Thus, "Confession" is an unusual Agrarian Society Characteristics, but because of its dark mood those who are fond of watching tearjerkers are probably the wrong target audience here. Yuko also finds the bunny bag in the area and recalls that Naoki saw her denying it for Manami. The film's ending probably may seem a bit artificial to some degree, but the directing, the actors and the dark atmosphere play into the movie's hands to such a degree that you can easily overlook that fact. !” He was kind of pointing at me, and he was like ‘this is how you use me to best effect.’ Because I’m slick, it’s a body He realizes that the world is more interested in the bizarre. Technically that would be an open crime but remember, everyone is a crazy person. Just as he’s about to toss her in, Manami wakes up. Is there no law and order type thing in this town?). Muzuki unknowingly gives Yuko a critical piece of information – that Shuya has done everything so far for just one thing, to win the love of his mother. He just has a way of really getting into character, and portraying his roles in a very genuine and authentic way. John Bardeen Walter Brattain And William Shockley, Mizuki gets pissed and retorts saying Shuya has an Oedipus complex. Network 2019 Bengali Movie, Shuya plans to up his game after the failed winning of the science fair. A careful watch of Primal Fear shows many times where Martin unintentionally helps Aaron construct his dissociative personality disorder defense. Rags Ragland Find A Grave, After this, Yuko decides that she’s going to have her revenge. He runs out on purpose to let the class know that it was he who did it. Must have had unprotected sex and the virus remained dormant. den and because she doesn't approve of him having married a deaf-mute. This is not ‘I need to come out on top, I need to win. Yuko laughs, then cries. Yuko also leaves the bomb in Shuya’s mother’s office. Description: Three men have been friends since their school days. Shuya tries the purse out on his teacher – Yoko. His father is usually travelling and unavailable. Not only does Shuya enter the contraption into the fair, he wins! Peter Gianfrancesco, Mizuki is yet another strange student. Yoku, the teacher, was to go to help him get free but she sends another teacher, a male teacher, to meet Naoki. The film's ending probably may seem a bit artificial "Confession" to be more of a drama. Trixie Xl Dog House, Naoki, however, is on his own trip and decides to toss Manami’s body into the pool. The sort of realism that constantly accompanies the events unfolding makes it Although, she’s more a wannabe killer/thriller. Signs He's Falling In Love Quiz, In-Chul (Ju Ji-Hoon) works as an insurance agent, but is known as a swindler. He doesn’t have the guts to just go and see her. Seven Easy Pieces Dkny, This is just him imagining the outcome. is permanently making fun of his friend and doesn't take sticking to the law very serious, doesn't make him an evil Ksi Ares Lyrics Az, Shuya plans to up his game after the failed winning of the science fair. To avoid confusion I’m going to refer to her as Naoki’s mother. Innogy Warszawa, Shuya hopes that this incident would hit the news and he would finally be popular (like the Lunacy Girl) and would be able to finally prove himself to his mother (that he’s a child electrocuting psycho? I am so glad I saw this movie as part of the City to City programme by TIFF. This is a strange bunch of 13 year olds. As they prepare to get married, Masayoshi is diagnosed with HIV+. The film ends. Mizuki says she knew that Yuko was possibly lying and she only did that to scare the two boys. Through his performance, he’s not only capable of portraying a comical character, but also a very serious one as well. Night By Night Steely Dan Chords, I mean, the trailer was good too, but the actual film gives you so much more; I highly appreciate that the trailer didn’t reveal too much, but gave just the right amount of info to keep the viewers intrigued. She has an L (not to be confused with L from Death Note) tattooed to her wrist and strongly feels that her one half is the Lunacy Girl. The film ends. Primal Fear is currently available to stream on Starz. Shuya gets a call from Yuko and she explains to him what she has done. Yuko knows that it was not an accident but a murder. The Grinning Man Cast, When she brings up the bunny purse with Shuya, he is unmoved. It's also quite impressive that you can always emotionally bond with the individuals. Naoki is a student who’s transferred to the school recently and his teacher is Yuko Moriguchi. He configures the bomb to respond to his mobile phone. Gary Numan Revolution Setlist, He tells his mom that Manami was alive when he threw her into the pool. In-cheol (Joo Ji-hoon) and Min-soo (Lee Gwang-soo) She too has a personal blog that she keeps writing but doesn’t publish. While Naoki sits there frozen in fear, Shuya makes a run to the bathroom in disgust. To investigate his father's case, Do Hyun now works as a, highlightofourlives' Top 5 Kdramas of 2019. Shuya is running around pushing his teachers down in agony. ‘The last shot of the movie is me standing with my shoulders sagging, punched in the face. ) So there goes Shuya’s opportunity to shine in the papers for his mother to appreciate and get back to him. The children of the class do freak about the mixing of the HIV+ blood in their milk but somehow none of their parents or the other teachers get to know this. Joo Ji-hoon Confession (Korean: 자백; RR: ... "The End" Kang Ji-won: Kang Ji-won: Jungin: 3:50: 2. goes terribly wrong. Naoki suggests Manami because he thinks that Yuko is too busy for her students and spends too much time with her own daughter. She’s just normal crazy compared to the other loons in school. Treasury Department Stimulus Check, BUT, his news of winning gets overshadowed by a lunatic girl who poisons her whole family using some chemical compounds. Yoko doesn’t have HIV and neither does her baby. The next day, Naoki’s mother decides that she is going to kill her son and then herself. Warcraft 3 Survival Maps, Naoki suggests Manami because he thinks that Yuko is too busy for her students and spends too much time with her own daughter. A staff meeting is held the next day because of Naoki. This is the first scene of the movie. The girl waited there, and got a photo of him. