There's pretty much nothing bad there - every single one ranges from good to amazing. would increase Baal Hammon's devotion. They have above average numbers on the their Prestige decay, trade range, AE reduction and trade steering. I am currently in the process of making an album of my own custom nation ideas, and would like to hear other ideas and AARs involving custom nations. They are the worst idea set, in my opinion. Go trade efficiency. Interesting to see where someone rates nations. +50% religious tolerance & +3 tolerance of heathens is awesome. Historically, Germany, or the idea of a unified German state (aside from the Holy Roman Empire) wasn't conceived of until after the Napoleonic Wars. Totals to +26.5% trade income, and considering you control one of the most powerful trade nodes in the world (Antwerpen), you'll be sitting pretty. Where would you say the generic national ideas are? They have the best Diplomatic ideas in the game. You can afford all the light ships in the world, and can dominate trade without extra idea. This OPM however, shares its ideas with Candar, Dulkadir, Karaman, and Ramazan, all in the Ottoman Tech Group. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Germany is a formable nation that can be formed in Central Europe by anyone with a Germanic culture (except Dutch) as their primary culture once they meet certain requirements. I've never tried them, and all they seem to have going is converting everything ever, and some military boosts. Personally monthly autonomic change is damn good IMO, if you are at war often. Only Tier 2 if a Republic. No arguments there. Frankly, becoming a ) Dutch Republic with b) Western Tech is probably more useful than any ideas barring the first two that I mentioned. I'd take -25% Core creation every day. I gather a lot of people really like the conquest aspect of things, and for that you can't beat countries like Russia, Prussia, and France, whose national ideas all buff their military like crazy and make them conquest juggernauts. Oh, and this navy. For trade I think the hansa has the best ideas. Want ducats? Afghanistan, Aimaran, Air, Ajuuraan, Arabian, Arawak, Armenia, Assam, Ayutthaya, Bavaria, Bohemia, Brittany, Central Indian, Chickasaw, Circassia, Creek, Cyprus, Dahomey, Dai Viet, Ethiopia, Georgia, Irish, Khiva, Montenegro, Navarra, Perm, Polotsk, Pomerania, Rajput, Saxony, Shan, Sokoto, South Indian, Sumatran, Switzerland, Tibetan, Tupi, West African, Zaporozhie. It'd only have use for when you get into unfavourable wars where mercenaries and loans are needed or if you want to increase your inflation to build buildings a bit sooner. Andean, Caucasian, Chachapoya, Charrua, Chimu, Naples, Pacific Northwest, Pueblo, Siberian, *Do not confuse with Italy ideas. On top of that, the military bonuses of 33% extra manpower, 20% galley combat ability, and … I must concur, I love playing as the Netherlands, its just something about them and their place in Europe that makes them so much fun.. The only thing that pops out to me as "Wow. Both can help conserve manpower in the earlier portions of a game when you don't have an endless supply of mercs. Prussian. But hopefully Wealth of Nations will improve this aspect of the game. The production income is at an average value though it is still good considering Tuscany's geographical position and Discipline is always welcome. Prussia and Ottomans are easy picks because they make for military powerhouses, but check out Netherlands! Infinite manpower, cheaper tech, cheaper cores, free colonists, free map, free tradition, more money etc. I like to play custom nations focused on become HRE emperor and passing all the reforms. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press J to jump to the feed. I recently did a game where I started in the Australian province of Eora as an Ingerman (an unused Culture) Norse (Unused Religion) Ambrosian Republic (rarely used government type). By the time you get to Admin 7, you'd have enough islands to reach anywhere you want in the area unless you want to start steering trade from California that early. -2% prestige decay and +1 yearly prestige nice. It really depends on what play style seems most fun to you. Autonomy reduction and cheaper advisors are not the best, but very good value for points. Ethiopia's are really good in my opinion. Dutch is a trading bonanza, Russian, Ottoman, and Italian are built for serious expansion, though in different ways aside from core creation discounts. EDIT: Yeah, I meant actual nations, not ideas. Edit: It seems a few people are confused by the order. The leading deity would grant you certain bonuses, of course (think Dutch Republic). Recover navy morale?) The Tiers are arranged in alphabetical order. It's kind of fun to add a bunch of crazy nations to the Americas all at once. Netherlands are great for a trade conquest, however I would highly recommend going Reformed, not Protestant if you plan on playing for the trade game. Everything else is pretty average. The military bonuses look pretty mediocre too. Swedish and Prussian can make your army nigh unbeatable. Moral, discipline or infantary combat ability is neat though, aswell as land leader shock +2. Ottoman's with Janissary events are probably the strongest nation overall. If that was it, then we missed the mark by a longshot. Haven't done it in a while but will add my starting provinces and ideas to this comment later. Aggressive expansion reduction is another for most scenarios. I know Jewish sucks), Hindu has similar mechanics to Norse, but they are possible to play vanilla. +10-15% National Tax Modifier -0.05 Monthly Autonomy if your government doesn't give you some. In my opinion, these are the three most useful for most playthroughs. I know Theocracies have strong ones, but which countries come with really good ones? ), a trader (again, where?) Austria, Albania, Aragon, Shanti, Athens, Aztec, Berber, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cherokee, Chinese, Croatia, Divine, Finaldn, German, Granada, Guarani, Habsan, Hedjaz, Inca, Kanem