The Minister of Discovery believed that the Unggoy would follow the strongest side in the civil war.[21]. Their helmet may also be a reference to the Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 Grunt helmets. An Unggoy Storm's combat harness in Halo 4. [45], Unggoy generally followed a few short, simple guidelines given to them by the Sangheili; for example, "When in doubt, shoot" or "Stay out of the way, live another day". An Unggoy Imperial using its methane thrusters on Attack on Sanctum. [1] Unggoy are one of the most gregarious and sociable of the Covenant races and possess a very strong pack mentality, often associating with each other in groups. If the actual breathing mask is knocked off of the Unggoy, it will begin to suffocate, running in circles desperately until dropping dead from asphyxiation. [1][8] The Unggoy were quickly conquered with little resistance and were the seventh species to be inducted into the empire. If the Final Grunt is killed while saying his dialogue, his dead body will carry on speaking. The taxonomic classification of the Unggoy has been a source of some confusion for the United Nations Space Command. In Halo: Reach the helmet of the Ultra Grunt protects them from the first headshot, after which it will fall off. They are commonly referred to as "Grunts", mainly because they are considered weak compared to other former Covenant species and because they performed the majority of the labor required by the empire. [2] Unggoy family structure is polyamorous, with several male and female Unggoy living together. When their commanders are eliminated during battle, they almost always go into a panic and scatter in random directions. This may mean that there is emergency Methane, stored inside their Combat Harness. An Unggoy Bodyguard's shields flaring in Halo 5: Guardians. save hide report. The move put stress on Kig-Yar females, which led to an increase in infant mortality, while Unggoy that were forced to share habitats with the Kig-Yar occasionally trampled their nests, inadvertently. This behavior could be a glitch, as it is unlikely that Grunts are able to lift a Plasma cannon with one arm and run around; a SPARTAN-II must use two hands and slow down. Spiny protrusions on their elbows help Unggoy scale rocky surfaces and may also be used to add force to their melee attacks. An example is on the The Arbiter (Level), when one grunt says, "where'd my gun go? An Unggoy Ultra, compared to an average Unggoy Minor, can take much more damage and usually takes two to three melee attacks instead of one to be killed, even on Normal difficulty. - Rare. These specimens have much stouter legs and have longer and thinner fingernails than the rest of the species, and they possess claws meant for climbing and digging[35] on their feet instead of the more common hoof-like digits. Any Unggoy-wieldable weapon given in Campaign. Grunts are about 5 1/2 feet tall on average and are relatively weak compared to other Covenant species. - When one grunt finds a dead grunt, but is not attacking the player. They command several Unggoy Minors and are slightly more skilled in combat and courageous, though this difference is not always substantial. However the Grunt will continue fighting despite its sudden lack of a methane source. The standard methane breathing face mask. The backpack attached to a Grunt's back contains a methane tank. Though it's never named a rank and only mentioned once, it was said in Contact Harvest, that well respected Grunts in the Hierarchy are merchants. "I get the Helmet!" Grunt squads with Elite leaders in Halo Wars 2. Attached to every Grunt's wrist is a readout (measured in Covenant units) of the amount of methane left in the Grunt's pack. Unggoy do value their ties to their offspring, but are usually separated from their families at an early age by the requirements of military service to the Covenant. Being the lowest-ranked species of the Covenant, they are bitter rivals with the Kig-yar, who are also one of the lowest species. [1] Unggoy are on average about four to five feet tall and are relatively weak compared to other sapient species. They further bolster and strengthen the abilities of the Grunt squads. Storm Grunts are specialized shock troops. The Grunt Ultra is the highest Unggoy rank seen so far in the Covenant military. "Prophets no like, me no like" - Said when playing on the level The Arbiter. These Grunts, like their lower-ranking cousins, appear in groups. When the rebellion proved to the Sangheili that Unggoy could be determined and competent fighters, they were given better training and weaponry, and integrated into formerly Sangheili-only units. As such, they were often tasked by the Covenant with monitoring space for traces of human communication. Red and Blue variants of the Unggoy Imperial combat harness in Halo 4. Suicide Grunts Though largely unintelligible to most humans, translation software is able to decipher the meanings of these. [1] They also have an astonishingly fast finger reflex speed, as they can fire a plasma pistol at almost the same rate a Sangheili can with a plasma rifle.

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