream NBA games illegally. In an uncertain media market, that many potential customers is too many to forfeit, especially now that leagues have digital products to offer consumers looking to go legit. Hot. “We encourage our fans to snack before meals,” Silver said in 2015. In 2014, after three years of desperation, Jordan broke down and bought a subscription to the NBA’s streaming service, League Pass, hoping he could finally watch Mavs games again. Soon after, he discovered the new subreddit r/NBAstreams, a safe haven for cord-cutting NBA fans who wanted to watch their favorite teams without paying an exorbitant amount and fearing that a game might be blacked out. Most NBA fans came to r/NBAstreams because of the blackout rules that hampered League Pass. One of Reddit's most popular sports subreddits r/NBAstreams was deleted early this year. That might wind up being some of the ‘ad-supported streams’ in question here.”, The Definitive Oral History of Reddit GoneWild, Miles Davis vs. Malibu: How the LAPD Terrorized a Jazz Legend. [Adrian Wojnarowski] The NBA is searching for ways to increase cash flow into teams, and sources said the league is hopeful to expand guidelines on sports betting, hard alcohol and casinos that could generate between $80M and $100M in revenue. All Rights Reserved. Why would they invest in appeasing the core fans when they can appease Turner and ABC?” he says. ALSO READ | WWE: John Cena, Shawn Michaels and NFL star appear in WWE Backstage, where do I find basketball streams this year? Fans can also buy the 'NBA League Pass' on the NBA App to live-stream matches on the NBA's site. … I think there’s going to be a lot of studying in the league office over the next five years as to how direct a relationship we should have with consumers.”, And while it sounds promising that Silver is actually talking about this, Bucholtz isn’t so optimistic. “My favorite was this one Celtics streamer who would put an overlay of Kelly Olynyk doing an awkward dance, with the words ‘Big Dick Olynyk’ on the screen,” he tells MEL. I am willing to watch commercials and pay for content! “We're trying our very best to continue bringing you all high-quality ways to watch NBA games,” a bot account posted in the Discord group chat set up as a new home for former r/nbastreams diehards this week, “And of course: we will never ever charge for access.”. It was clear there was no legal method for Jordan to watch his favorite team, as much as he wanted one. Hot. They already stream G-League games free of charge on Twitch, and in an interview with Strategy+Business, NBA commissioner Adam Silver acknowledged that the only thing holding them back from experimenting more with direct-to-consumer streaming is their current media contracts: While the NBA doesn’t provide subscriber numbers for League Pass, in 2016 it reported 26.7 million game views. “I would also include some fun topics like polls asking who would be the champion, etc. card classic compact. Quinn Myers is a staff writer at MEL. “The fact that some guy in his basement was able to put out a higher-quality, more consistent stream than the NBA or TNT or anyone official is just inexcusable to me. NBA: Why was famous live subreddit NBAStreams banned by Reddit? Because of Austin’s proximity to San Antonio, the NBA’s antiquated “blackout” restrictions, put in place during the 1998–99 NBA lockout to sell more tickets, meant the Spurs were the only basketball team Jordan could watch. Users used to often post links to pages that live-streamed NBA matches for free. Like, I’ve seen have some of the best comical jokes all around the league on those subs.”, Rip r/nbastreams pic.twitter.com/aquNZF99qS. The same goes for Vucetic, who recalls one streamer who “had a nice production around his stream, with a Golden State banner around the video and dope songs playing over the stadium stream of games.” Asa, a 19-year-old in California, loved to follow multiple teams on r/NBAstreams.

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