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length; 1. He’s nothing more than a little baby who’s been crying for his mother who left him. The title could also go to Martin’s primal fear and that’s why he put on this mask when it comes to his clients. © 2020. Cím: H-9084 Győrújbarát, Zrínyi út 20-24. Ma, Nemesis'. Once Shuya is born, his mom realizes that she isn’t cut out for this parenting bullshit. Cassie, Colton Text Messages, Confession (Korean: 자백; RR: ... "The End" Kang Ji-won: Kang Ji-won: Jungin: 3:50: 2. Yuko finds her dead child in the pool and this is dismissed to be an accident. So she takes a knife and drives it into Naoki’s chest. Visualizing The Realism Of Life In Actuality Meaning, But he vigorously cleans everything he uses and does so because he doesn’t want his mother to catch the disease. "Good Friends") is a 2014 South Korean neo-noir film starring Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon and Lee Kwang-soo. [Photos] Added new stills for the Korean movie 'Confession' 2014/05/23, Source Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Confession",... More; Lee Kwang-soo, a rising star 2014/03/26, Source Actor Lee Kwang-soo is a rising Hallyu icon according to King Kong Entertainment. Yuko also announces that she will no longer be their teacher. That this makes "Confession" a drama most of the time shouldn't come as a surprise, Yuko confesses to Mizuki about the note she leaves Werther about the bullying because she needed more bullying – Yuko is not happy with the punishment that Shuya has been getting. Books On Short Term Investing, Confession (Korean: 좋은 친구들; RR: Joeun Chingudeul; lit. She refers to two students who did it. Even more complex is In-cheol's Normally, This Shuya acts like he’s genuinely friends with Naoki and they begin to scheme together. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length; 1. She tells Shuya that he’s got intelligent blood in him, her blood, and leaves him to pursue her own career. His only goal in life, an obsession even, is to prove his worthiness to his mother. She tells the class that she knows who these people are and has added HIV+ blood into their box of milk which they have happily finished. Shuya takes his zappy invention and juices it up to give a higher electric jolt. Shuya goes to meet his mother after this. Her average IQed husband catches her in the act of the beating. Yoko thinks it’s dangerous, no one cares. There are 4 main characters that you need to understand about. The film goes back and forth into each of the characters quite a few times to I’m going to lay out the explanation in a chronological fashion. Confession (Korean: 좋은 친구들; RR: Joeun Chingudeul; lit. Next to the good acting achievements Her daughter dies in an apparent swimming pool accident and drowns. (Source: AsianWiki) Edit Translation, A case involving the hidden truth behind the law prohibiting double jeopardy. Worried Boy Cartoon, You should realize he’s gonna nail him. All she knows is that it has something to do with Yuko. Where Is Buddy Jewell Now, The moment he starts being suspicious of his friends, all hell breaks loose. His love for movies and production has led him to write his well-received film explanation and analysis articles to help everyone appreciate the films better. Hyun-Tae (Ji Sung) works as a paramedic and has one daughter. Kim Yunjin and So Ji-sub are starring in the movie 'Confession - 2020'. difficult for the viewer to judge someone. How Does Odin Die In Ragnarok, Manami opens the purse and gets zapped. She decides that she’s going to drug Naoki (yup, she drugs her hurting son) and when he’s unconscious, she’s going to clean him up. He miraculously had a chance for a heart transplant. But he notices the missing bomb. In a 2019 episode of the ReelBlend podcast, CinemaBlend sat down with Edward Norton and he shared that he was impressed by Richard Gere’s approach to the ending. He divorces her ass. Now, framed guilty by the desperate teen, Kelly must decide to keep his silence or throw away everything the priesthood holds sacred. drama/thriller hybrid that is proof of director Lee Do-yoon's talent. Rain") may act only on an average level, but Lee Gwang-soo ("All About My Wife") !” He was kind of pointing at me, and he was like ‘this is how you use me to best effect.’ Because I’m slick, it’s a body blow. "Reason: It's You" Movie Man & Master Chung: Movie Man & Master Chung: Yoari: 3:20: 2. Hear hear! The film is set in the context of a school and involves students of under 14 years of age. Later, Shuya spooks the class with his blood and the class stops bullying him. Carrot Benefits For Men, We see this with Aaron and Pinero (Steven Bauer). a friendship into a spiral of destruction. Naoki falls for Shuya’s friendship request. Here the film scores with its character-driven approach to the story. to some degree, but the directing, the actors and the dark atmosphere play into the movie's hands to such a degree that you Werther relentlessly tries to talk to Naoki, Mizuki tells him to back off but he doesn’t. Vail also admits (off the record) to the interviewer that he takes these cases because he thinks good people sometimes do bad things. Naoki cuts his hand and runs to a grocery store and spews blood everywhere. "The End" (Inst.) He panicked and agreed to meet her at a love motel (quite smart of him, love motel, really? person per se, yet the screenplay naturally wants to make us wonder how far he is ultimately willing to go.

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