If I could have just one mountain bike (and this is one of 3 in my garage), this would be it. This bike is awesome, it has made me a much better rider. "It's only when you stand over it, you know, when you physically stand over the bike, that then you say 'hey, I don't have much stand over height', you know"-T. Ellsworth, By LiquidSpin in forum Virginia, WV, Maryland, DC, Delaware, https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/...s/b-rad-system, 2016 Scott Spark 920 or Santa Cruz Tallboy CC. I use it as a trail bike and it is well suited for Northeast technical trails. I had a Ibis Mojo SL which was a great bike as well but the Jet 9 RDO blows it out of the water. It works in both environments. Slightly compact feeling, so get the right size/stem. after looking at other bikes Im glad I decided to spend the money on this frame and build . Suspension. VERY capable trail bike. The JET 9 is a perfect balance. Cable routing: theyve made improvements for my 2014, but still the internal routing sucks. So guys, Scott Sparks are fragile bikes, beware. Easier to throw around the trails. just got a tallboy 3 cc. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. Seven, the endless climbs and tight, off-camber singletrack of Oakridge, the unrelenting sidehill of the North Umpqua, the beat-out trails of Santa Cruz, the flowy trails of Tahoe, Bend, and Revelstoke, (and the illegal ones in Santa Cruz), and the variety of Fernie. Introducing the Jet 9 RDO, Niner’s first carbon full suspension frame.One of the most anticipated bikes from Bike Press Camp has just been announced. Looking for advice about these bikes. Lack of guides for a dropper post cable.By far and away, the most expensive frame I've ever purchased - and worth every single penny. Price. Also the bike corners very well and feels pretty close to my VPP suspension on my old blur (no pedal bob). definitely not a bike for the budget minded. Internal cable routing. Very light, responsive and can handle all the trails I throw at it. I even started racing it in my local short track series in lieu of my 26er hardtail, and it handles significantly better even in the pump track. This is the first review I have ever written for mountain bike, and have been riding for 17 years. Now it's early May and Niner hasn't even responded to calls from the shop. My husband and I got a matching pair and built them exactly alike. I wanted matte black Plus at the time I was a Niner fan boy. 3) Fast uphill 4) Floats over everything downhill. Handling - it is like riding a long surfboard, that is still light and responsive enough to flick. It climbs very efficient and descends even better by blasting thru rock gardens as if they were flat. Good thing I picked mine up for less ($2000). I am coming off of a Niner Jet 9 RDO. MSRP frame cost. 2014 jet 9 rdo. I placed an order at my LBS in mid-March, and they were told it would arrive no later than mid-April, which seemed long but tolerable. Light, fast uphill and even thought it does not have the travel of the RIP it was perfect for what I ride. Jet 9 RDO 2012 - Worth upgrading to latest Jet 9 RDO? Suspension platform feels significantly "tauter" than my Anthem's did, and it took a bit of getting used to at first, but this is not a bad thing IMO. I'm very familiar with a 5 year old Jet 9 RDO CVA (not bad), but no saddle time the current version. The frame geometry is made to manage both technical downhills and challenging climbs. Giant Anthem, Trek Fuel 9.8, Trek Superfly, Santa Cruz Tallboy. Of course many older 29ers can be converted to 27.5+, but Niner points out the new JET 9 Alloy will fit full width, 3.0-inch 27.5+ tires (and up to 2.4″ 29er tires). The faster you push it, the better it handles. Richard teamXXL. The more I ride it the more I love it. I've always preferred DW-link type suspension platforms and this is my first 29er. My housing lasts about 4 months because it gets chewed up where it enters the front of the bike. Stiffness - it goes where you put it and stays there.
