01.14.2020 | 11 min read A lot of people have read the book "Building A StoryBrand," taken the StoryBrand online courses, or attended the StoryBrand workshop. You begin your paragraph by telling who you are as a business, what customers you help, what problems they face, and so-on. Here’s a shocker for ya to start your Monday off. History proves it is incredibly rare for established companies to take on a new marketing identity. " if you're going to Sardina Dental Group. We recommend including three price choices to start off and write some brief copy of what’s included in those choices along with a direct call-to-action. But we do want to include stakes because that introduces the concept of conflict into the brand story. →, How Your Personal Brand is made + NextGen Cattle example, Personal Emails – Why they will always matter. Create a buzz online. This established Atlanta-based business wanted to execute a total rebrand, StoryBrand style! Messaging for insurance can be tricky because everything must pass compliance, but we nailed it on the first pass. This site focuses on laying out what it is like to do business with Sardina and how they make your life better. Turns out my instinct wasn't far off. This website is AaronCrowley.com. Be sure to explain what you do but always have your copywriting be customer-focused. You’ll see an increase in website metrics and your users will thank you. Simple. StoryBrand Website Examples How to Design a “StoryBranded” Website What makes a “StoryBrand Website”? It’s the first thing users see when they land on your site. Marcus Rangel. The explanatory paragraph is meant to be another “due-diligence” section that interested customers can go to for more information. Simply having a video allows your customers to engage with your content in a fresh way and it shows to them that you’re relevant and invested in technology. Again, just like with the stakes section, a little bit goes a long way. The explanatory paragraph section is where you get to flex some of your SEO muscles and talk a little bit more about yourself.  Create a buzz online. This plan section comes to you from our friends at Premier Dental. Before I shot out the live chat feature to my email list, as my clients know, I…, Another Monday Morning Digital Marketing Tip by. Neither aspect will hurt your brand image. What are the engagement on your posts? It’s an entirely different approach to have past customers or clients speak on your behalf. Not every site needs a video section, but it does help as the average consumer becomes more video-oriented. Here we have a lead generator brought to you by Called to Awaken. Revitalize your sales. The guide section is meant to show empathy and authority to your target consumer. In other words, how much money are they losing out on by not engaging with your business? Since the book Building a StoryBrand was released in 2017, business owners and leaders have been clamoring for inspiration as to how they can implement the framework on their websites and other marketing collateral.. Your junk drawer is going to be linked to everything that you originally thought was important (i.e. This one sentence tells me who this website is for and what Aaron … This example comes to us from Reach the Rest, a gospel-oriented non-profit. Look, I don't believe that newer is always better. What I believe your personal brand boils down to is trust. This site we built for Lovejoy & Numbers does just that. But, frankly, that's the easy part. What we developed was a simple, lead-generating website that has helped them grow their business. We are either building…, Isn’t email marketing great? The hard part is transforming the collective hearts and habits of people and their shared perception of “how things are done around here.” I will help you lead the transformation of your company culture, building optimism, trust, and conviction in your new marketing direction. This site lists the problem up front with Vaerus as the trusted guide. Do you want to be a part of the disruption or a casualty of it? They have seven factory showrooms across the U.S. and over 150 dealers in North America. implement the framework on their websites, National Medical Education and Training Center, A Look At Marketing Made Simple By StoryBrand, The StoryBrand 5 Minute Marketing Makeover, 3 of the Best StoryBrand Websites We’ve Designed in 2020 (So Far), How To Be The Best StoryBrand Guide Possible, Clear calls-to-action in the upper right-hand corner and the center of the page, Preferably, an image of a happy and smiling person (ideally someone from your target market), Customer-focused copy that answers these three questions: what you do, what you offer, and how it can make the customer’s life better. StoryBrand Certified Guide since 2018.  Revitalize your sales. The lead generator allows you to capture the email address of an interested prospect and continue to nurture them towards a sale. Canary approached me in 2018 about using the StoryBrand … Another Monday Morning Digital Marketing Tip by If your business has multiple product lines and service offerings, then you’ll certainly want to include price choices on your home page. There are a few ways that you can position yourself as the guide. My Favorite StoryBrand Website Examples. Looking to apply StoryBrand to your website? This is referred to as a “value-stack”. So, be sure to include all the non-essential links on your navigation bar in the footer (i.e. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. 