That’s right, Wayne Gretzky once played for a team based in Indiana. 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There have even been numerous complaints about the ice quality at the Barclays Centre from players. Bad attendance and lack of appreciation for a team does not bode well with management. If it were able to top the demand in Columbus, Indianapolis might be plausible but this is a bit far-fetched as of right now. When the NHL announced that Las Vegas would be the upcoming expansion team, fans across the globe were shocked at some of the other possible expansion destinations that were not taken into consideration. In 1980, they did attempt to try and bring the Colorado Rockies to the FirstOntario Centre. Houston does not really have a large demand for hockey. 7 cities without an NHL team that could support one. Given the success of the Jets’ return to Winnipeg, Quebec City makes a lot of sense as an NHL city. If the market is there, it would garner interest from many investors and the ideal location may be built. It is reassuring that the owners of this arena have NHL experience. Metro population: 2.45 million (25th largest in USA) Metro population: 6.89 million (fifth largest in USA) This arena can seat more than 17,000 fans and is a suitable hockey arena for the current players of Carolina. The NHL has not only failed once in Atlanta. By taking some of the these teams with little attendance and relocating them to a new city, the market for that particular team can grow exponentially. Press J to jump to the feed. NHL. The NHL does not want another team with low attendance. A lot of people may not know this, but the greatest hockey player to ever play the game once played in Indianapolis. Whether or not the Islanders can muster enough funds to upgrade the arena is entirely up to them, but overall, there are many other destinations who already have a suitable hockey arena. Gordie Howe played for the WHA’s Houston Aeros, but hockey isn’t exactly the top sport in Houston, but that doesn’t always matter. However, attendance numbers are not as good as expected. A more suitable market may be fit for the Canes, as they do have a bright future and they will become a playoff contender once more. The NBA Trailblazers and MLS Timbers are well supported, so it’s a proven sports town. A potential relocation would look to increase that number which would give the Coyotes a bigger fanbase to play in front of. When the NHL announced the Las Vegas expansion, Quebec felt left out and the potential for another hockey team in Quebec felt impossible. The NHL also has no shortage of franchises with issues, who could be potential relocation candidates. The drive from San Francisco to San Jose can be about two hours long in rush hour, so safe to say the Sharks don’t draw many fans from their neighbours to the north. Considering that the game of hockey is one played in a cold environment, it begs the question of why the NHL hasn’t relocated the Coyotes to another U.S. state or Canadian province. Time will tell if the GTA Centre becomes a reality, and what it will serve is a mystery based on the future of NHL expansion. The relocation shouldn't be too hard as there are other suitable location for a hockey team in North America. Arena situation: 18,259-seat Videotron Centre opened in 2015 If New York City and Southern California can support multiple NHL teams, then surely Toronto can as well. It seems hard to do if attendance numbers are low and the team feels unappreciated. Atlanta. It would be great to see them perform in a new location where they could create a new identity and follow that up with a successful playoff run. “Competition” was narrowed to NHL and NBA, which share the same season, for simplicity. Metro population: 4.73 million (12th largest in USA) Time can only tell, but an NHL future for Seattle could seem reasonable in the future. Canada would have 8 NHL teams if this were to happen and the Canadian hockey fans would have one more team that they can root for. I sort of wish we could relocate to all of the AHL and CHL cities seeing as there are already presentation packages built for them, but there is a reason why they didn't just add every city in the game and I think this list of 19 is a great starting point and I hope they add around 5 each year. Choosing the Devils for a relocation was not easy. In order for this relocation to be possible, a new arena would have to be built and investors would have to be gathered. Competition: Houston Rockets (NBA) There’s a lot of money in Houston and it’s growing fast. There are other suitable markets that would potentially raise attendance records even though the team is in a rebuild. In order to make this work, the demand would have to be increased. With star players such as Matt Duchene on the trade block, fans are left with little to appreciate. Arena situation: They’ve got options Seattle is not shy to target the hockey market. The only thing preventing this is an NHL legislation that prevents NHL home arenas from being less than 50 miles away from each other. An NHL-ready arena which is owned by the same company that owns the Kings in Los Angeles. entry into the National Hockey League on Tuesday, Here's what Seattle's new NHL team could be called, Here's how much money every NHL team is worth, Seattle mayor says Canucks 'don't stand a chance' against their new team. San Francisco is also one of the richest cities in America, so the money’s there. The NHL should closely monitor how well success is perceived in Columbus. Seattle’s entry into the National Hockey League on Tuesday was the end of a process that was four years in the making. Seeking to expand from 30 to 32 teams, the NHL received applications from just two cities – Las Vegas and Quebec City – in July 2015. It's failed twice here. Houston, Texas is one of the largest cities in the U.S. without an NHL team. Quebec City sports the Videotron Centre which is a brand new arena that can seat more than 18,000 hockey fans. Would the success be as great as the neighboring Toronto Maple Leafs? Arena situation: None that are NHL-ready Seeking to expand from 30 to 32 teams, the NHL received applications from just two cities – Las Vegas and Quebec City – in July 2015. The NHL should watch the Panthers' attendance closely for the next few seasons in order to come to a reasonable conclusion. Even if the Maple Leafs aren’t willing to share the Scotiabank Arena like the Lakers and Clippers do in Los Angeles, there’s no shortage of people willing to build a new stadium. The problem Seattle currently faces is the fact that their current arena, the KeyArena, is not a suitable NHL arena. The Predators are not in a rebuild and the team boasts plenty of talent. In this case, they would break that rule by being too close to the Toronto and Buffalo NHL teams. There may be room to add an NHL team in the mix if the potential to expand the current market is there. As of right now, Carolina may not need an NHL team based on the current demand. The Jackets are a fairly new team. Firstly, the city of choice must have a suitable NHL-ready arena in order for the team to actually play the game of ice hockey.

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