Ark tiertiary skill are Crawling Fear. Receive a different buff based on the communication target. This skill level automatically syncs with Uncontrollable Chaos, Unbridled Chaos | Uncontrollable Chaos (Active) 3. Teleport through dangers(like Lotus's p1 lasers) using Scarlet Drive or Grievous Wound while being in air. 8. Level 8: Max HP +20%, Max MP +20%, Damage Absorption +30, Physical Training (Passive) Crystal Airship Scarlet Buff: When Scarlet Spell hits, ATT +11, Critical Rate +1% for 60 sec Gust Charge Drive (MAX) COMBO #4: Crawling Fear → Entrancing Confinement (4th Job) Cooldown: 120 seconds. Explosion Specialist Barkbark Creates a blade of abyssal energy. Cooldown: 5 sec 5. Divine Wrath | Wrath of God A Light in the Abyss Required Skill: Endless Nightmare Lv.30 | Max Level: 25 (30 with Matrix Points) Flora Form: When a spell is being charged, charges as many Plain Spells as are left. Attacks up to 6 enemies at 100% damage 3 times. Form a Power Source Search Party Level 1: Using specter skills a certain amount of times turns you into Spectral Form. Ark below 4th job attack skills (except Spell Bullet, Incoming Death, and Returning Hatred) damage to bosses +20%. Cannot be sold to NPC, Untradable, One-of-a-Kind, Level 100 – Light in the Abyss | A Light in the Abyss 10. Abyss Charge Drive = 3 (Level 15 per core x 3 core slots = Level 45) 5. Recommended for bossing. 7. I have added them into the pros and cons section. No cooldown. Level 30: Endless Nightmare, Expert Knuckle Mastery, Advanced Mystic Arts, Advanced Instinct Arts, Complete Fusion, Abyss, Charge Drive, Entrancing Confinement, Flora Warrior, Reinforced Battle Arts | Battle Arts – Reinforce Level 1: Cooldown -20% Plain Buff: When Plain Spell hits, MSPD +10, Stance Rate +31% for 60 sec Strange World: Sleepywood Medal: In the Abyss Attacked enemy will resist bind effects for 90 sec and cannot be affected by Entrancing Confinement or any other bind skills again. Required Skill: Reviving Nightmare (MAX) Up to 12 Marks can be created that lasts for 12 sec. Cooldown: 360 sec. To Pantheon Enhances Unforgettable Ominous Dream. The Descendent of Verdant Floras Spectral Form Effect: Change and Enhance Skills, ATT +30, Stance Rate +100%, Basic Charge Drive | Plain Charge Drive (Active: Flora Form) Level 40: Ignore Enemy DEF: +20%, Unstoppable Impulse/Tenacious Instinct Boost Required Level: 150 Final Damage: +2% per level. Cooldown: 200 sec Impending Success Welcome to! All AP invested stats +1% for 30 sec. Crawling Fear (1) Level 1: Attacks up to 6 enemies at 223% damage 6 times. Holy Pass → Advanced Path one con to ark is that he has to be micro managed with his spell buff, those tiny diamonds things below his gauge to fully be effective, and also his first job doesnt have much mobility in skill terms as iirc, his first attacking skill locks him in place. Seething Abyss → The Rocking Abyss Knuckle Booster (MAX) Required fields are marked *. You charge your Spectra while being in Flora form and deplete it while being in Specter form, if you deplete it completely you will not be able to change into Specter form or charge Spectra for a short while, avoid depleting it completely and change back to flora mode when you're low(there is a big notification and the screen turns red when you're low on Spectra, only possible once you obtain Master Corruption). But, any set effects are not applied, and the Weapon’s base Attack can be converted up to 10%. Receive a random buff that lasts 300 seconds. Link and Combo skills can be complicated Using the skill turns you into Spectral Form, and even though vigor is not used while skill is in use, it cannot be used when exhausted, and is not affected by cooldown reset effects. Kritias - everything you need to know about it. Unstoppable Impulse (MAX) Ark attempted to escape, to warn the denizens of the planet of the oncoming attacks, but he was quickly captured and labeled a traitor by General Limbo. Initiate Fusion (MAX) Changes to Uncontrollable Chaos in Spectral Form. The fusion with Specter’s power has completed. Charge Spell Amplifier (Active) Level 20: Attacks up to 6 enemies at 135% damage 6 times, can be used consecutively up to 2 times. Emits abyssal magic with attacks. Increases damage by 1% when activated, 1% additional increase per stack. Ark’s primary weapon is a Knuckle, and his secondary weapon is the Abyssal Pass. Gust Buff: When Gust Spell hits, ASPD +1 level for 60 sec, Evade +6% Enhances to Instinct Leap in Spectral Form. 7. Ark 1st Job doesn’t have much mobility in skill (1st attacking skill locks him in place). Mystic Arts Training (MAX) 2. 6. Invincible while attacking. Uses the magic enhanced body to attack. Resist knockback attacks from bosses such as Magnus and Lotus. Finding Scattered Friends 2 Flora form or Spectral form). Level 20: HP Cost: 50. 1. A Reencounter with Albert Further improve your abilities by fusing Spectre power into your body. If the core slots has been enhanced with 5 Matrix Points, that will rack up Level 60 (Level 15 x 3 core slots + 5 Levels from enhance core x 3 core slots). Food Supply I main an Ark and 1 pro for me is the versatility. Expert Knuckle Mastery (MAX) Leaving the Armor Graveyard

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