I retired from punting footballs to entertain folks. Roman Swipes - GetRoman.com/HEARTLAND for free 2-day shipping The Pat McAfee Show is a new weekday sports talk show that will feature McAfee’s intelligent, witty, and personal take on sports news and news makers. As always, send questions to @ThePodPMI on Instagram and Twitter or tune-in in the interim as we record the show live on https://www.youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow. Come and have a good time with us. The guys also dive back into Connor's formative years at the Winchester Boat Club, plan Digs' memorial golf tournament in his honor after he dies, and try to remember what they've been watching as of late. Don't forget to send in your submissions to the Folder of Death @ThePodPMI on Twitter and Instagram. They dive right into the Pod FOD, take a few shots at each other in the process, give out their best ballpark vendor callouts for beer and hot dogs, and rebirth Friday Bangerz as they karaoke a few songs to help send you into the weekend. The guys also play some fact or fiction, answer some listener questions including what the newspaper headline would say the morning after each member of the crew was hypothetically arrested, and close the show out with a couple vitamin thoughts. Todd wants to know what type of fast food restaurants the guys would open, along with a signature menu item. Lou sets the story straight about that movie and it’s portrayal of Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas. Come and have a good time with us. Bob played Danny Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House and its Netflix sequel Fuller House, he was the host of America's Funniest Home Videos for 8 seasons, he’s been crushing the standup comedy game for 4 decades and now he’s the host of Nashville Squares on CMT. They have an incredible conversation and give an inside look into a part of our world that we rarely get to hear. We sure did. They also answer some listener questions, including what the worst job to be hungover for is, and what job they would assign to everyone as a punishment for a full 40 hour work week. It’s a fun one, come and have a good time with us. leaderboard is currently looking like, plus chat about The Situation preparing to go to jail on tax evasion charges, the Clemson football team being served McDonald’s at the White House by the President, and a woman in Texas being banned from her local Walmart for drinking wine out of a Pringles can and riding a scooter in the parking lot. 092 - A Comprehensive Halloween Candy Simulation. 006 - Former #2 Overall Pick Of The 1998 NFL Draft Ryan Leaf & Stand-Up Comedian Al Jackson Join The Pod. Subscribe, rate & review. They discuss things like what would be the five restaurants in their mall food court, Tony struggles with several actors/actresses and movie names, Billy Tubes does his best to derail the show in any way that he can, and the guys move through the folder to help send you into the weekend. The guys also develop a new idea around becoming prison pen pals with some of the most famous celebrities in jail right now, the birth of OFFICE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (coming soon) and per usual, the guys each pick a song to help send you into the weekend on this week's edition of Friday Bangerz. Todd wants to know what conspiracy theories the guys all believe in, they play some fact or fiction, do a Thanksgiving version of vitamin thoughts, and bring back a special Maraldo's mad libs for the holiday. This interview is just over an hour long and it's incredible. Starring Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Keegan-Michael Key, Craig Robinson, Mike Epps, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Titus Burgess. Enjoy. The greatest thing about Dan is he just loves shooting the shit and letting it rip and that's what this podcast is all about. Enjoy. Today's Pod FOD includes topics ranging from Digs and Pat's 5th grade teacher being eviscerated by an orangutan and what the police SWAT response was, Joe Montana thwarting an attempting kidnapping of his granddaughter, brain eating amoeba, what the most attractive accent is, and Billy Tubes being outed for potentially smacking his meat around during the live show, plus much more. The guys also dive into a loaded Pod FOD including gas powered vehicles being a thing of the past in California as early as 2035 resulting in the guys making a desperate plea to save gas stations across the United States. Download the SeatGeek app and enter the promo code HEARTLAND for $10 off your first ticket purchase. This week, Nick chooses a couple of Atlanta based Friday Bangerz to help send you into the Super Bowl weekend. It's a good one. The guys also recap the Sweet Sixteen of March Sadness and look ahead to the Elite 8 where America's Sweetheart, SDDEO (she doesn't dump em