The eclectic room is a magical, mystical alchemy of marrying different periods, styles, textures and colors to achieve a warm, collected feel that is elegant, timeless, very unique and personal. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, This Was Sir Terence Conran’s Design Worldview, 82 Best Home Decor Ideas, According to Designers, Why Hiring an Interior Designer Is Worth It, Design Unites x Black Artists + Designers Guild, 125 of ELLE Decor’s Favorite Interior Designers, Dining in Style at Home With Shelley Johnstone, 6 Details to Look for in “Investment” Furniture, Photo: Christian Harder; Interior Design by Joan Enger. The well-appointed furnishings in the bedroom were handmade by Spanish artisans in Valencia, lending to the room's Mediterranean aesthetic. The inspired home works cohesively as a whole, rather than through a piece-meal approach of finding one element here and another there. Curated:When a de… For that reason, we checked in with interior designers to find out the top industry terms that are worth knowing. An Interior Design Glossary with many words and definitions related to Interior Design.

Update your email preferences at any time. A successful composition attracts the viewer and guides their eye across the design. There seemed to be no rules in the artistic bathroom, which included artwork scribbled on the mirrors and a collage of mismatched feathers on the walls. Apr 27, 2019 - Explore Susan Currie Design's board "Interior Design Descriptive Words", followed by 838 people on Pinterest. Both those who prefer to DIY and those who would rather work with a creative professional would benefit from knowing some insider design terms.

View the glossary via HTML or download a PDF. Interior Design Slang From Around The World, 100+ of ELLE DECOR's Favorite Interior Designers. Monique Valeris is the senior home editor for Good Housekeeping, where she covers decorating ideas, home tours, gift guides and more.

Feng shui is mindfulness of place, noticing all the details in your environment with gratitude and care. Get the latest stories, price guides and exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox. That is why I am here to present our glossary of interior design. Hygge is like the only blissful part of winter; the feeling you get from that first sip of hot cocoa while being snuggled under a blanket by a fireplace. In visual art, you might hear this referred to as “form.” In graphic design, it’s often called layout. The parlor featured timeless design with functional style and simple sophistication—ignoring the frills and fussiness of the time's trending style. The nature-loving homeowner created an aspirational living room to blend the outdoors with the indoors, complete with an extended patio, lush plants and furniture that could easily be moved from the indoors to the outdoors. It's achieved by conscientiously blending in color, form and function throughout the space, taking into consideration how each element works together holistically. We've all been there before. A mix of timeless beauty and grace, the refined space never goes out of style. While the home's kitchen was decidedly French Country, the dining room's style was still evolving. To celebrate the family's ancestry, the curated living room incorporated 19th-century furniture and art, from an antique settee to a reproduction of Monet. With the homeowner's approval, an interior designer reimagined the historic building, turning it into a luxe modern home with cutting edge appliances and features. Whether you are adding new furniture to your living room or paintings to your gallery wall, honing in on a look or style is important to a cohesive environment. The newly-designed home featured a chic bedroom, a chic bathroom, chic pillows, chic rugs and chic pencil holders. Design pros use many phrases and words to convey various design concepts. Composition is made up of a number of different visua… Both those who prefer to DIY and those who would rather work with a creative professional would benefit from knowing some insider design terms. You're engaged in a conversation and a term comes up that's left you completely clueless. Advancing colors:This phrase is used to describe the optical illusion, often created by dark colors, of making a surface appear closer or larger than it actually is.

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