... H« says, inter alia:—" Jem Mace, the last of the ol-i school of prizefighters, was born at Norwich on April 8, 1831. lake many : other fighters, Mace … astonishing than the previous. Thomas Shepherd, and they had three children - Neil, Theo he had injured his father in a fight when he was around 18, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States, ... athletes dle young want to take a look at the rec- j ord of, ... considered, but as yet ie- d had determined upon. In 1883, he returned to America as manager of the New Zealander Herbert Slade, who did not seem to improve markedly from Mace's instruction and promotion. In the final round, Goss's seconds threw up the sponge ending the fight when their boxer staggered in his attempt to land a blow on Mace, who defended himself by merely stepping aside. at his funeral in 1910. [5], In his late sixties, after he returned to England, he ran the Black Lion Hotel on Cohill Street in Birmingham. Allen threw Mace in the last round but injured his shoulder in "Fight Between Mace and Allen". Mr Harold Alderman regarding various peoples claims to be related to Jem Mace and a list of names of people who make this claim. He was held over in court not to fight again, and the incident influenced him to seek his fortune in America. Mace and King met at Medway, twenty-eight miles from London for a rematch less than a year later on 26 November 1862 for £200 a side. In 1882 he toured New Zealand where he discovered future World Heavyweight Champion Bob Fitzsimmons. I would like to be able to contact Charlotte, E-mail: nova1954@hotmail.com, JAMES MACE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH This could have E-mail: rnldmace@aol.com, RON MACE, Canada. Mace was said to have very few injuries, but Goss had been battered around the "head, face, neck, and chest", with loosened teeth and badly battered eyes. Mace, Jem Date of birth 8 April 1831 Place of birth Beeston, Norfolk, England Date of death 30 November 1910 Place of death Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, England, Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jem_Mace&oldid=455334963" http://www.jemmace.co.uk/. or who can make contact? [1] These exhibitions, fought with gloves, paved the way for the worldwide acceptance of gloved boxing, and eventually the newer Queensberry Rules which required new gloves for each boxer. a son Albert Mace, who in turn had three children – Eileen, My father told me a long time I have not been able to prove a link so far to his immediate 1887 in FARNHAM MACE, WEST SUSSEX. [5] In 1902, at the Coronation Tournament at London's Royal Albert Hall, Mace sponsored or participated in a show honoring the coronation of new King Edward VII that combined boxing with wrestling, fencing, running, cycling and gymnastics, as part of England's National Sporting Club. Exhibition WorkAs Mace rose to become the British champion he supplemented his income with exhibition work in the popular Victorian traveling circuses, even becoming a circus proprietor himself for a short time. when I was young of him telling me about meeting his uncle, 1817, Thomas b. In 1870, Mace had a small role in the Shakespearean production of "As You Like It", on Broadway's Niblo Theatre in New York City and played several shows to crowded houses. Each new piece of information I find is more The fight was for what is now considered by boxing historians to have been the Heavyweight World Championship, though it was often considered an American championship as well. About to administer a similar blow, Mace's foot slipped slightly and King administered a strong right under his eye on the left side of his nose, sending him to the ground and nearly causing a knockout. that our ancestors were travellers, possibly Romany. He was the first fighter of consequence to show interest in the Marquess of Queensberry rules. I know several of you know me. My Our family is just beginning to research our family tree. [3][4][5], In the early 1850s, during his days as an exhibition boxer at Nat Langham's Rum Pum-pas boxing club at Cambrian Stores near what is now London's Charing Cross Road, Mace once boxed Archibald William Douglas (1818-1856), the 8th Marquess of Queensbury, known as Viscount Drumlanrig. In a second attempt at Brettle, Mace took the Welterweight title in five rounds near Foolness Island, by Yanklett Creek in Essex. Ie. [43] In 2002, the Merseyside Former Boxers Association arranged an attractive black marble engraved memorial headstone by his grave.[5]. the stockport or barnsley areas during their search. please let me know. and Eileen. He whipped the best of them, and he was not a large man, but he was among the first to apply science to the art of fist fighting." Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Who was the first light heavyweight champion to defeat a heavyweight champion? On the evening of 16 December 1876, he was back in America, this time as a glove boxer, and in an historic early clash for a purse of $100 under Queensberry Rules, he defeated Bill Davis at National Guard Hall at Virginia City, Nevada. you know about him or his family? Geni requires JavaScript! In 1862 Mace began his own circus, appearing throughout England including Canterbury, Brighton, Ipswich, and Norwich through December of the year. about all of you. He went on to become one of the all time great names in the history of boxing and became a well known name world wide. Mace, in the 14th through 20th rounds, got the better of Goss, frequently striking his left eye with his right fist. chrisresearch@hotmail.com, My grandfather James Mace moved to Canada My details are on the posting He was the first fighter of consequence to show interest in … though his cousin married one). He defended his title twice against another American, Joe Coburn, in 1871. Later, toured the country with travelling shows and gave sparring exhibitions till his death at JARROW on Nov 30 1910 Jem Mace married twice...late in life and had issue ---------------------------------------------- From our forum contributors: ....that Jem's son became a preacher. Jem Mace had Mace took the 14th through 16th in "Fight for 400 between Mace and Goss". PA, USA, I was brought up on stories about Jem Mace The trophy, said to contain 100 ounces of gold, was presented at Westminster's Leicester Square not far from Nat Langham's Cambrian Stores tavern and was considered to be worth £80,000 in modern currency. The knockout blow was a right by King in the 20th and 21st in "The Fight-Wednesday". Abbot in Norwich in 1804. family can help. London had the highest population of Mace families in 1891. lt is stated that, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States, "...session. Must See! Great-grandfather Alfred was born [2][5], As Mace rose to become the British champion he supplemented his income with exhibition work in the popular Victorian traveling circuses, becoming a circus proprietor himself for a short time. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. [26] In the November 1871 fight, Mace was thrown repeatedly, and took some hard falls. Mace was a skillful violinist who originally aspired to a career in music and continued with the art through his career as a boxer. You are looking at a large collection of material Regarding the boxing legend Jem Mace (James Mace) it consists of mainly photocopied articles published at around the time of his death, taken from var Mace was married three times, twice bigamously, and fathered at least fourteen children by five women. Mace, born stockport 1764, to William. the stories about Jem Mace, nobody seems to relate him to link to Jem goes back to Great Grandad William Mace (born Mace was a skillful violinist who originally aspired to a career in music. This was about 15% of all the recorded Mace's in the UK. CRYER, MANCHESTER, Reading all His father was a blacksmith and the family were all connected Despite being from a poor family in rural Norfolk, he went on to become heavyweight boxing champion of the world. In 1856, he was credited with playing "The Cuckoo Song", and "Black Jack Davey" on his violin at the Strand, a supper club in London, while afterwards posing shirtless. Having plotted out much of the family tree, I can The Mirror of life seven pages of different articles and pictures of Jem Mace Makes some very interesting reading . Mace's most prominent injuries were to the left side of his face and eye.[11][2][12]. MAUREEN BROWN, WESTERN AUSTRALIA. On May 10, 1870, at Kennerville, La., he defeated Tom Allen in 10 rounds in a match advertised as the world championship. feats. Goss, though he had the vitality of a man nearly seven years younger, did not gain from the advantage, as Mace's experience, skill, and conditioning seemed to count for more than the wear he'd received from his years in the ring.

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