Unlike the others, Keith had to earn his Lion's respect by fighting to protect it at all costs, thus impressing Red. She purposely allowed Commander Trug access to the super weapon, knowing that it was a living entity that would murder the unsuspecting commander and her forces, thus playing her for a very dead fool. She was quite fit, and was able to return to peak physical conditioning not long after giving birth, a feat not easily achieved by most human women. Keith’s Marmorite blade, when fully manifested, bears a resemblance to the. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Keith now bears a facial marking similar in appearance to his mother's natural Galran markings after his duel with Shiro's clone.

Dat maakte een woordvoerder van de band maandag bekend. My name is Keith Casim Elam And Guru is my father The late king who provided lyrical slaughter And he's still here Shinin' down upon us One of the best yet Submit Corrections. As Zarkon sent out thousands of scouts equipped with the tracking method, Krolia was sent to Earth as a spy in one of the scouting parties by the leaders of the Blade of Marmora. He is a high speed combat specialist who fights at his maximum at all times. She also possesses a cunning streak. What is known about. also known as K.C.

Keith's latent leadership abilities came to surface along his journey, though he is less decisive and more aggressive as a leader than Shiro, though he is quickly calming down into a leader of great skill, as noted by the Black Lion who only allows born leaders to partner with it. Home Planet Female

This trait is best witnessed during his battle with Zarkon, who was using the Black Bayard to push Keith and the Lion beyond their limits.
Violet Black

Marmora Spy

1 Appearance 2 History 3 Personality 4 Abilities 5 Notes 6 References Despite being Galran, Krolia bears a striking resemblance to her son, Keith. Keith is notably fond of the outdoors, finding the quiet of the forest and wild lands to be enjoyable. He is still learning, but he is an impressive and dangerous swordsman who should not be underestimated. I wish I was able to tell you how grateful I am for your guidance and how it molded me into an intelligent young man.

Indeed, Keith's single-minded drive during battles is reminiscent of the Galra Empire's motto in battle: nothing will stop him but triumph or death. Media

But like fire, Keith's impulsive and explosive tendencies can be harnessed as a valuable tool and weapon to ensure the survival and victory of his friends and innocents. Eventually, they arrive on a planet beyond the Quantum Abyss, where they discover a domed facility, where inside, they met an Altean named Romelle, whom they learned was part of a hidden colony of Alteans Lotor rescued. Father’s Day always used to be a difficult time for me but as I got older I learned that you never actually left. A skilled martial artist, Keith is extremely capable on the battlefield as his Bayard takes the form of a katar that can slice through solid steel with ease. Join Facebook to connect with Keith Casim and others you may know. This shows that while Krolia may be similar to her son in her inability to separate her emotions from her mission, she does take more calculated risks to compensate for her somewhat impulsive behavior. It can be seen that he no longer is as anxious or aggressive in his leadership style, able to master control over himself enough to see through the eyes of the Black Lion, a feat only displayed among the current generation of Paladins by his predecessor, Shiro. This shows that despite his typically reckless demeanor and approach that Keith is a capable guerrilla fighter and tactician of considerable skill. Keith AZLyrics.

He is dedicated to maintaining his abilities and spends his free time on the ship honing his combat skills. Due to her duty as a Blade, Krolia has had to endure great internal conflict. He was able to calmly and decisively lead the Paladins against Lotor and his Sincline mech. Bloodlines While the original series presented viewers with a fully-formed 30-something Keith who was "specially trained and sent by the Alliance" as a well-balanced exemplary leader, here Keith is being shown undergoing the trials and tribulations necessary to forge such a leader, like a blade made much stronger from being tempered in heat and cold. Galran, Human

Keith. Keith is quick-witted, making many deadpan remarks and observations at other's expense, particularly Lance's, who believes Keith is his rival. Who is Keith Casim? Despite his gifted natural connection to the Red Lion, Keith was able to tap into and connect directly to the consciousness of Black. However, as seen during his battle with the Galra Emperor, Keith's determination also allows him to connect more deeply with Red, unlocking previously unknown weaponry. Her skill with edged weapons put her on par with master sword fighters like Antok, Kolivan, and Lotor, as well as naturally gifted sword fighters such as Keith and Lance. This can be seen when he was able to see directly through Black's perspective, bringing out the Ephemeral Wings to fly from several galaxies away within moments to rejoin the other Paladins. Occupation Stay safe everyone.

Hair Color

Keith's Galra heritage allows him to tap into and utilize Galra technology that is specifically encoded to their species, allowing him to infiltrate their bases.
This was revealed explicitly in the Season Five Episode "Bloodlines" when Keith meets his mother, a Blade of … Alive Rumor of the new superweapon soon reached the ears of Commanders Ladnok and Trugg, who began fighting over Krolia's planet for control of the superweapon. Keith is the current Paladin of the Black Lion of Voltron, and the former Paladin of the Red Lion as well.

Following Sendak's acquisition of the Red Lion, the Galra Empire managed to engineer a tracker that could locate Voltron Lion signatures at close range. Alive Keith was known to have been close with his father, and now having known his mother, he is far more at ease with his heritage, feeling at peace at last. Get all the lyrics to songs by Keith Casim Elam and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics. This also coincides with his, Unlike the other Paladins, Keith's birth date was not revealed on social media, but instead first published in. This can be seen in his wariness of the local Arusians, taking a while to warm up to the friendly aliens before trusting them completely.

View the Profiles of people named Keith Casim on Facebook. Writer(s): Keith Casim Elam. Not long after, they conceived a child, whom they named Keith. Earth

GALLERY Despite his tendency to jump into battle, Keith can be quite calm and cautious at times. Zarkon has noticed that Keith's natural fighting style resembles that of the Galran's own during their first duel. The Blade of MarmoraTeam Voltron October 23[1] Eye Color He is capable of handling the Red Lion not because of their shared ferocious and rebellious natures, but because of his instincts and respect for Shiro as a leader. A man of few words and dry wit, Keith is a loner and rebel by nature with "discipline issues" that resulted in his expulsion from the Galaxy Garrison. Physical Description Stills from behind the scenes of the Family and Loyalty shoot, a true conversation of hip-pop. Refusing to abandon her son again, Krolia bargained with Trugg for their freedom in exchange for the access codes to the superweapon vault, as without the codes the vault would self-destruct. My adoration for you is everlasting, miss you pops! Keith's Galra heritage was hinted at a few times during Season 1: his ability to activate the Galra technology on the Balmera with his handprint, his fighting style being remarked upon by Zarkon in their first duel, etc. Krolia suggested the colony was on orbiting moon, which they flew to in an old Altean pod. He assumed that it was because she had to put the mission first, only for her to correct that she wanted to protect her son. Romelle told them that Lotor had set up a supposed second colony which many Alteans that were selected to travel there had never returned from until her brother Bandor managed to warn her with his dying breath that it was all a lie. His mother, Keith's human ethnicity is unknown. Trugg did provide them a ship only to fire on the two Blades once she had the codes. Black Paladin Red Paladin (Formerly) Leader of Voltron Second-in-Command of Voltron (Formerly)Member of the Blade of Marmora (Currently) At the same time, the Blades sent an agent to make contact with Krolia, whom she discovered to be a grown-up Keith. During this time, they experienced periodic flashes from the center of the Abyss which showed them visions of the past and future; Krolia explains that it was an example of time collapsing near the dark stars. Eye Color

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