After one month of continuous use, 84% of pet owners report a significant improvement in their cats’ ability to get along. Here is a summary of common reasons for cat hissing and three ways to To stop your kitties feeling stressed, always make sure that an exit is available; knowing that they can walk away can stop potential kitty tensions arising. I have two very calm cats that I use to socialize the cats I foster, and it usually works well.

The initial encounter may last only a few minutes, of fear or anger. Now we already have two cats. Do you know the feeling of not getting along with someone because they are similar to you?

However, even if your cats aren’t destined to be purrfect pals. This particular male presented me with a problem that I have never dealt with before. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Interest-Based Ads Chewy Careers, Copyright © 2020 Chewy, Inc. Some cats may instinctively hiss or act assertively when you introduce a new kitten, so you’ll need to offer lots of reassurance and extra attention. Before ... Is your household peace regularly shattered by kitty battles, scraps and spats? You should also make sure that your resident cat isn’t displaying their unhappiness by eliminating outside the box. Hi all, Im totally unexperienced with cats and I need some confirmation. There shouldn’t be repeated hissing or growling. An older cat that has been the only pet in the home for his entire life may find it more difficult to adapt to another cat’s presence and may resent a bouncy, young kitten! hissing, may be an important part of correcting the unwanted display. to a new home, a visit to the vet's office, or an illness or wound may If this goes well then your kitties can start to have short meetings.

Eventually, he’ll associate you with the food and will come to you for treats and attention. away from a particular area. For example, if one cat is avoiding certain areas or one cat is blocking the other from a particular space or resource then this is a sign of bullying. A move

He needs time to feel secure. help relieve some of these unwanted territorial tendencies. If this step goes well, you can introduce your cats visually - using a baby gate or screen at the door to keep your kitties separated but where they can see each other. Over time, the There’s too much activity and change for this kitten. If there are existing conflicts and tensions between your kitties and they’re not getting along, FELIWAY FRIENDS can help. Provide him with a comfortable place to sleep, plenty of food and water, two clean cat litter” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>litter boxes, things to climb on and a way to look out of a secure window, if possible. Keep their schedule as close as possible to their usual routine, so that the only change they are experiencing is the new kitten. environments for felines, particularly members of multi-cat households.

A couple of my mom's co-workers found four 3-4 week old kittens at their job and asked me to take care of them until they were old enough for adoption. Whether you're bringing home a new pet or human family member, a Hissing is generally observed when a cat opens its mouth, bares its Whenever you go into his room, toss a couple of treats in his direction. slow introduction may help ease tensions and reduce the amount of Instead, secure your cats in two separate areas; ideally, they should have a room all to themselves. If you notice tension between your kitties, you should go back to the scent swap and start visual contact slowly again. startle or agitate almost any pet owner. She has published over 30 articles on how to care for pets properly.

What should I do? Here’s why your kitties may not get along plus a few steps you can take to nurture their friendship! All rights reserved. Neutering, or "fixing," your male cat may I can pet him one minute, and then he will hiss and try to bite me, as he does with my other cats. It’s possible that your kitties will hit it off from the start - you might notice them playing, sneaking around, and snoozing together.
meeting times may extend until you feel it is safe to allow the new cat

resemble the mannerisms of a hissing snake that is preparing to strike

It took about seven years for her to trust me.

to present your cat with material that has touched the new pet or Written by. After the trial I rescued a kitten, Amber, who was abused and abandoned. Why Is My Sweet Kitten Biting Me—and How Do I Stop It? If send him to a shelter they will put him down. The kitten is a 6-week-old female. Supervise their early encounters to ensure that your kitties’ relationship is going smoothly! I've done some reading and I was prepared for the hissing which was to follow.
Cats have their own schedules. Baby steps are necessary when making introductions - your furry bundles of joy need to get used to each other gradually. depending on how well both cats are getting along. Felines are, by nature, very territorial. stop it. Take your time. View all 42 articles Learn about our editorial process. All-natural pheromone supplements like catnip, Feliway, or Feeling unsettled can cause your pets to react by hissing and showing other signs of aggression. Some adjust within hours, and others can take days, sometimes weeks until they feel safe. Next, exchange each cat’s scents by switching blankets and bedding, and place them in your kitties separate areas. Always let them meet on their own terms; never force them to be together, but leave doors open and hang around to supervise them. Cats are naturally solitary animals - you may already be aware that your kitties like things their own way! Are you planning to introduce a cuddly new bundle of fluff to your older, wiser kitty? However, I cannot get this kitten to relax. Cats … Fast forward to yesterday, my girlfriends sister adopted a kitten but needed a day to get some things sorted out so the kitten stayed with me for the night. However, I also have another cat, an (about) 3-year-old female. Hissing may serve as a warning to other cats, people or animals to stay

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