out) looks to continue its storybook run to a national title. On today's show, the guys realize Connor may be a bigger scumbag than they thought, they go through some #PodFacts, and get into everything else on this feel good Friday. Hear the audio that matters most to you. This episode features @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @HeyGorman, @GumpSox10, @VivalaZito, and @evanfoxy. This episode features @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @BostonConnr, @HeyGorman, @VivalaZito, and @evanfoxy. After Robert's interview the boys chat about maternity leave, Paris Hilton, old Kanye, Patron shots, Tiger Woods, John Daly's golf cart, carnival workers, mice vs rats, ice fishing, Bill Nye, killer asteroids, tea and crumpets, non-alcoholic beer, real beer, table-topping and Aaron Rodgers. He battles a beeping sound in his car the entire way, chats about his career as a Pennsylvania state high school Hall of Fame basketball player, his short lived career as a wrestler, what he's been watching and doing during the quarantine, and what his plans are for his next stop in the NFL. They also get into a lengthy conversation about the way toys have changed since Todd and Gorms were kids, and the guys have a few thoughts on jigsaw puzzles as well. 088 - A Touching Ode To Movie Theaters... Goodbye. They also do a little fact or fiction, answer some listener questions, and the best segment in podcasting history, Friday Bangerz, is back to send you into the weekend. Pat and Darius chat about tonight's Thursday Night game, a clip from the Man-To-Man Pod where Darius states that there... Today's show features a couple of incredible conversations. Connor also gives an update on his ongoing feud with the neighbors who live below The Pub as well as a troubling Calypso update. The boys teach you all about Christopher Columbus and his contributions to the world. Follow Jeff Oskay @seenfunnier on Twitter / @jeffoskay on Instagram. The boys covered a lot of ground. On today's show, the guys debate which type of cookie is the best with a meme going around asking people to eliminate one cookie from the discussion. We appreciate you for listening, enjoy. Todd wants to know what everyone would choose if they got to pick New Years resolutions for all of the United States that were punishable by death if people didn't follow. On today's show, the guys continue to discuss the possibility that everything may in fact be cake, and Tony is absolutely sick of it. It's a fun one, come and have a good time with us. 001 - The Inaugural Episode featuring Super Bowl Champion Gary Brackett. Today, we spotlight the "Dahn In The Dumps" Region and the "Why God Why" Region, and their are quite a few strong teams in each region. In today’s episode, Todd takes a deep dive into Season 1 of the hit, true-crime podcast Culpable with the host of Culpable, Dennis Cooper. Today's show goes completely off the rails as the guys cover a full Pod FOD. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, RATE, AND REVIEW. Enjoy. He and Todd break down their tussle with ICE as they went for a sit down with an immigration lawyer to see what the odds are that Gump gets to stay in the country in what is a much more complicated situation than anyone realized. The guys cover the mansions that they're staying in and give you a peek behind the curtain, cover Digs' wedding and honeymoon and go through the Pod FOD as they get acclimated to their surroundings. On today's show, the guys check in on the legitimacy of KFC buffets, dive into some #PodFacts, chat about if they could last 100+ hours without falling asleep for $1,000,000, Rita's Italian Ice, Belgium chocolate, where the definition of SIMP comes from, and everything else that pops up. It's a fun one. Jay Dobyns is a retired ATF agent who was the first undercover federal agent to successfully infiltrate and actually become a patch-wearing member of the Hells Angels. Candice is the host of Deadly Women and  Facing Evil on Investigation Discovery. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Lou spent 22 of his 28 years in the DEA working undercover. Postmates - Download the app and use the promo code HEARTLAND for $100 of free delivery credit for your first 7 days. Don't forget to send your submissions for the Pod FOD into @ThePodPMI on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to become a member of the McAfee Mafia and watch the video version of the show. Movement Sunglasses - Get 15% off with free shipping and free returns by going to MVMT.COM/HEARTLAND, Ep. 020 - Gumpy Calls In From Quarantine Up North. They also dive into a couple of Digs Debates which involve whether or not they like Chinese buffets, if they are corner brownie/pizza slice fans or prefer it from elsewhere, and discuss what their phone app situations are like.

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