You should keep in mind that some types of swords in HEMA also have steel blades that bend in the thrust yet are not referred to as a federschwert within their own context; an example are rapier training blades used for sparring. It’s very well balanced, and it gives you that light feeling when you fence with it. It’s durable, and it holds well in sparrings. The handle is covered with a black cord, and it’s lengthier than usual. HEMA Weapon Sparring Gloves.. for Light Sabre too! The “problem” with this otherwise incredible feder is its price. Award Rudis. Regular Price: £47.00 . Prevents wooden parts of the sword from drying out. The handle is covered by thick leather, and the guard is fitted well (with spacers), so you won’t feel anything moving when fencing. We picked the Regenyei Standard Feder as the best HEMA longsword there is, because of the price-performance ratio. The leading supplier in HEMA equipment, training weapons, and more since 1999. In the tournaments, some longswords can get a red light, mainly because of the blade’s point. Sparring swords used in long sword training are called federschwert, also nicknamed as ‘feders’ within the HEMA community of sword fighters. Here are the reasons why is “F3” blade a better choice for HEMA fencers: The blade’s tip can be upgraded to a spatulated tip. The handle is wrapped with cord, and it’s actually very comfortable, and it has the rounded pommel with the tang passing through and beaten on it. Award Rudis . When the upper body is almost entirely covered by the shield, the legs are a much more tempting target. The Meyer was named after 16th-century master Joachim Meyer. Arming Swords for HEMA Medieval Sword Fighting, Lange Messer Sparring Swords for HEMA Practice. The reality is that many techniques for long sword and arming sword cannot be properly simulated with a wooden sword blade because wood does not have the same properties as steel, especially in regard to simulating how edges grip together on sharp swords during the bind. Compared to Castille’s and Regenyei’s blades, Cold Steel’s blade nicks easier. We said swords because he can create 11 different one-handers. The crossguard was made well, without any sharp point or edges. Overall the blade is stiff, extremely resilient to edge damage, and the blade flexes only in the last third of the blade. Quality HEMA swords will last you for years, be safe for fencing, and help you become a better fencer. If you prefer to train with minimum equipment, this sword isn’t the best choice for you. Dedicated to European martial arts from antique to medieval and modern fencing. The HEMA Shop is part of The Knight Shop International Ltd, manufacturers and distributors for many of the products shown on this site. We talk about messers in our article, How to Use a Messer in HEMA but we’ll make some recommendations of messers here to give you an idea of what they are like and what is available. The handle is spacious enough for heavy gloves. It's hard to know where to start. It halfway turns it into a static piece of 'armor' rigidly assigned to guard one particular part of the body rather than the kind of active blocking, parrying, striking, space-dominating tool I'm used to seeing in, for instance, sword and buckler play. That’s why we need to respect the sweat and planning they put into the process of creating a sword, and stay patient and grateful to have such enthusiasts in our small community. Because PoB is further than usual, it feels heavier, and this makes it a great training sword because the fencer correctly feels all of the mistakes they make while training. With the military saber, there is a lot of technical footwork with sudden strikes delivered from the wrist. The point of the blade is rounded. The 3 swords which you can find below are all I:33 type swords because I:33 is the oldest surviving manual for the Sword & Buckler category. The blade comes with a high-polish finish. How to describe Arms & Armor German Rapier in 2 words? The blade is thick, so these marks won’t really affect the durability of the feder. Tax: £62.10 HEMA Sword for Tournaments – One-Handed Sword and Buckler Category, This is one of the most intense categories of HEMA tournaments. It’s rough, but if you wear gauntlets, you won’t feel anything anyway. Hits aren’t as massive as they are in, HEMA Sword for Tournaments – Sabre Category. How to pick the best HEMA sword for your needs? This blade rarely chips, so if you aren’t a fan of fixing your fencing equipment, this sword can be an excellent pick for you. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Both are 3D printed from black PLA and are covered with a rubberized coating that offers a sticky grip surface. It’s not the best choice for using them in HEMA longsword tournaments, because it’s shorter than other feders, but it’s an excellent choice for training. See HEMA. So when you spar with the edges, the sword can stick and bite in, like sparring with steel feders. Legendary durability makes this sword the top two picks for most longsword HEMA tournaments. The combination of structure, balance, weight, and PoB, which is around 8,5 cm (3.3″) from the cross makes this HEMA sword an ideal part of equipment for tournaments and training. It’s flexible on the first third of the blade and stiff on the other 2 thirds. Steel practice sword blades for long sword and arming sword are designed to be more flexible than real sharp swords, and their blades can bend when thrusting. That’s why we decided to prepare this