Unfortunately, the Weapons and Killstreak pages only offer combined stats across Warzone and Multiplayer. If you’ve searched far and wide for up-to-date, concise, reliable Warzone weapon stats, then breathe a big sigh of relief: they’re waiting for you just below.This Warzone weapon stats guide is fully up-to-date for Season 5 and features tables of data for each gun class, covering everything from damage profiles to handling stats, recoil patterns, damage dropoff values, and much more. Check your friend stats and compare them with yours! AUG is characterized by high speed, damage, and good accuracy. Holger-26: 42 | 28 | 28 | 28 -> 48m -> 34 | 23 | 23 | 23 -> 70m -> 27 | 18 | 18 | 18 Loadouts and Loadout Drops (Preparation) Loadouts (used in Battle Royale and Payback modes), and the Drops you’ll receive in the Battle Royale mode of Warzone, are comprised of the following items:. ® © 2020. Switch to Charge-up shot. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Unlike the PKM, the MG34 has a difficult to control, often completely random recoil, making it difficult to shoot accurately in long bursts. Fully drawing tightens the spread. Envemoned - Bullets deal damage over time. Rail Mod - Can equip assault rifle grade attachments. You can also track your Warzone stats in-game, though the presentation isn’t as good as it could be. The PKM has a very large magazine capacity, good speed and accuracy. Modular weapon designed from scrap by the Azanians. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. There might be some problems with stats update and player search. In Verdansk, you can find weapons of a different rarity - Ordinary (white), Common (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple) or Legendary (orange). On the plus side, the Crossbow's projectiles don't make a sound when fired, and the weapon deals a lot of damage when the target receives a headshot. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. High calibre revolver firing depleted uranium rounds for massive impact. Experimental Fusion Weapon, which fires fission at speeds FTL. On the map of Verdansk you will come across many versions of this weapon, including Epic and Legendary. These include handguns such as the X16 and M19, as well as the Crossbow and the RPG-7 launcher. Tac Reload - Double tap reload to use a Tactical Reload, cutting reload time but losing ammunition left in the magazine. All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. There are, however, some areas in the Warzone menu that are worth checking out. Model 680 is a very short-range weapon that is best utilized in certain situations and will not be very helpful in later stages of gameplay. Find more information here. Mark I, Traditional weapon reimagined to cut through all metals via it's "cutting edge" mono-edged plasma-infused blade.

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