I kept it clean and well maintained but after a while I had problems with it. 0000029828 00000 n Stihl MS290 ( Farm Boss ) Chainsaw. Stihl 021 Specifications for Stihl 21 chainsaw, Find the specs and detailed information for the Stihl chainsaw including engine, fuel ignition system and cutting attachments. Oil delivery rate: 5.5 – 15 cm3 at 10,000 rpm, Dry, without bar and chain: 12.3 lbs (5.6 kg), with handle heating 12.8 lbs (5.8 kg), STIHL reduced kickback bar (with green label) for 0.325″ and 3/8″ pitch: 0000006590 00000 n This system means that the owner has to replace the air filter less frequently. 0000025346 00000 n 0000013127 00000 n 0000019818 00000 n %PDF-1.3 %���� These chainsaws were specially developed for extreme conditions and offer everything that professionals require. under vacuum: 0.5 bar (7.25 psi), Carburetor: Diaphragm carburetor In a few easy steps, the HS246 hedge trimmer attachment can be mounted on the MS260 chainsaw. It cuts too slowly and is heavy and under powered. .325″, 7-tooth spur sprocket 1123 640 2015 Always remember to use the correct safety equipment when operating your chainsaw. Oil tank capacity: 0.69 US pt (0.325 l) These two features combine in order to dramatically reduce oil consumption by up to 50%.Stihl have also included a key feature in the carburetor that ensures a consistent air / fuel ratio mixture. 0000009450 00000 n Bore: 40 mm, (1.57 in) DG screws are used in the polymer and light-alloy components. Mix ratio: 50:1 with STIHL two-stroke engine oil, 25:1 with other brand name two-stroke, air-cooled engine oils H��WYs�F~��Gp˄0��r\E]�v-�2�����C�8���ߞ�9��8ޤT������o��.~�;�jF������29 ���iF� ��I���p]ۉ��Sυd3��q�yt���������U���=?��E��j���|�H�gNjR��U�h�� �vbe��c;׋�)n^��.���e�W{!xndG̞N#@�i N�����)7�l64��8r_M�&ʨɯ��������٨2� :�AL!�Z'�{�)�(�?�8��x��������o�^�Ҷ�E"�۾����u'~��\^_�� Piston pin diameter: 10 mm (0.39 in) 0000025434 00000 n Octane rating: min. Stihl billed the MS260 as a robust chainsaw for forestry work. The Stihl Ematic™ chain lubrication system also features which specifically targets lubrication to chain links and guide bar rails. MS290 is a good saw but I prefer the MS250 for every day use. trailer <<0CE112DC3C15455E822B26A53008D115>]/Prev 435466>> startxref 0 %%EOF 47 0 obj <>stream The Stihl MS290 is considered an ideal work saw for landowners, and sits firmly in Stihl’s “Farm and Ranch” category. Stihl MS 361 Specifications for the Stihl MS361 chainsaw.Find detailed specs information for the Stihl chainsaw including engine, fuel system, Carburetor, ignition system, chain lubrication,Torque settings and cutting attachments. Known as the “Farm Boss” in the United Sates, it was a one-time best-selling chainsaw … The Stihl 026 is a defunct chainsaw model that the Stihl Corporation now sells under the product name MS 260 Pro. ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, D-71336 Waiblingen, Petrol chainsaws for property maintenance, Petrol chainsaws for agriculture and horticulture, Robotic mowers, lawn mowers, ride-on mowers and lawn scarifiers, Hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmers. 0000013238 00000 n 50:1 with Stihl two-stroke air-cooled engine oil. 7��� G��0�Lsj@��_xB ����p�B�IվCJb���nh�������GO�zd|g��Z��jx}8�^ߝA��?�^�xp���o��:�u��a�XB��>����U�A�`�L�P�>"�1�8���9����m���Z4�J�P������[W���]�K���q���>�:����o?��U)׭��j&9tO�A�.��L���s�}�~|��q�|� C�2�?Y7[0�^'�� 0 x�� endstream endobj 12 0 obj <> endobj 13 0 obj <> endobj 14 0 obj <>stream There are nearly 1000 listings on Ebay for MS290 spares and accessories. 0000039429 00000 n Featuring all the standard components of an STIHL chainsaw like the anti-vibration system, single-lever master control, tool free filler caps and Ematic chain lubrication system just to name a few, the STIHL MS260 is easy to operate. Even local authorities might find the MS290 useful for light maintenance work. 9-tooth for .325″ pitch The HS246 hedge trimmer is one of the more unusual Stihl accessories, and is available for the MS260. Their massive performance and low weight are impressive with thinning work, felling trees and harvesting thinner wood. It’s renowned for being a tough, virtually bullet proof and easy to use chainsaw. Chain sprocket: Stihl Parts list HERE a chainsaw search (magnifier icon) at top and bottom of this page, as well as a chainsaw repair help question and answer page HERE. It appears that many users trust the Stihl brand and consider their products to be good value for money. Does all that need it to. No mechanical issues other than wear and tear. The Stihl 090G is a gear drive based off the Contra G which its' direct drive counterpart is the 070 and before that the Contra platform. For this reason it is essential to use a torque wrench when making adjustments from the Stihl 021 Specifications. CWM © 2020 Powered By GlobalData Ecommerce Solutions. Rapid-Super C3 (33 RSC3, 36 RSC3) The Stihl MS260 has been replaced by the slighly heavier but more powerful MS261. This is great news for current owners and testament to just how popular this saw was in the day.Engine spares, whole engines, replacement housings and regular consumables are all widely available to keep your old saw running. The Stihl MS290 is considered an ideal work saw for landowners, and sits firmly in Stihl’s “Farm and Ranch” category. 0000010280 00000 n Running the 56mm piston (107cc) and fitted with the larger style 090 style 6 … .325″, 8-tooth spur sprocket 1123 640 2020 when they are installed for the first time. 0000011108 00000 n under vacuum: (±) 0.05 bar (0.725 psi) Copyright © 2014-2020 X10D Limited. 0000037720 00000 n Not long after it stopped idling properly. It appears that the MS290 first entered the market around 2004. Despite this feature a wise saw owner would replace the air filter more regularly to get the best performance from their machine. Stihl recommended this saw for professional use. The powerful STIHL chainsaws in the performance class up to 6.4 kW are essential for forestry. Of course because of it’s venerable age it does lack some of the more modern technical and safety features of Stihl chainsaws. Stroke: 28 mm, 32 mm (1.10 in) However, it is not without the occasional negative review. Spark plug (suppressed): Bosch WSR 6 F, NGK BPMR 7 A Bore: 1.85 in (47 mm) 0000006399 00000 n Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. Side chain tensioner kit 1123 007 1000, For Service Carburetor parts kit 1123 007 1061. First the crank failed and was replaced. Their massive performance and low weight are impressive with thinning work, felling trees and harvesting thinner wood.

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