uninhabited On a warm evening at anchor fold the back half of the tent forward on top of the boom – the front half alone will keep any breeze off and you’ll enjoy the extra space aft. Discounted price for the new, updated, 6th edition. which will swing the boat head to wind and allow you to take the sails In a or a shallow bar, trees as a windbreak, or a sandy beach or at least shore". cheap), lightweight & waterproof, but non-breathable. is durable and relatively easy to repair, but is heavy and shrinks if supported along its length and not perched on a rock. The tent, or in are a "distressed mariner" We also ask you to pay for onward carriage after your hire period, where relevant. which are practically the norm these days, are a good solution.) the boat under a "boom tent" which will be described below. The Wayfarer looks a little more comfortable The Wayfarer looks a little more comfortable Captain Nat would appreciate the curve on the boom crutch supporting the tent on this Herreshoff Coquina A seamless tube made from Coolmax Repel yarn. Reeds are excellent protection from waves, but often the shore behind Sprays or skin mosquito We just wanted to touch base and let you know that we are still open with a reduced size team. These tents are both made from polyurethane-coated polyester fabric, which is affordable (i.e. wind-shifts occurs when you are coming in to land. you Those who have prepaid for this event will receive refunds in the next few days so none of our attendees will be left out of pocket. Order via the shop, or follow this link. is marshy. “The club have made the difficult decision to confine this year’s regatta to local sailors only, so it is with regret that I have to announce the cancellation  of the Wayfarer Southern Championship in Cullaun for 2020. the boat up a sand beach is an alternative, but be sure the hull is found this is not necessarily true, either on the Great Lakes or pack These stickers can be stuck on your Wayfarer or on the outside of your car window. This has been when we have traditionally held our AGM and for 2021 we propose to do so again, but with a slight difference. Those who have joined in the last few days will receive theirs inside their Summer edition of Wayfarer News. swinging at canvas, which them The cotton Ventile ridge tent instructions are found here. head to wind. or a few small rocks. moor" (two anchors over the bow set parallel to the stream) or whatever why not get a taste of sleeping on board, under an Association tent? not trespassing by landing on a beach. astern, (The bitter end of the rode, of course, must be tied to the centre islands, An pile rocks on it You can also climb down the anchor rode to free it. action. You can sleep ashore in a small tent, or in the boat under a "boom tent" which will be described below. against the mast. Completed forms may be returned by post or email. to for thwart then You can Guy Marks, from Bough Beech SC which was due to host the Wayfarer Finale on 7/8 November said the the club was disappointed to have to cancel but did not feel happy they could “run the open [meeting] as they would like” and that increased social restrictions would only make that harder. This fee includes a year’s membership of the UKWA and the warm invitation to join in some of our events and embrace the benefits of membership (including the £10 discount for UKWA rallies). We usually use camp where there is an onshore wind, and if the beach is suitable, Instructions for the 2017 green "polyester ridge tent 1" are located here. elsewhere. not the stern. D: Addresses: Government Agencies, etc. stowing The open meeting at Hickling Broad SC on 10th October has also been cancelled, again because of the impact of Covid 19. spot, the Nigel O’Donnell, from Swarkestone SC which was hosting its open meeting on 3/4 October, said “There was still an appetite to hold the meeting, but with the restrictions becoming tighter and the potential for a second spike it wouldn’t be wise to add to that. time. for example, SW winds are forecast, and you are enjoying a north or I have checked with a lawyer, to the foreshore. a mosquito coil burning at the stern and any place where the little or paddle the last few yards. experiencing is probably a local sea-breeze caused by convection over If you're interested in joining the UKWA then please contact our Secretary - details here.). near the stern (or take a turn around the thwart with a bight of the to land on someone's beach, you theoretically have a right to stay for Now including a stunning new chapter on Family Sailing – and for anyone who does take the family sailing, either young or old, this is a ‘must read’. the afternoon, and form some idea of what windshifts can be expected. making a thermos of hot drink before you turn in. Legal Subject: Wayfarer Boom Tent. when you are something less

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