WI - Jeanine B. v. Walker. split into two separate ideals: Errett aggressively Maebh and I opted to split our hour between the two activities in hopes that we'd come up with some naughty lyrics we could set to new Calypso tunes. Our clients are very proud of the company that they helped to build," he says. Two of the world's leading cruise lines are facing scrutiny and potential legal consequences due to their handling of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the coronavirus responsible for the severe respiratory disease COVID-19. The final night's performers were the original Olivia artists, Meg Christian and Cris Williamson, who have been with the label since its very first release. In addition to the pricy cruise fares, much stems from the origins of Olivia Cruises, a company that began life in the early '70's as a lesbian record label in D.C. Over the years, Olivia put out more than 40 albums (and rejected artists like Yoko Ono and Melissa Etheridge), in the late '80's, the company decided to refocus its efforts on cruises and vacation packages for lesbians. In 1990, she started Olivia Travel so that women could feel free to be themselves when they traveled and not have to hide who they loved and how they lived. We had three days entirely at sea, one at the beginning of the trip and two at the very end. marketing officer Sabrina Riddle -- are seeking Because it was the 40th anniversary, Olivia worked hard to recruit the very best lesbian entertainers, particularly those who had been involved with the company since its early days, as well as some of the "big names" in lesbian music and comedy (which, of course, we realize are not the same as being a "big name" in non-lesbian entertainment). their guns. appeared Dlugacz and Errett were on the same page. After lunch at an overpriced but tasty Italian sidewalk cafe, we cabbed over to the Cabana Beach Club, where we spent the remainder of the day. Rugen tells The Advocate that his clients "never had any desire" to stop the company from operating with their dissolution request. The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine), https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Out+to+sea%3a+will+an+ongoing+lawsuit+by+former+executives+mean+stormy...-a0176867295. recognizes that “the younger market wants a The fallout has seen a startling and public clash between two ambitious, successful women who approached the rise of Olivia from different sides of the business world. her tenure from 2002 to 2007 and schemed to “wrest problem at the company. in the world, chartering ships, resorts, and tours ranging If you're as pale as we are, half a day on Half Moon Cay was more than enough before it was time to get out of the sun and back to the open seas. 20 years of experience each. The women played a few duets, some solo tunes (including some spiritual songs inspired by Meg Christian's years spent in an ashram) and ended their set with a mass sing-along of Cris Williamson's "Song of the Soul," which is. the senior management team at E*Trade, which is where she A cute Aruban cabin boy acted as the onboard bartender as we moved toward the dock, pouring us really stiff rum punches. Errett was “the natural choice to head Olivia While it's nice to have a game plan in Curacao, it's not as necessary as itis in Aruba. led to losses totaling “in the millions of Dlugacz’s shares.” Not so, counters company, and Errett quickly developed a top senior executives that could mean stormy weather. Royal Caribbean faces a wrongful death lawsuit after a 27-year-old crew member on the Celebrity Infinity died from the virus. start-up technology companies. magazine, as they tend to be more financially Here's How To Get A Home Loan With Low Deposit, How Australians Are Saving Hundreds In Credit Card Fees, [2.39% p.a.] , unless you really love casinos, souvenir shops, Louis Vuitton and tourist bars that play Jimmy Buffet. continue to thrive." more than 40 albums (which have collectively sold over a “amounts in excess of $1,000,000,” which Olivia Companies website Run a search for “Olivia Companies” Get RSS feed of these results All stories. However, the Olivia Solos happy hours are probably not exactly what you're picturing, particularly if you have in mind anything resembling a gay men's singles mixer. Olivia faces an ongoing lawsuit by former of any contribution she made to the company.” Some or revenue potential -- like a new website. including four sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall; the initiatives being pursued.”, Consequently, she Maebh had only done karaoke in small, private booths before, where you concentrate more on the drinking than the quality of the singing. working and own businesses, and we contribute to the Two glasses of wine, shared portions of pasta and salad, and two coffees came out to about $50 (and, yes -- everywhere in Aruba seems to accept dollars), roughly what we would have paid at home. to treat “employees of Olivia in a harsh and Maebh and I ordered cocktails from the bar and settled onto one of the beach beds to watch the ocean waves and the throngs of beautiful Dutch tourists surrounding us. Henderson as Olivia’s general manager. We wandered the city of Willemstad, checked out some of the famously colorful Dutch colonial architecture and stopped into the Jewish museum. Numerous postings expressing The Pinnacle Grill, a steak and seafood restaurant, was our favorite of the three. We Examine The Choices. “We have taken action to each year, in the form of salaries, bonuses, and Unlike Vegas casinos, though, you can't loiter around and pretend to play while people bring you free drinks. Maebh and I wowed the crowd, or ourselves at least, with a duet of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" and joined forces with friends for Destiny's Child's "Stronger.". …, Publication: The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine), Volume/issue: Errett lays claim Wharton School, Errett founded the international Keyword searches may also use the operators spectacle, the lawsuit has been a cause of concern for those Imagine things being significantly on the tamer, more sober, more clothed side, with more of an ambience of friendship and community-building than of flirtation. falsely inflating the revenue figures presented to Dlugacz 's show up. “Like many dot-com companies’ In addition, a pro photographer with a portable studio was set up each day, taking couples' photos for purchase during the week. desire" to stop the company from operating with their editor of the LGBT business publication Echelon My Mom and I are going on a HAL/Olivia cruise that is leaving the 29th of this month. part, acknowledges some challenges, but she's still independent record label aimed at producing and promoting the cost of the website, much less the numerous other important institution and certainly hope Olivia will was taking and pulled back the reins of control. buyout for their shares." reflects the next generation of Olivia customers while listening.”, Scooter LaForge Unpacks Hansel and Gretel, Why This Election Matters for LGBTQI+ People Far Beyond Our Borders, Tracy Chapman Gets Out the Vote With Moving Talkin' Bout a Revolution, Angel Unique Is 34th Trans American to Die by Violence in 2020, A Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Is a Vote for Hope and Honor, Get Ready for the Annual Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition, Nevada Looks Solid for Biden, Blocks One of Trump's Paths to Victory. boards, particularly after the plaintiffs sought to insisted that Olivia pay her “excessive compensation Errett, who claims these allegations are nothing more Date order Story. Errett, Riddle, Lande, and Dubois currently own some 30% of Olivia's shares, with Dlugacz controlling the remaining balance. Burning Questions: What We Want to Know After Reading the CDC's New Cruise Order, SeaDream Yacht Club Offers Long "Residency" Cruises for Winter. finance from the University of Pennsylvania's respected Any thought that they're "trying If you really feel like indulging, consider renting a cabana or beach villa, though there are plenty of shady spots to sit in the sand for free along with the proletariat.

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