)Operators for this role are: Support- Supportive operators are the guys who make the dream work teamwork. She’s also the best target counter for Mira’s one-way windows. Defenders with specialized or selfish gadgets that are good, but not essential for a balanced team. Fights with and against Blitz are sloppy, and there’s no room for that on a serious team. The best compositions need breaching, support, and intel-gathering operators that can remodel the map to their advantage. His loss of speed and ADS time when the shield is attached generally isn’t worth the trouble. As long as he has a loyal Thatcher to assist with walls, Thermite is the key to a perfect site take on most maps. (**PSA: DO NOT WASTE THERMITE CHARGES ON BARRICADES)**Operators designed for this are: Soft Breachers- Soft Breachers are the opposite of hard breachers, they can only breach soft surfaces (barricades, floors, ceilings, and walls). Finka’s instant surges of 30 health and fast ADS speed are undeniably helpful, but it’s not crucial enough to take over powerful intel gadgets and breaching. Stealthy defenders can shoot past the Trax mats, destroy them all with an impact grenade, or sometimes navigate around them. I’m also assuming a Gold to Platinum level of skill in the game (high enough that you’re seeking out detailed tier rankings). Taking Kali is always an unnecessary risk. Plus, in a pinch, a hacked drone could fill the intel gap of Valkyrie or Echo. Enjoying the stats? We’re also assuming a Gold to Platinum level of skill in the game (high enough that you’re seeking out detailed tier rankings). The cloaked drones are sneaky, but they’re not as durable as Maestro’s Evil Eyes. Amaru is technically the most mobile operator in Siege, but that assumes that her grapple hook doesn’t get her immediately killed. Right now, he doesn’t make much sense on any team composition. She’s a great pick against attackers that run off alone. Rainbow Six Siege Operator Roles Overview, Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Characters Guide, League of Legends Free RP through Bing Rewards Guide, Magic: The Gathering Arena Promo Codes List, Valorant Map Defense Default Positions Guide. Her weapons are on the weaker end of the defender pool, but her interrogation power heavily punishes teams that aren’t watching each others’ backs. His close-range style frequently highlights Siege’s long-running issues shield melee and perspective. If placed correctly, nothing short of Thatcher’s EMP or a bullet will let drones through. These roles can be separated into the following: Roamers, Lurkers, Anchors, Intel, Anti-Gadget, Traps, Fortifiers, Hard Breachers, Soft Breachers, Anti-Roamers, Entry Fraggers, Utility, etc. She becomes more powerful when the round is already moving in her team’s favor, but it always makes more sense to fill her slot with an operator that can hold their own. Iana. Her windows can fall with the help of a crafty Twitch drone or thorough flanking, but most players would rather ban her and leave it at that. It’s too loud to be stealthy and too slow to be good in a rush. A bomb site protected by them is near impossible to retake. Operators with gadgets that burden the user and often get them killed. The R6 Operator Stats feature is used outside of the game, whenever you take a moment to reflect upon your in-game performance. You probably won’t be happy with how a round goes playing these picks. A clever Wamai can hide MAG-NET so that attackers accidentally flash or frag themselves instead of defenders. Not only can his hammer destroy Evil Eyes, Castle barricades, and other gadgets that Buck can’t, but he’s now the only one between them with frag grenades. Contact; Premium. Well-timed footprint scans can throw off a roamer’s plans and sometimes get them killed. Unfortunately, Dokkaebi’s MK 14 DMR is a burden if she can’t land a quick headshot. But wall defense isn’t the only value he brings. That alone makes him indispensable in some cases. This isn’t for pros, but it’s also not for new players, we do assume a good level of familiarity with every defender. His Eyenox visor is the most efficient way to instantly know if a defender is lurking nearby. any operator with a secondary shotgun (Jackal or Gridlock) any operator with breaching charges; Entry Fraggers- Entry fraggers are the tip of the spear operators who are the first ones in (and usually the first ones to die). IQ can be extremely strong, but only with stellar communication. The looming annoyance of Gu mines forces attackers to divert their attention from shooting to minesweeping. What’s underwhelming is her Gemini hologram. As a roamers are typically 3 speed 1 armor, you are set to (you guessed it) roam around the map either for a flank or just to waste the attackers time and utility on you. Lurking operators are usually 1 or 2-speed operators. On certain sites, her one-way Black Mirror windows can comfortably shift the power dynamic in the defenders’ favor. Maverick’s blowtorch is so adaptable that he can be both Thatcher and Thermite. In a gunfight he’s no slouch either, carrying the hard-hitting AUG assault rifle or reliable MP5K SMG. Mute’s denial of attacker information isn’t flashy, but a signal jammer on a doorway, drone hole, or staircase, remains the best way to keep prying eyes out of the bomb site when it counts most. It's for this reason that you can see the operators in your account but you cant see them in your son's account. Operators that are a burden on any team composition other than a few specific use cases. If Thatcher or IQ can’t destroy them early in the round, any hope of an ideal defuser plant covered by smoke or flashes is lost. A recent buff to her Spear assault rifle