But we were most strongly committed to writing to empower girls to be their full authentic selves and to know when they are being fully and finally themselves—they are royal. Higgins, the Great all by Virginia Hamilton, Monster and All the Right Stuff, both by Walter Dean Myers; So melodramatic. She doesn’t look a thing like us, racists that we are. Why is Illinois’ governor closing bars and restaurants when no outbreaks have been traced to them? First, it is an important reminder of the work we need to do in … Like Bontemps, Williams is poet and a children’s author. My Body Is a Confederate Monument,” I hoped that it would open, or even change, some minds. Bright, we were very, very inspired by The Brownies’ Book which was only published for a year or two starting about January 1920. Caroline Randall Williams in a the June 26, 2020 NTY opinion piece I have rape-colored skin. [6], One of her great-great-grandfathers is Edmund Pettus, US senator of Alabama, senior officer of the Confederate States Army and grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan; he fathered her great-grandfather Will. Now, the darker black kids wanted nothing to do with her. In her course and in her writing Randall is concerned with how African-American children’s literature can be used to reflect and challenge the larger society. My Body Is a Confederate Monument, and is the most powerful expression I have read of the obscenity of continuing tributes to the treasonous southern regime. My blackness does not put me on the other side of anything. "[10] In 2015, she joined the faculty of West Virginia University as an assistant professor. Children are profoundly influenced by the books they read and don’t read. And it would have been a total waste of time trying to walk him through it. What I have seen in the response is that there are Americans who are ready to be on the right side of history and fight for it. Joe is projecting again – says Trump thinks he’s a tough guy, ‘Enough is enough’: Mark Levin says he ‘won’t be looking at’ ‘dinosaur’ Facebook anymore, Olbermann deletes and apologizes for ‘racist’ tweet comparing ‘whiny’ Trump to a slave, Herschel Walker: The Left Continues to Lie About Trump, But People of Color Are Starting to Wake Up, Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Include 100K ‘Sock Puppets’ From Foreign Troll Farms, “Election Day Is Going To Look Like A Trump Rally”. My Translavanian ancestry would like a word with your Southern  ancestry to talk about centuries of Turkish domination and decades of communist rule. Either way, I say the monuments of stone and metal, the monuments of cloth and wood, all the man-made monuments, must come down. “The story Caroline tells is also Cynara’s story,” explains Randall. Inhumanity towards fellow people is, unfortunately, part of the human experience. Edited by W.E.B. (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. Your email address will not be published. And it’s not just skin, I saw it happen with red heads! But you don’t see me or members of the Romanian community crying about how our peasant ancestors were treated. In February, 2016, Soul Food Love received the NAACP Image Award in Literature (Instructional). If there are those who want to remember the legacy of the Confederacy, if they want monuments, well, then, my body is a monument. Now I’m giving Biden a run for his money hiding Easter eggs. According to the makeup companies, I am red/orange undertones, somewhere in the tan /medium tan color range. Do You Like Me? We must have accurate and complete results.

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