7 Incredible StoryBrand Website Examples (From a StoryBrand Guide) Most business owners are used to talking about their company in terms of themselves and their accomplishments. When they approached me for a website, I was excited to introduce them to StoryBrand. ALUMINUM TRAILERS & TRUCK BODIES MANUFACTURER. What do you want from your accountant? You want peace of mind and control. It's only a matter of time before that house comes crashing down. All rights reserved. But finding well designed storybrand website examples is another thing and pretty time consuming. You get to craft one message that goes to all of your client or prospects in one or two clicks. Many websites don’t explicitly state what they’re selling. It’s wise to include a lead generator on your home page because many website visitors won’t purchase on their first go-round. Stop struggling to find the answers on your own, wasting valuable brain cells. Tongue-Tie also uses video to show its customer testimonials. IMC created the content and design for this website. The video section comes to you from Waterloo School Life Lab. 20 mins to review your business and marketing needs. Here we see Tongue-Tie highlight several customer testimonials to show both empathy and authority. The stakes section is arguably the second most critical aspect of your StoryBrand website. The photos reflect Vaerus as the trusted guide. Use your own web designer or hire BrandNerd. When I started helping Hershey Heating & Air Conditioning three years ago, it was a one-man operation. This example comes from the National Medical Education and Training Center. EBY is an international brand of aluminum trailers and truck bodies. Finally, the last section is the good ole’ junk drawer brought to you by yours truly, Agency Boon. [2020] StoryBrand Website Examples Storybrand. BUT, their website was terrible and generating zero sales. We have not one but two StoryBrand Certified Guides on our team who love bringing this framework to life. Nothing exemplifies a framework like a few good examples. Book a call today and take the first step.. BrandNerd makes it super easy to breathe new life into your website. StoryBrand Website Example #1: CageRat Baseball This certainly passes the test of clarity. This lead generator will need to be featured prominently on your home page and actually be something that your target customer wants. Of course, we still want to be positioned as the guide. But when you use this narrative where you’re the main character, your story lacks clarity and makes it hard for readers to understand and connect with you, which makes it hard for them to become clients. If you need help implementing this framework on your site, be sure to get in touch with us. We’re going to… It’s been the catalyst for hundreds of companies to redesign their websites, but it poses the question: What makes a “StoryBrand Website”? by Tyler Hanna | Jul 25, 2020 | Posted In: Featured StoryBrand, StoryBrand, Web Design, Web Development. It’s as simple as that. In this post, we’re going to look at several StoryBrand websites examples and highlight a specific part of the framework using each website. Learn marketing that works. Here is another Storybrand website example. Most accounting firms are obsessed with the technical details of accounting. junk drawer). In my experience, it doesn't matter if sales are down, jobs are at stake, or even if the bank is breathing down your neck, the new behaviors that are required of leaders and employees causes too much organizational friction. The stakes are like salt in a recipe, add only a little to enhance the flavor. In 2020, a company without an effective internet marketing strategy is a house built on sand. In fact, it's just plain wrong when new companies with inferior products beat out older companies. The explanatory paragraph is simply your BrandScript in a longer, written form. It’s supposed to communicate, “I see you. Website Example #2: World Housing World Housing is a great example of a non-profit website that has taken their brand story and turned it into a homepage that is clear. It’s one thing for you yourself to tell customers you can solve their problem. You are not in this alone. The new, bold marketing plan is DOA. Looking to apply StoryBrand to your website? Most customers will opt for the middle-tiered price choice, so be sure to position your most profitable offering in the middle of the price choices. Receive a proposal for achieving your goals. Once we have shaken things up a bit with the stakes, then we can begin to position our product/service as the solution to the conflict the customer is facing. These price choices are brought to you by RTA Fleet Management Software. “Like” and “engagement” data you are looking at doesn’t tell the whole story when you look at your data on your posts on social posts, specifically business posts. Your header/hero section is arguably the most valuable section of your website. Like the explanatory paragraph, the video script can be written based on your BrandScript. To truly transform your marketing approach, you need someone who's been there before and made it to the other side. Further proof that StoryBrand can be used for any line of work or industry. Get a strategic homepage layout, including all copy. We recommend displaying your business’ value in three short paragraphs with icons. Hire BrandNerd as your website SWAT team. Communicate your business’ value through short, scannable paragraphs with eye-catching icons and your customers will immediately be able to see how your product/service can fit into their lives. Canary ‍INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SOFTWARE.

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