Most of the hard work is done for you. A 'scoring' game for up to 4 players. Almost identical to the pen & paper game, but with a few more opportunities to continue [...], After watching the 2017/18 New Year's Eve firework display in London I was challenged by a friend to make a firework display in PowerPoint. Place your bets on guessing the right number and win some points if you choose correctly You [...], The first Hangman game was you against the computer. It also shows you how to make a 'mask [...], Slide background fill is one of my favourite PowerPoint functions. Simply click on the type of game you would like to download to see the PowerPoints Games currently available. Will need to change the money values for other countries. A game from 1 to 6 players. Here you can find many FREE ESL PowerPoint Games and PowerPoint Game Templates. Step up to the oche and pick a dart to throw at the target board. In this game you’re the goal keeper. Website has handy instructional video for help. You need to throw to miss your glamor [...], The classic code-breaking game now available to play as a single-player game on PowerPoint. Each game ends with a daily prize winner, and adds points to the leader board to see who will be crowned the weekly champion after Friday’s show. Blackbeard’s cask of 30 golden doubloons has [...], This game is a bit weirder than the others! 15 caverns to find your way out of, with search games, shooting games, maze games and c [...] john 2019-03-12T20:43:23+00:00 Click on the ball to take the [...], Yes, golf (or at least putting) on PowerPoint! Just concentrate on your chosen card, [...], A strategic dice game with echoes of roulette. Spin the cubes to make hundreds of colour variations and pat [...], The most English game in the world. Unusually, this game is played in PowerPoint 'Presentation' mode. It also provides a method for using it without the [...], A set of eight games where you link a number of revolving cogs to connect one point of the slide to another. The fast turnaround, preview systems and production workflows that form the core of our game technology was key to ensuring the production stayed on schedule. Do they really love me? This Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Doesn't automatically figure dollar amounts. Our brief from Endemol Shine’s Remarkable label involved over 20 games requiring a mix of complex asset management and playout, quickfire timing of buzzers, iPad telestration systems and a variety of carefully crafted rhymes and riddles requiring careful typesetting and presentation. You have just [...], This is a wide-screen moving ‘dodge’ game. (If you don't hear the audi [...], Two crossword-type games: 'Find the Answers' and 'Find the Fives'. This is another The Price Is Right PowerPoint template that's very similar to the one from above, but instead already has eight questions set up (that you can, of course, edit to be your own). All you have to do is identify which brother, and if [...], A similar, but different, game to the educational Torpedo game. This free PowerPoint game template includes sounds and music and all the lifeline options. Can encourage and be used with teams of students. Ask the Magi [...], A one-player version of the classic Battleships game. With some startling graphics and animati [...], Revolve the cube structure by simply moving your cursor over the squares. You can make a 2-player game and shout when you see a pair, or a 1-player game where your [...], A PowerPoint game where you need lightning-fast reactions to beat your bother Red to the draw - with your paintball guns.

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