Dana hurried to Tuxedo Court. It was Darwin’s name, with a rose and a cross. He seemed to have a new set of friends every week. Darren was always working. Ams told Darren a story. Yamma has two beautiful children from a previous marriage, Sydney (10) and Carrington (7). A few years later, on a summer afternoon, an Atlanta radio DJ told listeners that a guy named Darren was having a pool party at a house near Stone Mountain. Marc Morial needs money. In the winter of 2003, as the bank foreclosed on their house and the Lumars fought hard enough to bring the police, Darren went to a pastor, Dr. Steve Ams, for counseling. As a half moon fell toward the skyline, Darren left the pharmacy and pulled up to the black gate of Central Buckhead Townhomes in a silver Mercedes S550. She attended high school at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland and undergraduate training from University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland. It was a $20,000 job. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution she had been trying to kill him with the butcher knife. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', Yamma had never been sure about Darren’s baseball stories, but she believed in his love. He put in a password and connected to a live feed from a secure server. You and your family don’t know what you’re doing. Then he trudged home to study stock tables in the paper. She attended high school at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland and undergraduate training from University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland. He had his iPhone, his BlackBerry, and about $4,000 in cash. When Darren heard the news, he drove ninety miles an hour to find Dana and hugged his remaining brother so hard that Dana’s feet came off the floor. Dr. Brown states that her children have been the epicenter of her life and since their father passed away in November, 2008. as a single mom, she has been committed to them having a well rounded and productive life. The Annual James Brown Drive-Thru Toy Giveaway Registration, Copyright © 2020. According to Yamma, Darren was scheduled for further recognition at the Urban League’s conference in Atlanta at the end of July 2006. Verna didn’t like to meddle, but she got the feeling that Yamma’s family hated her son. because i’m closer then u think. The fifth woman was Darren’s receptionist. He showed her documents full of strange jargon. Money came in from mysterious sources. }); © Copyright 2015 . On March 9, 2007, two Atlanta police officers were called to the mansion on Tuxedo Court. On the witness stand, the counselor faced cross-examination from Darren’s attorney, Brenda Gardner. One businessman lost his home. Yamma got a new job and secured the lease. Presently his teammates took to grabbing their own hamstrings in jest behind his back, and when the yearbook came out, someone had written under Darren’s picture, All-state??? At age three he carried a brown paper bag, insisting it was his briefcase. They made plans to visit Darwin’s grave. Pitts knew Darren through a friend who had met Darren at a Sonny Perdue fundraiser. Late payments would draw interest of 10 percent per day. Or you could skip the preliminaries. Yamma and Darren had been quarreling over her father’s estate. Carrington loves sports and dreams of one day becoming a professional golfer. She specialized in Infectious Disease, Neurology, Rheumatology, and Oncology. She would come to believe that all his debts had been paid that night. It penetrated his left upper abdomen and tore open his inferior vena cava, the major vein that sends blood to the right atrium of the heart. The Godfather’s will was perfectly clear. Dr.  Brown has worked in the field of pharmacy for 12 years holding such positions as: Clinical Pharmacy Manager for Healix in Houston, TX, Assistant Director of Pharmacy/Clinical Director at Twelve Oaks Hospital in Houston, TX, as well as Director of Pharmacy at El Campo Memorial in Texas. She had always thought of Darren as a gift, ever since his birth four years into her first marriage. He found people with money and entrepreneurs who needed money and he connected them, taking 10 percent when the loan was paid out and another 10 when it was paid back. Brown was arrested on numerous occasions relating to domestic abuse during the course of his life, although through later relationships, rather than with Jenkins. The Debtor: Who killed Darren Lumar, James Brown’s son-in-law? Yes, Darren was a Republican. Bring the truck,” said Darren, who was being evicted. He filed a $10 million claim against her. He picked a fight with a friend, and the friend put a five-inch diver’s knife through Darwin’s right femoral artery. In a proposal he wrote for rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina, he listed thirty-eight members of Pinnacle’s Redevelopment Subcommittee. “That stinking, rotten bitch!” he raged. Yamma says he merely pledged to help raise $1 million. He was a senior, tall and muscular; no matter who was talking, he could talk a little louder, and no matter who was getting attention, he could find a way to shift it to himself. They were both happier that way. The trail is going cold. They named their daughter Sydney. He could turn Dad’s millions into billions with the right investments. Sleeping nearby was two-year-old Sydney, the apple of his eye, whose hair he would style before he sent her