article, and now all you have to do is take a couple of minutes to go through it keenly. A federschwert, also nicknamed as a ‘feder’, is german for ‘feather sword’. It’s made of 50CrV4 durable steel. Not only massively protected, but fencers also need to be agile and precise as well, because they need to perform all kinds of techniques to beat the opponent. So the best way to find your next HEMA sword is to ask yourself these questions: These are just a few critical questions which will affect the final decision. This is a good thing if you’re a fan of thrusting because now you don’t have to worry about causing pain to your club mates. What type of fencing sword is used in Historical European Martial Arts? The second option is to use a feder, which in most cases has a rolled up or spatulated tip, which is much safer than the rounded tip, which can be found on longswords. For tournaments, you need to use a DA2BR because it’s more durable and less flexible than the other version. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Do you know that Standard Federschwert by Szymon Chlebowski costs only around $220? The sabre category is very similar to the rapiers’ category. Pavel Moc Federschwert is without a doubt one of the cleanest looking swords right now. Dedicated to early, middle, late, and post-Byzantine martial arts. The blade is still made of metal and can harm others if the proper protective equipment is not worn. They’re perfect swords for training. Arming swords are frequently studied by those interested in sword and buckler fighting. Every piece of the puzzle is critical, and getting the best possible sword is essential. The good (and bad) thing about the swords mentioned in this article is that most of them are handmade. The point of the blade is rounded. There are swordsmiths who specialize in a specific area, some create better feders, others create better rapiers. It’s agile and light, and the reason for that is its structure. The handle is made of hardwood and covered with a durable black spiral-leather. The cord on the handle is thick and very durable. It was designed to give fencers the handling characteristics of swords which were used when the well-known fencing document von Danzig (fechtbuch) was written. It’s made of high-quality leather, and once you get used to it, you can feel that quality. Darkwood offers 2 different blade types – DA1PR and DA2BR. It’s made for tournaments, so in tournaments, every fencer needs to wear proper equipment, so thrusts shouldn’t injure anyone. This signified his release from a slave to a freeman. It requires proper (heavy) equipment. Military Saber from the 18th & 19th centuries. The blade is made out of high carbon steel. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Sinanju|Hokuto Shinken|Deja-fu|Teräs Käsi|Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū. Quick cuts can be delivered with ease. Sparring swords used in long sword training are called federschwert, also nicknamed as ‘feders’ within the HEMA community of sword fighters. It only takes minor scratches in sparrings with other steel blades. Trade Orders. It’s not too whippy (F4 stiff) and not too floppy – basically, it’s a proper sword for HEMA fencing. The edge is a lot thicker than on other feders, and it comes with a high-polish finish. From the blade length, blade’s flexibility, types of blade’s point to different kinds of cross guards, everything is clearly written in order to participate in the tournament. The grip is covered by a durable black cord wrap. The pommel is permanently attached with a slotted pin, so it’s almost impossible for the pommel to come off the handle. COMPARISON TABLE – Best HEMA Sword in 2020 List, HEMA Sword for Tournaments – Rapier Category. The handle is covered by a black cord, and the handle is actually lengthier than on other feders, mainly because Peter Regenyei anticipated that fencers will wear heavy HEMA gloves when they fence with this sword. In this category, fencers wear the heaviest equipment on the market, because of massive hits during the sparring. This one is known for being one of the most durable feders amongst all. This feder has incredible handling and a really long grip that enables you to make quick, controlled cuts, and it also helps you to halt attacks. So if you used longswords before this one, you’ll feel the difference without any doubt. This is a mighty I33 HEMA sword, with an extremely durable blade and structure. Historical European Martial Arts Resources © 2020. We mostly had in mind the price-performance ratio, because not all of the fencers can afford premium and expensive equipment. The point is rounded (2mm), which can be a problem on some tournaments, so consider checking the tournament’s rules before buying this feder for it. So to answer this question – don’t try to save money when buying HEMA equipment. This sword looks and feels good, so if you’re looking for a new sword for sparring, this could be a great choice. Keep that in mind when you train with it as well. Dedicated to learning the art of the Longsword based on the 15th and 16th-century fencing manuals. The blade is 38” long and F4 stiff, which means that it’s suitable for HEMA Longswords tournament categories. The double fuller blade (Shock Seven Steel heat treated to 57rc), is exceptionally durable and provides a wide blade edge. The blade is made from sturdy 5160 spring steel bar stock tempered to the optimal 50 Rockwell C hardness.

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