E-type. Rust can be a bit of a problem on early cars. Read more, It was a verdant day. Early XKs ran on 17inch rims but most folk (and traders) like to see the fatter 18inch rims on the car. Like many natural beauties, Jaguar XK8 has held up well over the years. Check the tyres. It worked so well that Aston Martin even used the Coventry Cat as the basis for its DB7! The XK was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1996 and was discontinued in July 2014.. Also cars which are reluctant to start after a long period of standing idle (like on a forecourt) is another pointer. So what if you can‘t afford an E-type? Check too that the boot comes complete with the standard warning triangle, fi re extinguisher and space saver spare. Well, you’d be well advised to take a closer look at the bargain priced Jaguar XK8, produced for 10 years from 1996 as a successor to the much-maligned XJS. The Jaguar XJ may not be very competitive with the new Mercedes S-Class in the technology department, but a used one is a fantastic bargain. Really, the XK8 is now a blue chip bargain of Olympian proportions and will continue to be so for some time yet as the trade struggles to shift gas guzzlers like these. Keep it polite and on topic. All XK8s are autos, but if you hate the idea so much that you must have a conventional control over the gears, then you’ll be pleased to know that Elite and Performance Jags (01332 265826) has a six-speed manual conversion using Aston Martin Vanquish parts. Although top speed was governed at 155mph, a road going XKR could out gun a Le Mans winning D-type, such was the progress. The electrical system has been known to play up, especially the central locking and alarm systems. jaguar xk8 1996 - 2002 Codenamed the X100 during development, the XK8 came out in 1996 either as a coupe or a convertible with a supercharged 370 … It covered everything. It powdered the atmosphere. Don’t make the same mistake with an XK8! The 60,000 mile service is a biggie, involving replacing transmission fl uids and drivebelts. autoevolution® and the autoevolution® logo are registered trademarks. If Jaguar had badged it the F-type, the XK8 would be immortalised already. With values of this V8 suffering due to the new XK and the credit crunch and with so many good value cars around, an XK8 looks a great modern classic that’s astonishing value for money, So good, it formed the basis for aston’s DB7. While Ford was still owning the Jaguar, they understood that the two-decades-old Jaguar XJS had to be replaced. Even last of the line 54 late models retail under £23,000 now and perhaps £20,000 for a normal XK8 Coupe. Apart from being very powerful, the car came with lots of options, like alloy wheels, self-leveling xenon lamps, ... © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. XK8 prices are sinking without a trace, and are now just above the four grand mark for a scruffy P-reg. So try a few to gauge the car – or seek out a specialist to confi rm your opinion. First step is to make sure your car is up to standard spec and well serviced; it’s amazing how normal maintenance can bring about dramatic changes to a car’s running.Dampers, wheel bearings and bushes can wear out fairly quickly on this chassis and it’s well worth fi tting uprated shockers (although with XKR type bushes) as and when needed. Read more, A bright-red Jaguar convertible will turn the head of even the most jaded auto enthusiast, and it seemingly represents a challenge to numerous amateur racers throughout the ... The first big difference lies under the hood, where the 4.0 V8 was upgraded to 4.2 liters. However, the real worr y now with this sophisticated quad cam engine is the timing gear where the tensioner assembly can break up with dire consequences and perhaps mean a £1000 bill to put right. Cars with am iffy history book should be a lot cheaper. It amazing to think that the XK is fast approaching its 14th birthday and today a good XK8 makes a brilliant buy for those after a true modern Jaguar classic that, if preserved, is bound to appreciate in value over time yet can also be used as a regular driver without fear or favour. If you think that all is not well here then have the system checked professionally. Called project X100, cost constraints meant that it was based upon a modifi ed XJ-S platform which in itself was a direct descendent of the XJ6 of 1968. The unofficial way of determining any bore problems is to remove intake breaker pipes and listen to any undue wheezing. Re: Best Year for used XK8? Access them anywhere. I lowered the top on the Jaguar XK8 convertible anyway. Please do not advertise products, all posts of this nature will be removed. The Jaguar XK8 is available as a convertible and a coupe. Even the air was green. Triumph TR6 vs. TVR Chimaera vs. Jaguar XK8 vs. MG RV8 Review, Rolls-Royce Shadow vs. Bentley Mulsanne vs. