Documentary, Short, Drama Please, don’t give out your personal information. David Nibley, Not Rated Drama. Mick Cain, He is born wild but is raised by Grey Beaver and leads a difficult life until he is adopted and trained to become a fighting dog. Kimberley Warnat, 118 min Werewolf Movies by Monster_Movie_Maniac210 | created - 02 Feb 2017 | updated - 24 Mar 2019 | Public A list of Werewolf Movies Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. | I bookmarked it. Shooting the rapids, exploring caves and making new... See full summary », Director: 300 Dark Elf Names for Your Fantasy World. | Gross: | Gross: Drama, War. Even the touch of silver may burn their skin. , Joan, 1 Comment, September 5, 2016 Based on Farley Mowat's book. Dick Robinson | Jamie Dutcher, Nicknamed Singer due to his howling. $2.38M, R Votes: 165 | When Billy finally catches the animal, he harnesses her and, instead of killing her, determines to return it to the mountains of Mexico where he believes her original home is located. Drama, Family, The coming-of-age story about a Canadian First Nations girl who triumphs over obstacles in her young life. One school of thought was that the beast was a cross between a wolf and a pet dog while some people considered it was all the work of a werewolf. During China's Cultural Revolution, a young urban student is sent to live with Mongolian herders, where he adopts a wolf cub. Lycaon was the king of Arcadia and, according a popular myth in Greek mythology, Lycaon planned to test Zeus to ensure if he was the mightiest god. This page was last edited on 31 August 2020, at 06:53. | Jeremy London, | Jd Moore, TV-PG Even more recently, with the release of the Twilight saga, werewolf movies are on the rise again, and we expect to see a new crop emerge from movie studios. , cherran, 2 Comments, Famous Foods in Our Kitchen That Work As Conventional Antibiotics, Famous Surprising Facts About Poland During WWII, Famous Knowledge Centers and Libraries That Were Horribly Destroyed, The Difference Between Bolsheviks And Soviets, The Difference Between Creationism and Intelligent Design. After their plane crashes in Alaska, six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step. Miia Nuutila, TV-14 Timber, Flame, Frost, Icy, Destiny, Arrie, Wind, Wither. Helpful info. Sabre Wulf: Sabre Wulf: GBA: An evil wolf with a penchant for kleptomania, Sabre Wulf steals everything and anything in sight to add it to his hoard. Stars: , Comment Closed. The list of werewolf movies below represents a growing compilation of films that have come from the minds of humans as they attempt to put to the screen how they imagine werewolves, and werewolf life to be. While movies focusing on the genre date well back over 50 years, it is within the past 20 or so years that werewolf movies have really been prominent in popular culture. Yuriko Ishida, Zeus in Greek mythology is the ruler of Mount Olympus and is also considered the god of the sky and thunder. By January Nelson Updated November 27, 2018. | | :P if all else fails, use emoticons... @spencer ah right lol at least you have that info now... @Jäger Ralfs (male) A variant of Ralph. , cherran, No Comment, June 25, 2016 All Rights Reserved. She was sentenced, and the judge’s comment was ‘Common report was against her.’ No one ever saw her shed a single tear whatever effort might be made to cause her to shed tears. Kenneally (male) Kenneally means Head of Wolf, Larentia (female) the shewolf who nursed Remus and Romulus, Liudolf (male) A Famous Wolf, from the germanic word Hludwolf, Lovel (male) One who is like a young wolf, Lovett (male) A person who has the qualities of a young wolf, Lovota (female) A fast Wolf; good natured, Lowe (male) A person who is like a young wolf, used as a surname, Luperca (female) Shewolf who nursed Romulus and Remus, Lupin (male) From latin word “lupinus” meanin Wolf, Lyall (male) A Scottish surname derived from the Old Norse given name Liulfr which means wolf, Lykaios (male) wolfish, of a wolf; wolf-like, Lyulf (male) A compound of “wolf” and “flame”, Marrok (male) A knight that was thought to be a warewolf, Nirmolak (male) A wolf from the northern areas, Nothwulf (male) A wolf from the northern areas. My giant timber wolf 's name is Bubsy. Previously