to daycare; who could compel him to buy her anything simply by looking at it; and who would soon begin learning to sing, dance, and ride horses. He raised a ruckus in the store when they shorted him a penny. That’s what Americans told themselves in this manic-depressive decade, and for a while it was true. You could be like Dana and pour eleven years of sweat into something and suddenly find yourself thirty-six years old in Jonesboro, too broken to lift a boxspring. He stayed in the hospital for a while and flirted with the nurses and got out and filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He promised cluster-certified production servers, uninterruptible power supplies, custom deployment architecture. (The warrant expired.) Not long ago he visited Darwin’s grave, just like he and Darren had planned. Anyone could see that. Dana never asked for the money. Steele made Darren a lifetime member. He had given the landlord a hard-luck story to get in, and he usually paid the rent on time. For one dollar, you could get a piece of the Robusty Light Company, of which Darren was president. Did Darren believe his own words as he wrote them? Work hard and you can have that. Already gone to work was his bride, Yamma, whose new job helped bring them to Texas two years earlier. But Darren and Dallas had another explanation. As blood collected in his abdominal cavity, Darren raced for Northside. At twenty-six, he had mastered putting his life in compartments. The entrepreneurs say they never got a penny from the promised $100 million bond. He gave friends the code to his home security system and let them go in his bedroom and borrow his suits. Dr. Brown states that even with accomplishing so much in pharmacy at a young age, family is most important to her. The news spread. He always came back for the next game. And she would soon take leave from work because she was pregnant with their son, Carrington, whom Darren planned to dress in Polo Ralph Lauren as soon as possible, even though the landscaping company had just filed a lien against his house for unpaid lawn service and he went to Sam’s Club the other day and paid with a $235 bad check. Pinnacle locations disappear. He is and exceptional student receiving A’s and B’s this school year. She resided in Sugarland, Texas for approximately 5 years post graduate then relocated her family back to Atlanta, Ga.  She has an extensive knowledge of several areas in the pharmacy arena, working in the hospital, retail, and long term care settings. Along came the guest of honor, Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, former mayor of New Orleans. They were all gone: Pinnacle, Lumar Worldwide, the fast women, the fair-weather friends, the uncountable riches that passed through his fingers. What if someone found out? Soon he was crisscrossing the country in eighteen-wheelers, moving other people from one big house to another, straining under the weight of baby grand pianos that nobody played, spending most of his capital on labor and fuel. Dr. Yamma Brown was born in Augusta, Ga. Just let me mourn my dad.” He stopped shouting and stared at me. But Robb Pitts remembers Darren saying he was about to give the Urban League the largest gift in its history. He sucked his thumb and laid his head on her bosom. She filed her own tax returns. Darren called Dana and said he needed a truck and a crew. It was a school project. He paid $140,000 over four months and got nothing resembling a trading floor. They were sucking their left thumbs. The imaginary million could become real. You could stand on the street and gaze through a massive grid of sixteen windows above the front door and see the greenery of the backyard, but if you were a process server sent by a former landlord in Texas, you could show up at least four times looking for Darren and never find him. A job applicant from Lithonia said he led her to a conference room and touched her. You see that? A group of African chieftains needed cash. “Do you hear me?” he yelled, his voice seething with scorn. James Brown died that December, on Christmas Day 2006, at Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta. See, it’s very complicated…the issue with James Brown’s estate has been an ongoing one since his departure, December 25, 2006. Godfather of Soul James Brown congratulates his daughter, Dr. Yamma Noyola Brown, and her new husband, Darren-Anthony Lumar, after their wedding ceremony … You can even drive yourself to the hospital when you have a mortal wound. Paramedics agreed. He said he had been an all-state quarterback in Louisiana. Everyone was welcome. Numbers flashed across the screen. The doctors said it was stress. Along with her family she will strive to make his home a museum so that people from around the world are able to see his home and things that were so important to him. When Darren filed his third bankruptcy in July 2003, there were more than $700,000 worth of claims; when he filed his fourth later that year, he was reprimanded for abusive serial filing. She won’t explain why she left or why she returned, except to say they had some counseling. But Verna told her boys they could have more, if they wanted it enough. My sister was especially leery of the part of Darren’s plan that put him in charge of the estate. James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, record producer and bandleader.

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