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, MGB vs. Remember kicking yourself for not buying an E-type when you had the chance for relative pennies way back when? Read more. We do not stock or supply any of these products, we independently review these products. On a test drive, feel for roughness and vibrations through the steering and brake pedal. Always available from the outset as a coupe or convertible, either Classic or Sport trim could be specifi ed. Codenamed the X100 during development, the XK8 came out in 1996 either as a coupe or a convertible with a supercharged 370 hp engine or a 290 hp naturally aspired one. This is compounded by wider wheels and tyres – plus faster cornering – all putting excessive loads on them. Recalls involved mods to the engine’s throttles, gearboxes and driveshafts – although the biggest damage limitation exercise concerned the engines where early (pre 2000 year) V8s suffered from excessive bore wear due to the special Nikasil lining breaking down resulting in loss of compression. Sign Up, Already have an account? That V8 is as good as any XK engine of the past and in standard form has more torque than the old V12, meaning that it’s fast enough for most even in standard auto guise (the XKR is heroically quick). Naturally all XKs are sumptuously equipped with all the modern toys you’d expect, but two limited run models that will always be worth more are the Silverstone and 100 Special editions. There are a wealth of tyre and rim combinations around – it’s up to you to decide on the merits of their looks and grip against spoiling the Jag’s ride further.If the standard XK8 isn’t quick enough, you can improve breathing with a special induction kit coupled to a freer fl owing exhaust (the standard fi ve silencer set up is strangely restrictive) together with a new engine ECU chip. The XK8 is still a relatively new car so a service history is very important. The handing, if not Porsche perfect, is also more than satisfying. Don’t be surprised to find that the brakes have taken a pounding. A good XK8 will drive like a dream, feeling swift and smooth – but even a rouge one will feel good. Running gear is basically XJ-S and well proven. and all cars should be okay now. Were you to take a 1996 XK8 and a 2002 one, you'd have to look careful to spot the differences. After it arrived in 1996, XK8 was immediately hailed as one of the more lovely automobiles of its day and a ... At the front, the new XK gained a set of slimmer headlamps fitted with LED daylight running lights, a larger grille and a pair of small air scoops on either side of it. Transmission was a brand new fi ve-speed automatic (still using the famed dog-leg °Randle handle° selector gate) via stability control to the rear.The suspension was revamped, riding on 245/50 x17 wheels while a special CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension) sports chassis set-up was optional (this was always standard on Convertibles though). Log In, Like many natural beauties, Jaguar XK8 has held up well over the years. Jaguar’s XK8 is a classic on the cusp and all for under five grand, too! Watch for uneven power supply and undue noise from the supercharger. Also many can carry out the special ‘blow by’ test and check for that aforementioned Nikasil wear. Your email address will not be published. But if you have a car with a problem and the service history is incomplete then you’re probably out of luck after all this time. The main wear points are the wheel bearings, which can be knocked out in under 30,000 miles. full description and technical specifications. One thing you might consider is to look at an early car, 97, 98, one with original engine, with Nikasil bores. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Austin Healey 3000 vs. This is the best bit. The Silverstone came out in April 2000 as a normal Coupe or an XKR convertible with special platinum silver paint and leather trim, 20inch BBS alloy wheels (shod with Pirelli P-Zero tyres), racing Brembo brakes and special badging. E-type. xk8 / xkr (x100) 1996 - 2005 Best year (2000-2005) for a Jaguar XK8 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Triumph TR4 vs. Jensen Healey vs. Sunbeam Alpine vs. Reliant SS1. Typically this costs around £700 at a dealer – has it been skipped? Also you can call Jaguar Customer Services on 02476 402121 and by simply stating the car’s reg can verify the model and whether any of the recalls were carried out. But you really need to check behind the bumpers where electrolytic corrosion can set in between the alloy mounts and steel bolts – especially at the rear. The high content of sulphur in modern unleaded was blamed and many engines were replaced by Jaguar (and at around £9000 thank goodness!) The original XK8 was refreshed in 2002, but most of the upgrades were invisible to the naked eye. The interior doesn’t well wear as a Porsche or BMW so look for tired leather trim plus worn seat bolsters and split armrests. Now think about it about it for a second: just what sort of E-type can you get for this sort of credit crunching money? The XK8 just about qualifies as a proper 2+2 although rear seat space is at best minimal and storage space is virtually non-existent. On the outside there were some minor touches to the front grille and the rear light clusters. Indeed it has been known in extreme circumstances for the bumpers to literally fall off! Lowered, sportier springs are available to make the handling tighter, but this will spoil the ride. The paint is known as being pretty ‘soft’ meaning chipping damage is common and an abused XK can look a bit tatty, especially at the front on the nose and chin. It wasn’t long before the cries for more power became loud and this was speedily answered in the shape of a scalded cat XKR in spring 1998. See that all the toys (including the power seats) work properly. Even older was the E-type/Mk10 rear suspension design employed that was still doing the business – brilliantly – 35 years on by the time the XK8 hit the showrooms! Right now they represent the same relative value E-types did 30 odd years ago, and the XK8 is arguably the much better car into the bargain. Switchgear can fail, but remember most of it is Ford-sourced so buy from a blue oval dealer to save money! Thanks to its Eaton M112 supercharger, no less than 370bhp was on tap and such was the torque available that only a Mercedes auto box could handle it in unison with a standardised CATS chassis.

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