In one installment of the series, it was revealed that Pop's dad was the original "Pops," while as a child he served at his side under the moniker "Junior." During Eugene's infancy, the kingdom was corrupted by a powerful opal that threatened to destroy the land. Eugene would make semi-regular appearances in the show before its early end. Eugene would re-appear in IDW Publishing's revival of the Popeye comics in 2012 as a recurring character who once again aids his friends by using his numerous abilities when needed. Whether you're looking for comedy characters named Eugene or drama characters named Eugene, this list has you covered. Eugene returned to regular appearances in animation in the 1960s Popeye television series, where he was once again a prominent recurring character and portrayed as Popeye's mysterious pet who would disappear for long periods before returning just when he was needed. He will beat up anyone (particularly Reggie) who upsets him or even talks to Midge, the latter being a point of friction between the couple. [6] Kevin is an aspiring journalist, with many hobbies including collecting comics and competitive eating. He has two younger sisters, his father is a retired Army Colonel and his mother is a housewife. So whenever Popeye tries to put him outside, there he is - Eugene. But when it was time to go to bed, there is Eugene in Popeye's bed. Eugene the Jeep originally hailed from Africa before eventually coming under the ownership of a man named Ben Zene Oyl. Unlike the previous show, this series had higher-quality animation and was more akin to Segar's work and Fleischer cartoons than other Popeye animations, with Popeye regularly seen as an adventurous sailor once more. Archie’s other love interests include Cheryl Blossom and Valerie Smith of Josie and the Pussycats. Looking for some great streaming picks? At the same time, he is also kind, sensitive and helpful toward his closest friends. [1], Veronica's father, and the richest man in all of Riverdale. Eugene is a well-recognized and beloved character and is often considered the unofficial animal mascot of the franchise. He is highly vain and conceited, thinks he can date anyone he wants, and expects everyone to think the world of him. In reality however, she does not often show interest in other boys. She cares deeply for the well-being of others and is always ready to help people with their problems. He often says "duh" at the beginning of sentences, and is possessive about his girlfriend Midge. He has a recurring role in The CW's Riverdale, played by Alvin Sanders. The show, which originally ran on ABC and then NBC, ended its prime-time run in 1964 but found immortality in endless syndication. One particular comic had the owner of the block giving an eviction notice to Pop to vacate the store in a week so he could build a 12-screen movie theater. Despite his quirks, he fits in well with the gang, who often rely on his brains. His comic book appearances would continue for decades until the title's end in 1984. He and Moose are best friends, despite their contrasting personalities. Search for "Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep" on, Title: As he filled the role of both Chuck and Dilton, neither of those characters appeared in the series. He also is known to be dyslexic. Newly inducted into the US Navy, Popeye proves hopeless as a conventional seaman until his training ship is attacked by the enemy. Portrayed as plain and gawky in appearance, she has many close friends and leads an active social life.[1]. Use the HTML below. Popeye's Pappy takes a flagpole sitting job atop a tall building without telling Popeye. Eugene, his wife, and the 6 young Jeeps ready to be fed by Popeye. [5] Veronica was deeply attracted to him, but was initially unaware of his sexuality, so Jughead took advantage of this situation to avenge himself against Veronica for humiliating him. The Jeep's diet consists only of orchids- which was a running joke in Eugene's first few years- as orchids were expensive at the time. However, she is often annoyed with his paying more attention to his hobbies than her. The Jeep is the result of a fourth-dimensional microbe procreating with an African Hooey Hound. [1], Betty is the kind-hearted, caring, talented, and intelligent girl next door. [2] He is dimwitted and can be easily manipulated by others, particularly Reggie. He has a bear-like head and ears but a large nose and a long tail. The cartoon also implied that The Sea Hag's spells were useless against Eugene. The following is a list of characters from Disney's Tangled which includes the 2010 film of the same name, Tangled Ever After (2012), Tangled: Before Ever After as well as the television series Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, previously titled Tangled: The Series.. Popeye is trying to take a nap, but he's plagued by house flies that keep landing on him. He is friends with Archie's gang. Eventually Eugene would join the cast in Popeye's animated adventures as a minor recurring character in the shorts of the late 1930s and early 1940s, although he would only appear in 3 shorts