The Guppy is an omnivore and will willingly accept any food offered. These Tetra Bloodworms are awesome and cheap!)

Having a breeding trap is an important accessory. The plants also help aid filtration. Guppies are easy-to-keep pets since they are hardy. Guppies will eat a variety of freeze dried foods, you might want to think about including things like; brine shrimp, bloodworms or daphnia. Guppies should be fed once or twice a day. Things that affect a guppies life span include water quality, food quality, tank mates & breeding. If you have a 10-gallon tank, for example, aim for about five guppies. Be careful of predator fish within the tank, however, and make sure the guppies have plenty of hiding spots for themselves and their fry. They are highly adaptive and have been introduced to various regions around the world, usually with ill effects to the natural fish populations. Guppies are a delight to watch when they swim peacefully all over the aquarium. You will also need basic equipments: a heater and a thermometer to keep the water temperature stable, a filter to ensure good water quality, a fish net to use when you need to move your Guppy, an algae scrubber to keep the aquarium clean, and an air stone or similar to keep the water high in oxygen. (Best Snails To Keep With Guppies). ), Do Guppies Need Light? You can also make use of a heater to regulate the temperature. Casual breeding won’t be as involved and will allow you to go slowly and have fun. They do a cool shimmy thing when posing for mating too (well the males do to attract the females) but if theyre darting up and down the side of the tank they probably just recognise you and associate you coming to the tank with food so they get excited and dart about the glass closest to you to greet you almost. Guppies can have a wide variety of foods and it is recommended you incorporate other options besides the flakes to keep them healthy. A Guppy fish can be kept in a 2 gallon aquarium, but the Guppy should ideally not be kept alone and larger aquarium that can house several Guppies is preferred. Once the fry are born you want to provide them with plenty of places to hide and plenty of foliage.
Please reply as soon as you can. Smaller tanks may be appropriate for some people, but then a regular regime of water changing is necessary. If you will set up a breeding tank you should make sure it’s fairly large and gives ample space for breeding. Nevertheless, many guppy owners swear by filters, saying that they help to maintain water quality and keep the guppies healthy. Use a small fish net to catch the fry and transfer them to a separate aquarium. Unfortunately all this attention can make the female guppy fish ill as a result of stress. Guppies can eat a wide range of fish foods, anything from Baby Brine Shrimp to Daphnia and various types of worm such as shredded earth worms, blood worms. Besides, you can occasionally feed them live food such as brine shrimp, micro worms, and daphnia. First you should consider whether you are breeding as a hobby or with more intent. That’s roughly a 38 litre tank so you’ll be fine with perhaps 10 guppies in there and average filtration temperature is a little high lower it by 2 degrees, Im not entirely sure reading around the consensus seems to be 1-3years because they reproduce fast and often they have fairly short lifespans. By feeding them a quality flake food designed for tropical fish, you can enhance the colour of your guppy. i have noticed a cluster of microscopic grey dots moving around the sides of the tank.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Continuous feeding with a large variation gives great results with the progressive development of the young guppies. Yes, you may get away with a smaller aquarium when keeping guppies, but a small tank won’t do if you’re keeping mollies too. Also make sure that your tank is healthy, the fry are sensitive and it isn’t likely they will survive any kind of disease. Should the tank occupants appear less happy than usual then it may be an indication of infection or disease. Or try a bottom dweller, guppies stay in the middle and top so adding these will not only keep your tank clean like the shrimp but will stay out of the way of your guppies, keeping the whole tank happy. But be careful of anything with a sharp edge, there is the chance they might damage their delicate fins. Can Guppies Live In Cold Water? So to save the guppy I want to take it in as soon as I can. Room temperature is ideal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Keep in mind that spotting a lot of bright colors and patterns on your guppy is not a sure fire way to identify it as male. A guppy temp should be 26 degrease not 75, That is the temperature Fahrenheit which is about 24 centigrade. They will eat things like; lettuce, peas, and cucumbers, which will provide your fish with nutrients and variety. A 70l tank with an external canister filter that holds another 10-20l gives you a total size of 80-90l volume to play with. The more you feed your guppies, the more they will poop, resulting in excess fish waste. If your tank is overcrowded, your guppies will be cramped for space. New to fish keeping. They probably got in the tank with the water from where you bought the fish from. A cycled tank is of utmost importance as it makes the water safe for your guppies to live. The Guppy belongs to the Livebearer group and will give birth to free swimming fry instead of laying eggs. Even though guppies are fairly clean, fry are very susceptible to pollution in the water, so to make sure they stay healthy it’s important to maintain good water conditions. Related Further Reading: Here’s Why Guppies Swim At The Top Of The Tank. Actually guppies are surprisingly hardy I’ve kept them in a room temperature tank before when the heater broke over last xmas and I couldn’t get a new one as everywhere was shut. A filter is not compulsory as guppies don’t produce as much waste as other fish such as goldfish do. My tank is sand not gravel, can guppies be happy with this or should I put some gravel in one side for them? Everyone looks after their guppies differently to everyone else but in general the following would be a good regime to follow : The tank size all depends upon the amount of guppies that you have in the tanks and also the quality and effectiveness of the filtration.
However the ideal conditions would be with a Ph of 7 and a temperature of 72 to 78. [How Fast + Why Are Turtles Slow], Are Turtles Born With Shells? Though guppies are small fish, they still require plenty of space for swimming. Feeding a well-balanced nutritious diet will help in increasing the life span of your guppies.

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