You can still do it without a Firewire adapter as explained below in the video. A mini-DV player works very much like a VHS deck. We ensure the quality and integrity of each and every product that we feature on our website. Yes, you could  and should use an 8mm video tape to digital video transfer service if one is available in your neighborhood. You can search for local service options or check online for mail-in services. No, there isn’t a mini-DV player with HDMI out. Close the door and insert the VHS into a player that is connected to a television. Most camcorders come with almost-flat, small buttons to go with their compact designs. This player is very much like a VHS player, but reads only 8mm video tape(s). Made in Japan, its width is 17 inches, height 2 3/8 inches and the depth is 10 3/8 inches. What the video capture device does is convert the video signal from your mini-DV player to a digital format to be stored into your computer through a video capture software. You would have to open up your computer casing to do so. Your email address will not be published. After having your Mini DV tapes digitized, you can view them on a home laptop or a connected television. There isn’t a mini-DV tape converter through which you put in your mini-DV tape and directly convert your footage to a digital video format through a VHS player.. Here is a list of 8mm video tape players you can find over eBay or Amazon . Check out the Sony EVO-220  user manual for the full specs and  if you wish to explore this model further. How to View Mini DV Tapes Without the Camera, Sony: Transfer Video from a Digital8 or MiniDV Camcorder to a Computer, DVDYourMemories: Watch MiniDV Tapes on Your TV or Computer, Quick Guide. There isn’t a mini-DV tape converter through which you put in your mini-DV tape and directly convert your footage to a digital video format through a VHS player. So, if you have both Hi8 and Video8 tapes to convert to a digital video format, check out this model. Turn VHS into DVD: Access, Share and Preserve Your Memories. There are three types of 8mm tape players – Video8, Hi-8 and Digital8. mini-DV players come with analog video ports, namely composite (RCA) video and S-Video as you can see from the rear end of a mini-DV player deck below. However, it’s neither easy nor convenient when it comes to playing back, rewinding or fastforwarding your tape. If you’ve the budget, go for this Sony Video Walkman which was released around year 2000. So, if you’re using a mini-DV tape player you’re advised to use the S-Video out to get the best picture quality. If you don’t have a mini-DV camcorder , then you would need to have a mini-DV player to help you transfer video footage to a computer as will be explained below. Whether your MiniDV tapes contain precious family memories you want to keep for generations or company videos you want to use for training or your backup records, your MiniDV tapes will be much safer and convenient to watch after you convert them to DVD or digital files with Current Pixel. Once you connect the cable to the camera and your computer, you can use the PlayMemories software to create digitized files. Clean 8mm Camcorder Heads: The Easy and Safe Way, The 8mm Video Format Guide : From Heyday to Mayday, Ways to a Start Sony Digital 8 Camcorder Transfer to Computer. In this case, saving the videos to digital format is the best approach. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, you can only watch the tapes with an adapter, the camera, or with a VHS deck. The Mini DV deck is the best solution if you happen to have an operating VHS player and only need to view the tape temporarily. In this article I will explain you how to play mini dv tapes without a camcorder. It is only possible with the S-VHS format where there’s an adapter you fit an S-VHS tape into and play it back through a VHS player.

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