i'm relieved knowing not only me thinking this drama is really nonsense. He's the male version of Moon Geun Young's character from Catch the Ghost! Truly enjoyed this kdrama... Hope that the 2 main leads - Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young - will act together again in a romantic-comedy drama. ra Mar 30 2020 1:37 am The story is confusing from the beginning. I'M completely wrong. This is amazing and every episode is full of excitement. It also has a lot of scenes dragging the time. The plot is confusing and twisted and nothing is clear until this point.That is realistic (apart from supernatural powers).In real life nobody just finds clues immediately and one connection misleads to another one,so it's not easy.And since you're still watching it,then it means it's captivating enough to keep you glued to the screen.No detectives in real life just go everywhere thinking how they could fall in love. I really like this drama. Dudu Mar 14 2020 3:13 pm I feel like watching a kid growing up. --With regards to the ending, I really appreciate how it was written. Apparently the Eraser is Dong Baek’s sister, that is why she’s had the ability to erase memories & also scanned the memory. Shahrom Apr 17 2020 1:13 pm moonbinz Apr 09 2020 4:14 am [CDATA[ her role is useless ? And when Ye Rim sees a chance to escape, she jumps on it, inching through crawl spaces as we literally feel the tension intensify. Truly intense!!! I'm really satisfied with the ending. She is not smart and why she likes to intimidate her boss or her colega and her witness ? I really need season 2 with Dong Baek and Sun Mi again, Dii aa May 01 2020 11:11 pm Keep chasing for one person, but previous cases just ignored. But now that they are it's doing great!!! He can peer into the memories of whoever he touches. This drama is by far the most interesting and intense drama I've watched with so many twists and turns, which shows, since I finished this drama in 2 days. For me, Memorist was a good find too. Another drama about psychometry? Low rating. The ratings doesn't matter as long as I enjoyed watching this drama. There was also an epilogue scene where Sunmi did a ceremony honouring those people who died. I thought that the Eraser could have been a woman the first time I've saw her jumping off the journalist's house and when I heard her voice when Dong Baek shoot her in the leg I got the confirmation. Hoped to be better! Auntie Bee Ker May 06 2020 7:03 am The latter half of episode two is all kinds of horrifying, as we get a glimpse of what happens to the kidnapped girls. The drama started off really good and progressed well, each episode a new clue is discovered about who the killer is, and the characters have an intertwined past. Good job Memorist cast and crew! Currently watching episode 1. and the seizing evidence are sooooooooooo late and stupid in a lots of aspect. loadbox(1); Sha May 07 2020 11:27 am Okey there's some holes at this moment but it can be solved in the next episodes that left. xx Mar 28 2020 3:09 pm Why yall too weak? The problem is the story/script. All character are good and seung ho as always his acting is so cool and se young I luv the duo.♡♡♡. I for one was glad that there was no romance written for the two leads. what's the relationship between jin jae gyu and the eraser? What if the eraser is Reporter Ji Eun. Very intense and full of details! Memorist seems promising but given the same theme, i'm not sure if i should give this a try. :-D. eve vicente Apr 01 2020 11:44 pm I know, it's just a hunch. if any of you read this and want to share your thoughts, please do so ahahahaha i really appreciate it :D. Sora Apr 11 2020 2:07 am CKW Mar 22 2020 10:38 am The thing about this drama is that despite the intensity and thrill that you get from watching the drama and a well-laid plot; new characters just keep on showing up from here and there and then vanishes. Ncnf May 01 2020 7:15 pm There's a lot of thriller drama you will love to watch, DAR Apr 22 2020 4:12 am Can someone named me a songs that are at the end of every episode ? memorist stories are the best. While Rugal was all action and weak story, and Nobody Knows ended unsatisfactorily, Memorist was refreshingly engaging from beginning to end! Some might say it's too confusing to watch but all you need is to pay attention on every details, the drama has a logic of its own. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 80/100 (3146 votes)

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