She is the princess of planet Mel. The space Nazis may as well just be EVIL cackling villains, with a 1ep u-turn 'stop the war... no, on second thought, kill them all!' In MSG Iron-Blooded Orphans the higher class of Earth amounts that the people on Mars are worthless, and many children are enslaved and forced to fight. Princess Melora is a supporting character in TwinBee series. Gundam gets a lot more character development. Protagonist using his brain to defeat braun - Check Although the main protagonists are very different personality-wise, they share the role of the person who uses tactics and wit to outsmart and defeat their enemies. There is a lot of tension between the elitist group (Brittanian Empire; Vers Empire/Martians) and the “lower class” group (Elevens/Japanese; Terrans). If you're a fan of sci-fi and action blended with suspense/thriller, both are definitely worth checking out. The shows both focus on a small group of teenage cadets, who quickly rise up in value during wartime as the more experienced soldiers fall (conveniently they just seem to be better and/or luckier than just about everyone else). Lelouch and Inaho are brilliant young minds who fight against the oppresors in efforts to bring peace and political equality. - Genius teenager Both anime tell the same story but with different names for it's people and organizations. - FMP is about protecting people from teorrists, while Aldnoah is war between Earth and Mars To Aldnoah.Zero and Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, These fight aren't mecha (like a using airplanes). These skills resembles a lot, and almost identical. The main male protagonist becomes a force as he takes charge on dealing with the invaders alongside others characters . Code Geass has better everything else. - Political intrigue (not so much in aldnoah as in gundam) Also questions morality as well. Not only that but she. They will come up with tactics and predict the next move of opponents, turning the tides of the battle. 'Aldnoah.Zero' presents the carnage and massacre of millions without mercy for a strong cause worthy to be uphold. SNK is a super natural anime and Aldnoah is a Sci-Fi/mecha anime. The "advanced species" in both series has a similar hierarchical society. Press Room Suisei no Gargantia and Aldnoah Zero both convey the sci-fi theme with its setting and characters. And for me personally, I find the visual quality to be better in A.Z, but CG is still really good, and I also prefer drawn Mecha rather than 3D-generated ones. And speaking of which, humanity becomes endangered when an invasion takes place that threatens their very existence. Hanae Natsuki also voicing the main character in these two animes. Privacy 1st daughter is being tortured by her parents give up the Phoenix seal and forces her to marry the 7th prince.

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