The back half, starting with "Softly" (my favorite) is pretty great. The Songexploder episode furthered my love for this song. Immunity is no less convincing, and even more compelling. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. 14. Liz Phair, Rihanna, Rostam. User account menu. Looking back on it, I guess I shouldn't assume people have the same ear as me. The true beauty of “Immunity,” however, lies within her vulnerability, the way its expression transcends different atmospheres, best encapsulated through the last two tracks. And perhaps that is what “Immunity” is to Clairo: not putting up some facade of strength in the face of fear and melancholia, but feeling every moment and still moving forward with child-like joy. its typical teenage girl stuff with a lack of polish. 332. you really dont need to copy charles, or anyone for that matter, to end up as clairo. is to Clairo: not putting up some facade of strength in the face of fear and melancholia, but feeling every moment and still moving forward with child-like joy. It's an okay album but it didn't take the risks it should have. It's such a mundane thing but a lot of the best and worst days of my youth were bookended by visits to Alewife. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. i find this conclusion to be really silly. I had never really been into any of Clairo’s older work but I was impressed by what I heard on here. this is an unofficial discussion for reactions to the album or whatever your little heart desires. And the live version was chilling. Aside from the singles, Softly and White Flag are impressive. However, Clairo hasn’t lost her roots in moody love songs. The haunting quality of the vocals and the sparse instrumentation work so perfectly, and it really sets the mood for the album. However, Clairo hasn’t lost her roots in moody love songs. I find it so cool how she just nailed them on the head and knew that she wanted to keep them like that. I was on a night bus on Friday when I listened to this album! Also, for those who don't know, Alewife is the closest Boston subway station to central MA. Purchase a ticket to the Immunity Tour! ( Log Out /  I’d give this track a 9/10! size large !! Listen to it so much. Dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression as a teenager, this song hit me like a train (no pun intended) when I first heard it. Now that I've listened to it a couple of times Closer to you is my current favourite and I find myself yelling "Shut up, don't wanna hear it" around the house a bit much. Close. “Alewife” relates a brush with suicidal ideation over delicate acoustic guitar and dramatic drums, with dollops of drone and distortion. Alewife is my absolute fav song of all time and also my most played song of all time. 99% Upvoted. this is for the sake of preserving discussion on as many albums as possible. you really dont need to copy charles, or anyone for that matter, to end up as clairo. log in sign up. Sircles 2. You wrote it to your teenage self, and by doing this, you have reached me at the height of my adolescence and stopped me in my tracks. I really like the run from Impossible to Softly. So in conclusion, thank you Claire Cottrill for writing this incredible song. There are more layers to this. r/clairo. On the former, a woozy, trap beat remains stagnant as an auto-tuned Clairo navigates the ebb-and-flow of love, how feelings fluctuate so easily with the micro-aggressions and micro-gratifications of technology: “Shut up, don’t wanna hear it, now I’m fed up / Wish I could say it was enough to make me walk away.”. I think the album overall is a solid Fine, but something about the first half of I Wouldn’t Ask You has really lodged itself in my head. The opening track, “Alewife,” quickly sets the work apart from “diary 001.” By opening the album with an ode to a friend who saved her “from doing something to [herself]” when she was suicidal as a young teen, she primes listeners for something especially raw. 7 comments. I really enjoyed some older songs from her, but all the songs in this album sounds too generic indie. the Clairo show I saw. Couldn't disagree more. r/clairo. The very personal emotions she vulnerably expresses on “Immunity,” and her performance prowess on the Immunity Tour, prove her artistry extends far beyond the label of bedroom pop. meme. But this is just way too one-paced. My debut album 'Immunity' out now!! Change ). Close • Posted by 2 minutes ago. Rife with short, catchy riffs and brazenly open lyrics, “Immunity” features a more mature voice that still evokes her trademark style. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it definitely has some great songs (and Rostam killed it on the production) and its enjoyable to listen to. don’t really wanna sell but i need the $$ lol. Wow! This album opener is truly the best! I get that it has a solid sound but I think this a strength and after each listen the songs stick out more. But “Immunity” features a grown-up Clairo. ( Log Out /  Nearly every track on the album references relationships in some capacity. ( Log Out /  Except it’s 2019, and the YouTube posting has racked up 3.6 million streams by listeners who, whatever their orientation, likely ache like Clairo aches. Not only that but it's also another slap in the face that a plant is doing this stuff and passing her craft off as if it was a organic comeup. log in sign up. 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