After joining Cobra Kai and becoming "Hawk", however, he becomes much more confident in himself, taking Cobra Kai's teachings to heart and developing an extremely aggressive mindset based on them. If they can succeed, Hawk can keep the punk rock elements of his current persona, but also stop suppressing his geeky nature. Hawk then proceeded to berate Johnny for teaching Miguel to show mercy, blaming him for the reason Miguel got injured and hospitalized and saying that if Miguel died it would be his fault too. Occupation While Hawk can be seen as the main villain of season 2 due to him bullying and harassing people similar to Johnny in the original Karate Kid, his actions are a result of a truly. When Demetri left a bad Yelp review of Cobra Kai in response to being punched in the nose by John Kreese for mouthing off, Hawk and four other of his cronies in Cobra Kai went to go confront him in a mall to intimidate him into removing the review. Evil-doer Name Causing havoc.Getting tattoos.Flirting with girls. The next day at school, Hawk learned from Miguel that he had kissed Sam at the party and congratulated him on it, saying that he intended to have a "full rotation" of girlfriends by the time he reached the midterms. Surprisingly, Hawk is not angry at Miguel for this loss, surmising that the fight was fair and square., Previously, his actor Jacob Bertrand also starred with Peyton List (who plays, If he would've defeated Robby without cheating, he would've faced Miguel in the finals, making the two. Affiliation Despite becoming a bloodthirsty sadist, Hawk also shows certain virtuous traits such as a sense of camaraderie with his fellow Cobra Kai students, not taking it personally when Miguel beat him in the River Creek Match. This rage finally coming out likely helped fuel his transformation from the meek Eli to the aggressive Hawk. Hawk is about to attack him again, but Robby and Samantha arrive. The Mandalorian: Why Hasn't Boba Fett Already Tried To Reclaim His Armor? The influence Kreese and Cobra Kai's initial teachings are so great, that after Johnny believed he had gotten rid of Kreese and tried to instill humility and mercy into his students, Hawk was shown to be clearly infuriated by this concept as he greatly enjoyed the confidence and power it the initial teachings had given him and was sickened at the concept of showing mercy to a world which had shown him none since the day he was born. Relatives When Miguel Diaz joined All Valley High School he became friends with Eli and Demetri after they were the only two who let him sit with them at lunch. Martial artsPhysical strength, Eli can be compared to the following characters. Eli Moskowitz, or better known by his nickname Hawk, is one of the main characters of the YouTube Red/Netflix television series Cobra Kai, serving as the secondary antagonist in the last few episodes of the first season and entirety of the second season. Understanding that Demetri can beat him could cause him to take his former best friend seriously again. Crimes Hobby Hawk even turns on his best friend Demetri and bullies him after the latter writes a negative review about Cobra Kai, as well as allows Johnny's sensei Kreese to poison and corrupt his mind. When Johnny attempted to approach Kreese, Hawk and all the other students blocked him. Both seasons 1 and 2 have seen Hawk get progressively worse as a bully which is why season 3 should deliver a new story for Hawk that pushes him down a different path. He also tells them to mind their own business. Cobra Kai, the YouTube original series, continues the story of The Karate Kid by reintroducing old favorites 34 years after the events of the original film. After Johnny Lawrence mocks his lip scar and says that he should "flip the script" and make himself confident, he arrives back at the dojo with a mohawk, which is dyed blue, and later gets a tattoo of a hawk on his back. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. During the high school brawl, Hawk attacks Demetri who kicks his former best friend into a trophy case and defeats him. He was kind to Miguel after he asked to sit with them and even complimented him later for standing up to Kyler. Following the tournament, Hawk went to a diner to go eat with the rest of Cobra Kai and Demetri. Eli Moskowitz While initially joining to be able to fight back against bullies, Hawk eventually comes to take the Cobra Kai mindset of "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy" to its extremes and become a bully himself, as well as the top student of John Kreese after the old sensei reclaims Cobra Kai from Johnny.

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