seen in the. 102 min He also brought home some flesh for his wife. Gillies Garnier, The Werewolf of Dole, also known as The Hermit of St. Bonnot, and The Werewolf of Dole, died on January 18, 1573 while his date of birth is not known exactly. Star: He was found guilty of being a werewolf and involved in witchcraft and, therefore, was burned at the stake. Drama, Sixteen year old Sergei is the son of Boris, the head of the Batagi clan of reindeer breeders. | Director: Adventure, Drama. | Elizabeth Berkley, | The Wawkalak is a Russian version of werewolf. Her new teacher discovers her extraordinary gifts as a violinist. Whether there will ever be a general consensus is ... See full summary », Directors: WOLFE: Variant spelling of English Wolf, meaning "wolf." A nerdy wolf who turns into a hunk on a full moon night. He is three-quarters wolf and one-quarter dog. All content is for informational purposes only. He said that he had the bite scar of a dog on his leg when he was a werewolf. Awesome. The act of transformation from human to the wolf form is associated with the appearance of the full moon. | Read more, ​Variations of Wolf From Different Cultures. Billy Crudup, Votes: Michael Biehn, Shawn Dou, Madison McClintock, 209 Tiia Talvisara, | Vicious anthropomorphic wolf creatures known as Wolfen, various forms of Wolfen appear as the main enemy to the heroine Kya. September 4, 2014 Robbie Robertson, Votes: Thiess of Kaltenbrun, also called Thies and very often known as the Livonian werewolf,  belonged to Swedish Livonia and was put on a trial for his beliefs in Jurgensburg in 1692. Yûko Tanaka, | Some of the options below include Beethoven, Buddy, and Marley. Jim Loessberg, 17 min Rachel Korine, A girl who has been abandoned by her mother falls under the protection of a pack of wolves. I don’t know how many are there but here you go! William Bryant, 37 min | Ralph (male) wolf counsel; a fearless adviser, Randel (male) A surname variant of Randolph, means wolf’s shield, Randi (male) shield wolf; house wolf; protector, Randoll (male) Surname, means wolf shield, Randon (male) Variant of Randolph, means shield with a wolf emblem, Randulf (male) Nordic name meaning edge of the wolf’s shield, Randulfus (male) Edge of the wolf’s shield, Randulphus (male) A shield with a wolf emblem, Ranulf (male) Scottish name meaning a shield of wolf, Ranulfo (male) Wolf’s shield; emblem painted on a war shield, Ranulfus (male) English name meaning a shield with the emblem of a wolf, Raulf (male) One who has the wisdom of a wolf, Raulin (male) A little wise wolf, mostly used as a surnme, Rawling (male) An advice of the wolf. I was asking for the emoji codes to place... @EmCWolf yea I am doing fine thanks. Hokey Wolf is the smooth-talking title character throughout each cartoon. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, This is a growing list of werewolf movies that we know of that are about werewolves or have a werewolf in them. | Gross: July 16, 2014, mason, Leave a comment. And when her father, along with her new girlfriend, wants to spend the summer in the Swedish province Skåne she refuses to come ... See full summary », Director: 83 min For this purpose he slaughtered his son and presented the offering in a dish to Zeus who, in return, blessed him by transforming him into a werewolf. He is usually eager to follow in Hokey's ambitious con-artist footsteps, but often reconsiders the plans Hokey will come up with in many situations. They are the henchmen of the main villain Brazul and were transformed from another race by one of Brazul's machines. Robin Clarke, Approved | 11 werewolf movies: Here is a short list of must see werewolf movies. "Wolf Forest" (ウルフ・フォレスト) in the original Japanese version. 134 min Misha is very connected to her ... See full summary », Director: Peter Svatek Can fuse with his master, a human named Damian Wolfe, to become "Wolf Woods". Corin Nemec, PG Adventure, Drama, Family. Amarog (male) wolf. Action, Adventure, Drama. Stealthy and deadly. He was punished with flogging and was banished for life. Stars: According to Pausanias, Lycaon was transformed into a werewolf immediately after presenting the offering and sprinkling blood on the altar.

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