However, he grew quickly, and he’s just a chunky boy – the weight in the swaddle and even in their sleep sack just didn’t seem effective. It’s very easy to put on. Well, you can read all about that in my Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit Review here. ), Sleep Sack For 6 Month Old Transitioning Out of Swaddle and Sleepsuits, They Can Be Toddler Sleep Sacks As Wearable Blankets For Winters, My Baby Is Not Sleeping Through The Night. Mr. J is really talented at leaking through his diapers at night (probably due to the fact that he is eating every few hours!) */. Combine this with the three year old waking several times throughout the night himself (which we later discovered he has a weird case of childhood restless leg syndrome) and I am barely hanging on by a thread. I’m no sleep expert, so this is purely going off of personal experience. I originally really wanted one of these, but for the price, I was nervous about outgrowing it so fast. Because it’s a sleep sack and not a blanket, it won’t go over your baby’s face. I’m okay with my baby’s waking up in the night – I believe night wakings are very normal. Always check to make sure that the weighted bean sack has not broken somehow. Just make sure you stop using it once baby can roll over onto belly IN the suit, which was about 7 months for us. I don’t claim that everyone will have this experience, but if you were looking for an indepth review, well, I hope this gave you it! Brassfield tells Romper that weighted swaddles can actually be dangerous. Overall, The Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack has truly changed my son’s sleep. I mentioned above the medium and the large sizes but there are actually quite a few options for newborns, too. If you’ve used and worn it, you’ll need to wash it properly in order to receive a refund. Ok, ok. No big deal, let’s just keep trying this thing out! BONUS: Receive a FREE Checklist of Must- Experience Things To Do In The Cornhusker State! The premiere bamboo one almost feels like a muslin sleep sack, as they are so luxuriously soft and smooth. Because they have their arms completely free, the sleepsack is still safe for those rolley-pollies! But, I am also not going to force it upon him (Disclaimer: That is NOT mom-shaming for anyone who sleep trains, does CIO, etc. Copyright ©2020, Clarks Condensed. There is just something instantaneously calming about that hand’s minimal pressure that those baby’s love! But, alas, we didn’t. What’s the difference between a swaddle and a baby sleep sack? Have any more questions about Baby Sleep Sacks? Nay. There isn’t enough coffee in the world to help me feel energized. Their website claims that your baby will sleep better in one to three nights because … I am sure you could recoup some of your cost, This sleep sack is heavy! Which means that I also don’t sleep train until I feel my baby is ready for it. The things we tried we either too warm (Merlin Sleep Sack) or he hated because he couldn’t feel things with his hands (Zipadee). Password (at least 8 characters required). Now he sleeps more peaceful. As frustrating as this is, if you’ve tried and tried a sleep suit and it’s not working, then either maybe another brand would work better, or you just need to accept that one day…EVENTUALLY…’ll sleep again (let me know when that will happen, as I’m still waiting!!).

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