But it was time. Admit it. Taylor is an escape to the wizarding world as Harry stays at Privet Drive during the summer. Any pairing will do. More . Summary: A few years after the War, George is in search of a flatmate. Pairing: Remus/Hermione, Draco/Harry, James/Lily. There are hundreds of unique "ships" that can be found in HP fanfiction, yet here are the ten that have grabbed our attention the most. With the help of her friends and Professor Vector, she puts her superhuman spellcrafting skills to good use in the fight against Voldemort. He never stopped loving Lily throughout his entire life and that kind of love only comes once in a lifetime. Any pairing will do. I’ve never read it, but it sounds like you’re looking for post-war George/Hermione fics? RELATED: Harry Potter: 4 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 6 They Rejected). Some scenes happen before others and after some. You see, Harry. Best Hermione fanfiction? Summary:  A Marriage Law has been enacted by the Ministry and Purebloods are being forced to choose a Muggle-born spouse. Already?! I honestly don’t read a ton of them but I liked these! Summary: When there’s a significant drop in the magical population, stressed Unspeakable Hermione Granger finds the answer. Summary: MARRIAGE LAW FIC! Taylor Prewett soon learns that the famous Harry Potter lives just across the street. I've found some of my favourite stories through this blog!! He and Remus are now raising him. Sorry this took a bit, I searched through my own archives/reading history and then around and fics seem to be mostly Hermione getting sent back in time. I can't wait to see where this is going! Opposites attract, ladies and gentlemen, and we'd personally love to discover more of a romance between Fred and Hermione. A love story. **Written for the HP Fanfic Club's Winter Writing Challenge #1.**. Do you have any recommendations for Hermione/snape fics where they have a kid? Read Chapter one- truth or dare from the story Hermione's twin sister (a Draco Malfoy Fanfiction) by Morefindiel1158 (Mora) with 4,648 reads. Summary: Harry Potter’s family isn’t only at Number 4 Privet Drive. Forced together, they have to see if they can live together without killing each other. Summary: When Hermione finds a way to bring Sirius back from the Veil, her actions change the rest of the war. . The Wizengamot threatens a Marriage Law unless a temporary Procreation Bill can make them see reason. Draco and Harry seem to be obsessed with each other throughout the series, and maybe this is due to some underlying feelings that neither of them is willing to express? Years 1-4. But Ron gets taller, more muscular and, possibly, cuter? It doesn't even sound that interesting now that I've written the summary, but t sounded cooler in my head. I’ve been having some issues and so the blog has gone on an unplanned hiatus, but it is really nice to hear that people do interact with the blog! I love coming on to this blog and looking at your recommendations/finds! Draco ends up getting Hermione pregnant, and she has to deal with the consequences(with or without Draco). Just In. Plus, the look on Draco Malfoy's face if he found out his ex-girlfriend was with Granger would be an absolutely incredible sight. But after suffering a brutal attack at the hands of would-be Death Eaters, she is thrust into a world both exhilarating and terrifying. Golden Chalice Awards - Best Drama, Best Original Character. FanFiction. This is to replace with Queen of Hearts which is now abandoned and marked as complete. Title: Safe Word is Devil’s Snare by ShayaLonnie. Summary: In the aftermath of war, Hermione retreats to the Hogwarts library to repair her sanctuary and herself. The Sister (A Harry Potter Fanfic) Fanfiction (Book trailer first chapter) She survived too. They are everything that Chloe thought she never wanted, least of all Sirius Black: cavalier, reckless and so strangely alluring. Hermione and Draco are head boy and girl(they both foster secret desires of each other). Anyone else got any? Charlotte Elisabeth Green, a smart 11 year old who's in Ginny's year. She's in pain. Title: Presque Toujours Pur by ShayaLonnie. “Too late.” With that he spun on the spot, he and James disappeared into a cloud of black dust. Thanks!!!! Plus, the internet is currently blowing up with rumors that Tom Felton and Emma Watson are secretly dating in real life. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - AU Rewrite. The scenes are not in chronalogical order. She is content. A collection of poems (some might not be HP based, you don't have to read those) I wrote about the world. I looked around but I don’t know any. When I promise to help, I keep that promise, now it is your turn. But she is always in his shadow. PT2 he remembers and sends Hermione who wakes up as the twin sister of Lily Evans. Community. One of the most popular fanfiction ships in Harry Potter is between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. Summary: The love of the Minister’s life disappeared just before the end of the First Wizarding War. Pureblood!Hermione, Slytherin!Hermione. Hi! This is the story of how Harry finds his first friend, and eventually falls in love. {Coming of Age fic & Eventual TR/OC}. Surely that can't be as miserable as what you must be facing.". Harry and Luna are quite the popular ship in the HP fandom, and it isn't too difficult to understand why. Hermione Is Remus Sister Fanfiction. I just finished reading Future by notpoetry (on fan fiction. Title: Playing the Players by Angelically-devilish. But I haven't had the chance to tell him yet! Although Hermione Granger and Pansy Parkinson fail to interact much in the Harry Potter series, luckily enough, Potter fans have the wildest imaginations when it comes to their fictional pairings. Unaware to even Dumbledore, an upheaval is approaching. If so, here’s some recommendations: Title: Mercury in Retrograde by Justcourbeau. The hallow takes him somewhere really cold and while nearly dying, Hiii. The Ancient and Noble House of Black is reclaiming their power and changing the future of the magical world. What if another witch lived on Privet Drive? NEXT: Harry Potter: 25 Wild Revelations About Hermione And Ron's Relationship, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. thanks! Title: The Prankster’s Apprentice by kitcat234, Summary: Sometimes, George would find himself out of his depths when working on a prank. Clara Potter. Will he be able to save them before it's too late? Just something similar to Misplaced Moony.

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