Build it however you want - fast XC or trail. It's the first dual suspension bike I've ever felt comfortable climbing out of the saddle on. Yes and the "you get what you pay for cliche" does apply. Among other strengths was its responsiveness and low center of gravity. For me a perfect bike, when I got the first frame it had a factory flaw, the boys at Niner reacted within a week to get me a new frame. Just like a raindrop, I was born to fall. Less expensive this year though if you look around. Durability - took mine on six weeks of varied riding. Sigh. Lack of guides for a dropper post cable. I think it is a perfect machine. Climbing, handling, suspension balance, superb tracking on sketchy loose descending. It came down to the Niner, or a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT in carbon, or the unattainable Specialized S-works 29'er. Great riding bike. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. About 28.5 lbs. In the Jet 9 RDO, this new system has resulted in a weight reduction of 70 grams while maintaining all standards for strength, stiffness and durability. And I went with the one that I thought looked the coolest. Comfort, positioning, versatility, speed, climbing, descending, design....thing even looks fast standing still. XT Build. Ride quality. its a niner what more do you need than that ? My new Jet9 in not supple in the rear end. I needed something to help me with the chunky, nasty descents in the local MTB series - problem totally solved. Smooth soft ride qualities. It might be a bit stiffer than other bikes on the small hits and while pedaling, but it is built to go fast all day. Good now. (My build is the latter - 120 fork, 2.3 tires, XT components, KS Lev dropper post. Love the fact that they ship with OEM frame protection. But climbs great. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Since I ride mostly technical cross country I decided to go for a lighter bike with less travel. Expensive? Just feels more playful. Everything. I notice I've attempted a number of lines this year that I wasn't confident enough to try on my Anthem 26er. Rear suspension is (dare I to say) smoother than the Tallboy. The bike won't build up "stupid" light but it rides so much like a hardtail it doesn't much matter - it doesn't ride "heavy" at all, and I'd rather have it built to last. I could not get rid of the Yeti fast enough. The 2.6 tires bugged me but didn’t help any either. I currently ride a 2015 Niner Rip 9 RDO (Shimano XTR). its such a blast to ride the climbing ability is great....... it just handles great . I've put this thing through the ringer and it just eats it up and says "that all you got, old man?" The Niner JET 9 RDO is a full carbon fiber full suspension bike from a company dedicated to ONLY 29ers and with a long history of cutting edge ideas and innovation. To improve on a frame that has already surpassed rigorous testing parameters, we had to start at the very core, via Niner’s new RDO Carbon Compaction System. One thing i don”t like about the tallboy and if you are looking for marathon xc races should also interest you is that it only has mounts for 1 bottle cage. The new JET 9 Alloy frame features Boost spacing in the rear and is 27.5+ compatible, though Niner recommends bumping the fork up to 140mm of suspension travel for 27.5+ wheels. Probably the best "all-rounder" frame I've ever ridden. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Not as plush as the RIP and not as fast downhill. Nice little details on the graphics and finishing just confirm you're buying top end equipment. I understand they've changed the routing for the newer frames. Beautiful bike, but the suspension was off putting for me and the bike felt spindly and flexy in the rear (I’m 180 before gear). I test rode a number of bikes from Santa Cruz, Yeti, Giant and Niner and the Jet 9 RDO was definitely my favorite. The XL frame on my Niner has a 32 inch standover height, which is a problem for obvious reasons. I placed an order at my LBS in mid-March, and they were told it would arrive no later than mid-April, which seemed long but … The more I ride it the more my other bikes are being ignored. By far and away, the most expensive frame I've ever purchased - and worth every single penny. With the two different wheelsets I can either race it, or go for a 50 mile backcountry ride. SC Megatower, SC Hightower LT(sold) , SC Tallboy 3(sold), Scott Genius, Commencal Meta HT. strengths ??? The only minor issue I see is that the bike is significantly "faster" than I am - it just begs to be pushed and it is inspiring me to be a better rider, or kill myself trying. The Spark pedals a lot better than the Tallboy and it's also much lighter. Suspension is close to perfect. And it is beautiful. Out of the box, the shifting wasn't perfect. Now used throughout the Niner carbon lineup, this CCS utilizes rigid internal molds and results in tighter, more consistent compaction of the carbon layers, yielding increased precision in wall thickness and significantly reduced resin pooling in the final product, allowing us to aim for better ride tuning, increased strength and durability along with the weight reduction that results from a more efficient process. I have always liked DW-link based suspensions, and the Niner was the closest to that design. Extremely light frame. And cable routing. The SID XX fork balances nicely with the Fox rear shock. They are the best. Niner carbon comes with a guarantee of strength, quality and technical expertise.

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