While their family continues to find options to save Finn's life, he tells them not to leave him as he is dying. They star talking. Klaus made arranges for Hope to come home, and told Hayley she will be safer with them at New Orleans, before presenting her to Jackson. He also tells goodbye to Cami, who tells him she doesn't love him anymore. They have a talk about what to do about Lucien and the prophecy. [89]Klaus talking to Rebekah. Elijah is shocked because he is in love with a witch named Celeste; but Klaus isn't concerned. When she finds out in the Season Four premiere that he was still alive, their relationship started to completely and totally fall apart when he chose to save Caroline over his own half-sister. [11]Finn informs Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus that they have been discovered. Caroline and Klaus continued their walk in the woods, and he told her he'd leave Mystic Falls without gloating over Katherine's corpse in return for one small thing. Thanks to the fact that Elena really did stab Mikael with a white oak dagger, Stefan is able to override Klaus' compulsion when he is forced to tell the truth. Revealing that he missed her heart, he asks her what she wants. Stefan put his arm in front of Elena and says "No". It's the decency of merciful lies". But Klaus still sees Marcel as his old friend. Elijah later mentions that Klaus is a recluse and trusts very few people, usually only in his inner circle. The spell reveals no immediate concerns but Cortez, and then Klaus receives a message from Cami saying one of his foes -Cortez- is in Rousseau's and is trying to find the white oak. Klaus the waits at the Abattoir for Marcel and when he shows up he tells his son that his attempt to stall him was pathetic and he taught him better than that. In Do Not Go Gentle, Esther, while possessing Rebekah, convinces Klaus to go the 1920's dance by telling him that Caroline will be there. She says yes, and that she doesn't have anything in New Orleans anymore. He goes to her, and two talk. While doing this Aurora shoots Elijah, after that Klaus had to take the bullet out before it was to late. As Marcel has put him in agony with Papa Tunde's blade. He was connected to the Labonair Family, a royal werewolf family via his daughter, and a member of the North East Atlantic Pack as well as an unnamed Witch Family. After Caroline wakes up the next morning, Klaus has left but she finds an expensive bracelet made of dozens of diamonds: a gift from Klaus. When Klaus returns to New Orleans after 100 years, he finds that Marcel has taken control of the city. Centuries later, Elijah finally told Niklaus he killed Tatia. Ironically, Elena saved Klaus by threatening to kill herself, deducing that Esther bound Alaric's life to hers so that he could only live one life time. He tells her about his own work and asks if she has been to the Hermitage. Klaus later receives word from Rebekah that Hayley's attacker had been killed by Damon. Klaus restrains Elijah by forcing him against the railings on the second floor, while a compelled Gia walks into the courtyard and takes off her daylight ring, subsequently burning to death while Elijah screams and tries to get free from his brother so that he can save her. While he was still an untriggered werewolf, Klaus had a complicated life. She tried to run away in the Lockwood Cellar, but he followed her and asked her if she knew where Tyler was. The night after graduation, Klaus and Caroline have a moment. [106]Klaus and Elijah. Hayley shows up at the cemetery in transition. He then decided to stick around the general area of Germany where, sometime in the 15th century. Klaus and Elijah arrive at the Rousseau's and they find Sophie and Sabine knocked out. Gave Rebekah custody of Hope so that New Orleans can be save for her. That's when Sophie said she has a special gift, which is telling when women are pregnant. Klaus turns to Kol for help, telling him to fix this. How did he get witches to make them rings? After that Klaus get a phone call from Elijah who tells him that Rebekah is missing. He asks Klaus if he has forgotten that Genevieve tortured their sister and as a result she is now gone forever. He takes the vial to Cami to drink and she pours him a real drink as she tells him how she loved being a bartender. [155]Klaus at the wedding. And adds that Perhaps he'll leave it in his grandmother's garden. He frees Thierry at Rebekah's request. There's definitely a history between them. His relationship with Klaus is currently broken as Marcel lives in exile and tries to find a way to get New Orleans back under his rule. Gave Rebekah permission to leave New Orleans to start a new life where she can start her own family and even forgave her for conspiring against him. When he became a vampire, all these emotions were heightened and Klaus' temper