before the Fleischer Studios era ended. Though they are ultimately good friends, he often taunts Archie and does not understand why girls prefer to date him. After the end of Segar's original Thimble Theatre run, Eugene would also appear as a supporting character in the 1948 comic book series by Segar's former assistant Bud Sagendorf, where he would regularly use his abilities for comedic affect or to aid those around him. Eugene Fitzherbert was born to King Edmund and his wife, rulers of the Dark Kingdom. Gene is a common shortened form. His love triangle between Betty and Veronica form the most common Archie stories. The Jeep was created by E. C. Segar for Thimble Theatre and first appeared in the storyline that began in the March 16, 1936 strip, "Eugene, the Jeep", where he was given to Olive Oyl by her uncle Ben Zene and nearly stolen by callous millionaire Chizzelflint. Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III, is Archie's best friend since childhood. It has even been theorized by many (including R. Lee Ermey) that the then-new Willys MB vehicle (eventually dubbed the Jeep) was named after this character: soldiers in World War II may have nicknamed the machine after the popular character because both shared an ability to "go anywhere". He is proud of his culinary talent. Like many elements of Thimble Theatre and the Fleischer Studios era, Eugene would not return for the Famous Studios shorts. Nancy enjoys sports, fashion, cheerleading and journalism, and is a close friend of the other girls. However Eugene's clairvoyant abilities would live on in Swee'Pea. Reggie is particularly attracted to her. A rare spinach-free Popeye. Archie's main rival, particularly for Veronica's affections. Pop Tate is the self-designated philanthropist for the Archie gang, hearing about their problems while serving ice cream and a variety of other goodies. Kevin's sexuality is not presented as controversial or stereotypical in the comics, keeping with Archie Comics' image of accepting diversity and inclusion. Originally, Eugene was planned to appear in the movie according Jules Feiffer's original version of the script and would serve as Popeye's magical pet, however he would eventually be written out. Eugene never knew t… This FAQ is empty. Danni Malloy: This redhaired teenaged girl appeared only in Dilton’s Strange Science. He likes to pick on others, especially Jughead and Archie . [1], Moose's girlfriend who is often frustrated with his jealousy and lack of intelligence but still loves him dearly. Sarcastic, snarky and smart, Jughead is uninterested in girls, especially Big Ethel, who has a huge crush on him. She rarely gets along with Jughead Jones due to his lazy demeanor, though occasionally they set aside their differences, albeit usually to get Archie out of trouble. Pop's shop has changed little over the years, and it still boasts a jukebox and old-time soda fountain. The bird ... See full summary ». Eugene the Jeep is a character from E. C. Segar's Thimble Theatre comic strip who has long served as a pet and friend to Popeye and Olive Oyl. He appeared only "The New Archies" when Archie and the gang were Junior High Students. He asks Popeye to help him by keeping the noise down. Eugene the Jeep is the school mascot for Northeast Dubois High School in Dubois, Indiana and at South Webster High School in South Webster, Ohio (although their Jeep is red instead of yellow). In 1980, a theatrical movie called Popeye was released, featuring an original story and serving as a more faithful adaptation to Segar's Thimble Theatre. Popeye wants to get Olive a fur coat, but after a run-in with dishonest furrier Geezil, decides the best way is to go hunting for a bear himself. Like Eugene, Bernice can materialize in various places, can assist one in games of chance, and is a rare creature possessing seemingly supernatural qualities. He gets A's in every class except physical education and is the favorite student of most of his teachers, especially Professor Flutesnoot and Mr. Weatherbee. Pappy comes along and wants to be a pilot, but Popeye tells him he's too old. A rare spinach-free Popeye. Tate constantly talks about how Jughead's appetite will provide for his retirement. He has precognitive powers, and also makes use of a limited form of teleportation: he can disappear from one place and reappear in another, and can walk through and on walls and ceilings. In the late 1930s, Archie creator Bob Montana joined other teens at the Chocolate Shop counter where he made sketches on napkins or in the diary-sketchbook he kept of Haverhill happenings. Popeye's 99-year-old father won't admit he's too old to help Popeye build a ship. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Chuck's steady girlfriend. She is known to be the richest girl in Riverdale. Eugene always tells the truth, and, possessing high intelligence, is able to help humans such as Popeye and Olive Oyl solve complex problems. Why Segar chose to repeat this storyline is unclear. Among the disturbances he deals with: a crying baby... See full summary ».

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