Companions Of The Prophet – Abu Darda (RA) : We are using cookies on website to provide you the best experience by saving your preferences and on repeated visits. 2. 19. Press Esc to cancel. He (RA) was a slave of Ummayah bin Khalaf. Prophet Isa (AS) Story Part – 2 : Hazrat Hamza married three times and had six children. 41. Majdi ibn Amr al-Juhani intervened between them, "for he was at peace with both parties," and the two parties separated without any fighting. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. These cookies never store any personal information. He was standing in front of Muhammad, fighting with two swords and then Abyssinian slave Wahshi ibn Harb with a promise of manumission from Hind bint Utbah, if he killed Hamza. Then, heavyweight hot rocks were placed on his body to make the situation worse. While they were there, Abdul-Muttalib noticed Wahb's niece, Hala bint Uhayb, and he asked for her hand as well. Hamza led an expedition of thirty riders to the coast in Juhayna territory to intercept a merchant-caravan returning from Syria. 8. planning either to kill Him or to make him change his religion. Tweet to us! Click below to join our facebook group and get notifications on our latest videos. Companions Of The Prophet – Hamzah Ibn Abdul Muttalib (RA) Part 2 :, Coming Soon Islamic Kids Channel : Prophet Dawud (AS) Story Part – 1 : 9. [3] According to many ahadith Prophet Muhammad became concerned with the need to have a way to summon his growing community to prayer. Amir ibn Hamza. He had the by-names Asad Allāh[2]:2 (أَسَد ٱللَّٰه, "Lion of God") and Asad al-Jannah (أَسَد ٱلْجَنَّة, "Lion of Heaven"), and Muhammad gave him the posthumous title Sayyid ash-Shuhadāʾ (سَيِّد ٱلشُّهَدَاء). [7]:337, Later Hamza carried Muhammad's banner in the expedition against the Banu Qaynuqa.[2]:4. When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. To watch our Prophet videos in Bangla , please click the link below: Khalid Yasin Lecture – Responsibilities of Muslim Women (1/2), Do you want more from Allah then Be Grateful !! The Islamic Information is your authentic platform of getting Islamic Articles, News, Duas and much more. Ummayah Bilal was among the emancipated slaves freed by Abu Bakr and was known for his beautiful voice with which he called people to their prayers.Watch the story of this Sahaba today. A monk prophesised that he will have both power and prophethood and advised him to marry a woman of the Banu Zuhrah. [3], Ibn Sa'd basing his claim on al-Waqidi states that Hamzah was reportedly four years older than Muhammad. Ibn Sayyid concludes that Hamza was only two years older than Muhammad, though he adds the traditional expression of doubt, "Only God knows". : 3. Prophet Dawud (AS) Story Part-2 : Bakr ibn Hamza. All Rights Reserved. [7]:299 It is disputed whether it was Hamza or Ali who killed Tuwayma ibn Adiy. Nouman Ali Khan, How to be Optimistic – Avoid Negativity – Waleed Basyouni. Prophet Yahya (AS) Story : By clicking “Accept”, you agree to the use of ALL cookies. He converted in late 612AD. Muhammad made him the brother in Islam of Zayd ibn Harithah. He died in Damascus in 20 AH. We are bringing to you, for the very first time, the Stories of the Companions of the Prophet (Pbuh). Prophet Muhammad (saw) Part3 : Follow us on Facebook for new updates! 7. © 2020 - All rights reserved. Some accounts were remaining, which I shall narrate […] [2]:2 His mother was Hala bint Uhayb from the Zuhra clan of Quraysh. Companions Of The Prophet – Salman Al Farisi (RA) Part 2 : or the embedded content. 43. 22. It touches on aspects of racism, is a lesson in pluralism, and teaches us that piety is the only way to measure of a person’s worth. 21. Companions Of The Prophet – Noaman Ibn Muqqarin (RA) : [4] Ibn Hajar writes as a conclusion of Ibn Sayyid's hadiths: "Hamza was born two to four years before Muhammad". He was burning due to the hot sand from the back of His body whereas, the upper body was burnt by the hot pieces of rocks. [2]:3, Hamza took little notice of Islam for the first few years. He died in Damascus in 20 AH. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. 28. His However, this in response to a hadith by Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri which doesn't mention any such double marriage. Prophet Isma’il (Ishmael): [2]:4 This is disputed by Ibn Sayyid, who argues: "Zubayr narrated that Hamza was four years older than the Prophet. Prophet Yusuf(as): Companions Of The Prophet – Abdullah Ibn Umm Maktum (RA) : Prophet Yaqub (AS): 16.Prophet Shammil (AS) : An Abyssinian, Bilal (RA) was kept as slave in Makkah. Zaynab bint Al-Milla ibn Malik of the Aws tribe in Medina. The stories are structured to teach your little ones about the life and achievements of Sahabi in an easy to understand format. 