You begin in the bottom section, near the very bottom white line. Take a right and follow the path until you can take another right. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. Please refresh the page and try again. It starts and ends the same way, but the platforming bits in the middle are totally different. For more information, go here. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Keep going until you find a giant cavern with Fallen flags adorning the ceiling. Arc barriers will appear periodically, but they will fade after a few seconds. It's also overflowing with shielded enemies - mostly Shanks with solar and arc shields, but there are also some arc Captains and void Servitors. You’re in the maze now, just like in the picture. Look right and climb up. Follow the path and take a right into the vent. Dodge the pipes as you slide down, and as soon as the slide opens up, jump off to send yourself flying. You can also use a Hunter Tether for the same effect. The Maze also plays the same, so make your way through until you reach the real challenge, the Heroic version of the Cryptarch Vault. If you’re first, you’ll get a handy metal lip to stand on. Once you’ve gone up to the rafters, jump onto the platform and shoot the vents. Carefully jump into the yellow alcoves on either side of the area. With the machine gone, jump back over to your hallway and take a left. Head to the right and keep going until the next right again where you’ll find the exit. You’ll find the Fallen Transponder. You’re in the maze now, just like in the picture. Interact with the door to open it. Remember, you’ll also need to get 500 Precision kills with Outbreak Perfected to complete the Catalyst. With a full team of 690+ players, we were able to take it down relatively easily, although we wouldn’t recommend trying it until you’re 680 or higher. The Heroic version of Zero Hour is a 700-Power activity, and it also plays out very differently. Look at Outbreak Perfected in your inventory and you’ll see that there’s now an Empty Catalyst Slot which can now be filled. Once again, there is a switch here to help your slower friends through the puzzle. Clear the enemies with your Fireteam, and move through the sweeper bot hallway. Clear them out and then focus on the Walkers. Drop down the hole at the end of the chamber to access the boss, then kill him good. If you’ve hit all four switches, the doors will be open. The Heroic version of the Zero Hour Maze can be accessed from The Farm. Hit the button and wait for them to slowly lift you into the rafters. Once you start the section filled with Hive, you'll come to a Shrieker floating over a red-lit room. But your Outbreak Perfected isn’t truly perfected yet. (Remember this platform to save yourself some time next run; for us, this was always back left from how we landed.). Unlike before, you don't want to break your momentum on this slide. Complete the Lost Sector, and kill the boss. The room is six spaces long, and five spaces across. This section has a Heroic version that unlocks after you’ve earned Outbreak perfection, but for now, let’s look at the regular version. Stand on the raised lid for chute 03 and look up. Now climb the pipes on the left and right of the hallway until you reach the small landing. Turn your attention back to Siriks and hit him until he spawns another Servitor grouping. If you have friends behind you, take a left after the you survive the burning room. It's a big Fallen Captain guarded by Vandals, Shanks, Spider Tanks, turrets, and more. Jump between the rooms until you reach a lever at the end. Walk past the chest, and look to your right. This time, it’s much trickier. Instead of going left and under the ship, launch yourself out of the vent straight. You can change gear during the mission, but it's good to set your gear up beforehand.

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