The half‐cadence comes across like a comma in a sentence, with the authentic cadence, or consequent, ending the linked phrases like a period. It’s then repeated. Among the simplest examples he gives are what he calls 'duple sentences' -- themes (from Mozart's D major Piano Sonata and Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto) in which we find pairs of 'balanced' phrases (four-bar 'announcing phrase' ending in half-cadence, followed by four-bar 'responsive phrase' ending with perfect cadence): to many modern theorists this kind of structure is called a period'. The period is generally eight measures long and contains two four-measure phrases, called antecedent and consequent. 62. Class reading - What is harmonic funtion? The next several examples show a variety of treatments of phrases, periods, and sentences. Compare the version above with our hypothetical sentence (Example 57). Alongside the idea of phrase and sentence, we need to be aware of the musical cadence. The first of these is called the presentation phrase and the second is the continuation phrase. It’s then repeated. This example exhibits all five characteristics. This is partly because as music evolved, the complexities of harmony and melody naturally increased as composers strove to write and express themselves in new ways. There are 2 main types of sequence you will come across in music: 1. Open Music Theory ☰ Home; About; Contents; #OpenMusicTheory; Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing; The period. The same is true for woodwind and brass players. Michael Pilhofer, MM, holds a Master's in Music Education with a Jazz Emphasis from the Eastman School of Music, and a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance from the University of Miami. Continuation phrases acquire momentum and lead to the cadence that ends the sentence. The basic idea creates a normative unit that is two measures in length. Recall the musical example used at the beginning of this lesson. 179. Musical periods are created when two or three musical phrases are linked together. Most musical phrases consist of a beginning I chord progressing to a IV or a V chord and ending again on the I chord. This piece in many ways exemplifies the Romantic trend to extend phrases, use elaborate and colourful harmonies that are far more challenging to distinguish in terms of common chords. [4], Sentence as a metaphor for musical statement, Sentence as a specific form-type: Schoenberg tradition,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Accelerated surface rhythm 5. (The numbers above the Roman numerals are fingering markings for the pianist; you don’t need to worry about them.). an open, interactive, online textbook for college music theory Harmonic Sequence – This is a repetition of a series of chords (I will explain this later) When the word “sequence” is used it generally implies that both melodic and harmonic materialis being used. 8–10 liquidates those into elements unrelated to the basic idea (the “conventional” elements—scales and arpeggios, ending with a descending contour). Measures two and three are contrapuntal chords that are surrounded by the tonic: Altogether, the two expressions of the basic idea and the tonic prolongation in this phrase exhibit presentation function. Harmonically, these four measures prolong tonic. This example exhibits all five characteristics. 87. An example of this is in the use of words such as, phrase or sentence that will be the focus of discussion.

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