38. Type above and press Enter to search. Subscribe our channel for latest updates : 37. [5][page needed], Ibn Kathir in Al-Sira Al-Nabawiyya cites Abu Nu`aym who traces a hadith to Ibn Abbas, that after Abdul Mutallib went to Yemen, he stayed with a Jewish priest. 46. Prophet Lut (Lot) (as): 10. 11. Companions Of The Prophet – Abuzar Al Gaffari (RA) : 44. He had one brother named Khalid and a sister named Ghufairah. Companions Of The Prophet – Hazrat Ammar Ibn Yasir (RA) Part 2 : Prophet Stories for Kids in Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam Necessary cookies are very important for our website to work properly. 29. We are bringing to you, for […], Come and visit to check out, Special thanks to The Muslim Council Of Hong Kong, Was just going through some of the reviews that th, More quotes from the book “Why God is my only b, Prophet Muhammad (Saw) Stories | The Bedouin And The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)| Islamic Kids Videos, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Stories | The Treatment Of The Poor| Islamic Kids Videos | Quran Stories, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Stories | The Camel Seller | Islamic Kids Videos | Quran Stories For Kids, Prophet Muhammad (Saw) Stories | Old Woman And The Prophet Muhammad (Saw) | Quran Stories For Kids, Stories Of Sahaba – Companions Of The Prophet | Uthman Bin Affan (RA) | Islamic Kids Stories, Stories Of Sahaba – Companions Of The Prophet | Umar Ibn Al Khattab (RA) | Islamic Kids Stories, Stories Of Sahaba – Companions Of The Prophet | Abu Bakr (RA) | Islamic Kids Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids | Hazrat Fatima (RA) | Islamic Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids |The Story Of Khadija (RA)| Islamic Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids | Hazrat Imam Ali Bin Talib (RA) | Islamic Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids | Imam Hussain (RA) | Islamic Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids | Imam Hassan (RA) | Islamic Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids | Hazrat Fatima (RA) | Part 3 | Islamic Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids | Hazrat Fatima (RA) | Part 2 | Islamic Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (Saw) For Kids | Hazrat Fatima (RA) | Part 1 | Islamic Stories, Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids | Khadija (RA) Wife Of Prophet | Part 4 | Islamic Stories, Yasir Qadhi – Don’t Kill Yourself In Hajj Pay Fidyah Instead, THINGS TO DO TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE | MUFTI MENK. Prophet Ishaq (Isaac) &Prophet Yaqub (as) : Ummayah bin Khalaf was Companions Of The Prophet – Abdullah Ibn Masood (RA) Part 2: 8. His Holiness (aba) said that the Holy Prophet (sa) said that Hazrat Bilal (ra) was the first from Abysinnia to accept Islam. Hazrat Bilal Ibn Rabah (RA) or Bilal al-Habashi was a loyal companion of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Prophet Shuaib (as) : 15.Prophet Yusha AS & Prophet Hizqeel (AS) : 23. Our videos are ideal for 6-12 year old children, and the adults too can enjoy our videos. 13. Hamza retorted that he would see the angel, so Muhammad told him to sit where he was. Companions Of The Prophet – Abbad Ibn Bashir (RA) : Hamza was killed in the Battle of Uhud on 22 March 625 (3 Shawwal 3 hijri) when he was 59 (lunar) years old. [7]:132, After that incident, Hamza entered the House of Al-Arqam and declared Islam. Wahshi then slit open his stomach and brought his liver to Hind bint Utbah,[2] whose father Hamza had killed at Badr (see above). Also, He wasn’t able to move due to the weight of rocks. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat when Muhammad (S) was about 35 years old and her mother Khadija was about 50 years old. His kunyas were "Abū ʿUmārah"[2]:2 (أَبُو عُمَارَةَ) and "Abū Yaʿlā"[2]:3 (أَبُو يَعْلَىٰ). Cookies that are not of that importance for the website for the world fully and are designed to gather the user data through retargeting of Ads and Analytics. 1. Prophet Muhammad (saw) Part2 : Hamzah's father was Abdul Muttalib ibn Hashim ibn Abd Manaf ibn Qusayy from the Qurayshi tribe of Mecca. Website:, To watch our Prophet videos in Urdu , please click the link below : got succeeded in his plannings and sent Him for a punishment. In one, Al-Waqidi states that his parents met when Abdul Muttalib went with his son Abdullah to the house of Wahb ibn 'Abd Manaf to seek the hand of Wahb's daughter Aminah. Companions Of The Prophet – Salman Al Farisi (RA) part 1 :

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