became worse than ever. She tells him that for Freya's plan to work she can't go mad and he can’t die. [104]Klaus looking over Marcel. Silas then offers Klaus a deal: they can find the cure together and Silas will take it to accomplish his goals and therefore ensure that Klaus while not be at the receiving end of the cure. Klaus tries to save Marcel however he is thwarted by Mikael, and Rebekah intervenes only for Mikael to stab her and push her aside. Marcel wasn't telling. Just before Klaus kills him, he asks him to help Hayley protect their people. He leaves without them noticing he's awake and meets Dahlia at Lafayette Cemetery. Elijah asks Klaus to please take care of Hayley. He tells them all: "I owe you nothing", and that they will remember him as their maker. In exchange for the werewolf bite cure, he forces Stefan to drink human blood several times to awaken Stefan's ripper persona. Klaus cares very deeply for Rebekah, but he seems to have a lot difficulty showing her that it is true. Klaus has some of the typical weaknesses of an Original Vampire and a Werewolf. After getting closer to each other gradually, they eventually share their first kiss on Klaus' balcony. Cami shows and asks Klaus to tell Lucien to stop murdering people in New Orleans. He, Elijah and Rebekah walk around New Orleans and talk to each other as final goodbyes. Although he puts up a tough demeanor, deep down Klaus cares about his family; he just has a lot of difficulty showing it. However, they realize that a witch crafted them and only elements can destroy them. He also holds grudges against the people who try to kill him, or members of his family, and rarely lets it go. Klaus then speeds away before Camille can respond. He eventually kills August, but spares his family, Greta, Antoinette, and Roman Sienna; ultimately shaming them in the process. When she refused the date, he reminded her that he was promised a date in return of one of his hybrids, so she had to agree. Klaus laughs at their face and says that they are lucky to have whatever he wants to leave them, because other way they have lost their usefulness. On the outside he can see that she is desiccating. Rebekah comes home from her one night stand while Klaus sits sketching. He then gets Bonnie to undo Esther's linking spell. This turned into a conversation about trust being the foundation of friendship, and Caroline angrily yelling that she should've turned her back on Klaus ages ago. He allows Marcel to come back for Kieran's funeral. [92]Marcel and Klaus. [166]A temporary truce, In Beautiful Mistake, Freya finds Elijah and Klaus and asks them about their fight. In the present time he is in very good mood after his trip to Mystic Falls. Rebekah drags Tyler's body into the gym, and they wait till Bonnie arrives, where Klaus tells her she has to find a way that he can successfully create hybrids. As she fled, she encountered a vampire named Rose, whom she tricked into turning her into a vampire, thus ruining forever Klaus' plan to use her to break the curse. Liz invites him in and he has a intimate conversation with Caroline about being immortal. Later, Klaus revealed to Caroline the only time he wanted to be human again, Caroline likes that. [109]  Stefan then calls and reveals that he had stolen the coffins containing Klaus' siblings, whom Klaus intended to revive now that Mikael was dead. After a moment of silence, Klaus finally says that he was looking for her mother. Camille is Klaus's go to girl when he needs support and she is more than willing to lend an ear and listen to his problems and help him deal with them. Even five years after his imprisonment, Klaus' personality has not changed much as Marcel had failed to break him emotionally. Elijah wonders what will become of his daughter if it so easy for him to abandon his home. [143]Klaus talking to Hayley They find Bonnie to complete the spell and while she originally refuses to use the dark magic needed, Klaus begins ripping Tyler's heart out, forcing Bonnie to do the spell. In Always and Forever, Klaus is first seen during a flashback to the early 18th century. Marcel stands, Papa Tunde's Blade in his hand and sentences Klaus to a fate worse than death. He is thought to be the most hated and feared of all the Originals, regardless of the fact that he is the only one of two that is now unstaked. He went to see Sophie, who was crying. He was a victim of his step-father's physical and verbal abuse since childhood. It was their last happy evening, because the next morning Cami is turning vampire being compelled by Aurora to cut her throat after drinking a vile of Aurora's blood. Klaus is first seen in the present standing upon a balcony as Elijah appears behind him, telling him he has found out who is conspiring against him.

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