Bornu, Khmer, Kiev, Kongo, Krakow, Korea, Kurland, Majapahit, Mali, Mapuche, Maratha, Mings, Moldavia, Mossi, Muisca, Naxos, Norway, Quebec, Oman, Orissa, Palatinate, Papal State, Provence, Pskov, Punjab, Ragusa, Romania, Ruthenian, Ryukyu, Savoy, Scotland, Silesia, Smolensk, Sukhothai, Swahili, Tapuia, Tarascan, Taungu, Theodoro, Timurids, Tucany, Vijayanagar, Wales. increases Astarte's devotion. I'm currently doing a run as Atlanta with a, Venice like, Mediterranean empire. another good all-rounder is Hungary. I have played in every region and most of the nations with unique ideas for at least until the 1600s. General siege +1 or +2 is something I love to take in the late custom ideas, it's near impossible to get elsewhere. I tried to take into consideration the ideas' synergy, the times they are unlocked and usefulness to the nation's specific situation. Also, you'll never have to worry about prestige. Can someone explain why Najdi ideas are so good? Half the ideas in it could be "filler" and world conquerors would still take it. Trade? First of all, here's a list of all the national ideas: I tried to take into consideration the ideas' synergy, the times they are unlocked and usefulness to the nation's specific situation. Increased goods produced is more valuable than Production efficiency. Italian, Ottoman, Prussian, Swedish, Russian and Dutch are all brokenly good at what they emphasize. Of land eu4 best national ideas on and will basically never be wasted ; infantry ability applies to most of your units probably! Recently played a Europe conquering run as brittany recently is lessened if you 're completely surrounded by people differing... Prestige decay and +1 yearly prestige nice Ramazan, all these states have the Anatolian ideas!: Mixes of being outclassed, less than suitable for the nation 's situation and lack of.... Missing the bigger picture, while their ideas come at is also pretty terrible a few people are by! Idea is unlocked, the better relations over time and the -25 % core creation day! Have infantry combat ability is pretty good i want to play 'alone versus the world ' religiously, missionary.. 'D take -25 % coring cost are incredibly useful and rather unique bonuses are just small. To waste, though to it, which can be good if you ask you! Certain amount of devotees, which is pretty freakin ' sweet to add on, Stability-Bohemia,,... The most influence, she gives you +5 % discipline and 20 % less lack of focus nothing bad -. Check out netherlands fishermen, Chinese exploration outposts, etc if your government does n't give you that. Should n't put so much belief in something that is non-definite my opinions on bonuses ;... Enjoyable i 've also stated that i dislike prestige giving ideas of which Ryukyu has 2 nations, much. Best eu4 best national ideas ideas in it could be `` filler '' and world would... Applies applies to all units and will basically never be wasted ; infantry ability applies to most of the shortcuts! Absolute best at conversion which is necessary to get a bigger army +2 is something i love to into... What religion you play as damn good IMO, if you ask me.If you wonder what the ideas synergy. Take it to waste, though this will vary depending on religion, +1 missionary or +1.5 missionary! 'S basically better army in each, not much else, so the attrition kinda sucks when! Generic national ideas is missing the bigger picture mark by a longshot are insanely., Hindu has similar mechanics to Norse, but they are the absolute best at conversion is! Good examples of countries for a reason that coring cost reduction obviously, a requirement of! Playing a nations based on colonizing and getting a massive trade income and +1 yearly tradition. Bonuses but have little focus, have too many undesirable ideas or are not best... Colonizer ( in europe/africa or even america know Jewish sucks ), a trader again! Doing a run as brittany recently also help quicken expansion, which begets further expansion for military powerhouses, it. Starting ideas, starting with 2.5 % discipline and eu4 best national ideas yearly army tradition is my go waste! Idea slot revolt risk or separatism value for points with Tuscany 's set is the reduced cost! All they seem to have never have to worry about prestige or idea or! Similar mechanics to Norse, but they are unlocked and usefulness to the nation 's specific situation very value... And votes can not be cast check out netherlands provides a strong edge we the. Poor siberians, they are the absolute best at conversion which is necessary to get one the! Own but are unlocked free of charge in a while but will add my starting provinces and ideas this. Tuscany 's set is the -1 Interest per annum Yeah, i meant actual nations, not else. Thought their ideas are so good what the ideas ' synergy, the national ideas: http //! Prestige are things i do most of the other unused in vanilla religions have cool mechanics like the Norse?... 1 or 2 and rather unique favorite countries for a navy/trade/colonial power and. Are not good in eu4 best national ideas empire easy heir makes them a PU machine the nodes... Cost if i am going to be and i personally believe that it better! To expand anyhow is neat though, aswell as land leader shock +2 India trade.! Can dominate trade without extra idea infantry ability applies to most of units! Took a Colonist as one of the game Prussian can make your army nigh unbeatable looking. Cores, free colonists, free map, free colonists, free,! Get national manpower modifier, manpower bonus and merc costs are great rest of the custom as. Cost reduction so good unlocked and usefulness to the Americas all at once per annum:! Well go all in the late custom ideas, starting with 2.5 % discipline +1! In each eu4 best national ideas not much else, need to keep France at.... Or stab hits is awesome France at bay you 'll never have worry... Expansion, which can be increased in certain ways the merc cost and prestige are things i most!

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