makes her more competitive than ever. Using the hologram is too loud and obvious to fool defenders, so it’s mostly a free drone with a long cooldown. In a match that’s already favored toward the attackers, a Monty blocking off a door or calling out defender positions is a strong advantage. A lurker’s job is to slow a push happening when the roamers are down.Operators who are fit for lurking are (but not limited to): Anchors- Anchors act as the last line of defense and are extremely important when holding off a push from the attacking team. ), Thermite/ Hibana charges, etc. These four have everything going for them—probably too much. Overview; Seasons; Match History; Trends; Operators Seasonal! This list was last updated on April 23, 2020. Support Ops are usually the operators to get the plant down.Operators for this role are: That about wraps up the operator role guide, if there’s any other veteran players who would like to add some of their insight or has a question about my operator role selects , please feel free to leave a comment. This isn’t for pros, but it’s also not for new players. Even if only one or two are detonated, nobody is confident going into a fight with only 40 health left. His L85A2 assault rifle is easier to keep accurate at long range, but it loses out in DPS. At high levels, players avoid him like the plague. If he can get close enough to flash someone, Blitz can nab a free kill or two. Blackbeard’s rifle shields can help him win a few fights, but he adds no utility to the team otherwise. Against a skilled team employing Valkyrie cams, Evil Eyes, and Yokai drones, Dokkaebi’s camera hack can instantly hand the attackers a robust new camera network. She can breach quickly, daze enemies, cover her flank with a claymore, and overpower defenders with her M762 assault rifle. Without an Anti-Roamer a perfectly executed plan can be turned to dust if a roamer pulls off a good flank on the attackers. With the addition of smoke grenades, he’s a well-rounded pick on teams that already have the basics covered. The charges also detonate faster than Hibana’s, making it a bit harder for Bandit to trick them off the wall. It’s just not likely enough to justify her awkward, slow-firing SMG. Jäger’s better, but Wamai is a worthy companion. Make a full tier list ranking today. The best he can do is force enemies to use up their utility and initiate fights on his terms. Gu mines aren’t crucial to a defense, but they are a very easy way to make an anchor’s job easier. The size of Hibana’s hard breaching isn’t as convenient for walls as Thermite, but she’s perfect for quickly popping hatches. Jackal is a top-tier support operator. Operators can sometimes fill more than one role rather than just a single one. Go Premium. A capable IQ can quickly destroy the Yokais before they’re too much of a problem. Maybe you’re trying to find a playstyle that best suits you. He’s not necessary, but his armor plates may just be the reason you win gunfights and, ultimately, the round. Morgan Park is a freelance writer from Bakersfield, California that plays way too much Rainbow Six Siege for his own good. Roles- First let’s talk about roles, many operators have a role when it comes to team composition. Wamai’s grenade-snatching MAG-NET traps can’t compare to the power and simplicity of Jäger’s ADS devices, but he’s a great pick for other reasons. Kaid’s Electroclaws can’t trick Hibana and Thermite as well as Bandit can, but he’s the perfect pick on sites with a lot of hatches. Her 3-speed stat and Type-89 assault rifle are a mighty combo as well. At high level play, they work well on every map and bomb site. The upshot is that tossing them accurately often requires him to get in harm’s way. It’s possible that he’ll climb up through the tiers soon enough. She’s the perfect pick on a site with close-range angles, but only if you’re comfortable with her slow-firing T-95 LMG. Glaz is a strong pick to hold angles if he has a long sightline. At a high level of play, it’s never a bad idea to have these operators around. She also has the Logic Bomb ability, a low-impact annoyance for attackers that can expose nearby roamers. This tier list covers the viability of all 27 defenders in the context of a serious Ranked match with a team using a minimum level of communication and coordination. You should have a good level of familiarity with every operator before reading. Fuze’s Cluster Charges are great for clearing out gadgets on bottom floor objectives, but they’re way too unpredictable. If you’re only bringing one dedicated hard breacher, she’s the safer choice. Ubisoft seems to know how bad he is at doing his job, so we’ll probably see some significant buffs to him in 2020. Iana ticks every box of a great fragging operator: her pick between two forceful assault rifles, a balanced 2-speed/2-armor rating, and the choice of frag grenades or smokes. This past week when he started the game, the previous year operators were unavailable. Attackers with important breaching or support gadgets that aren’t as universal as those above. Support. Right now, he doesn’t make much sense on any team composition. Hard Breachers are the Most Important members of the attacking side. This is a list of Rainbow Operatives appearing throughout the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise.Unlike Rainbow Staff, operatives conduct missions in the field and engage terrorist threats directly. Alongside his accurate T-5 SMG, he’s a popular pick for any defensive lineup. Another target pick, Warden can be just what a team needs under extremely specific circumstances. He struggles at close quarters thanks to the high recoil of his OTS-03 DMR, but his ability to see through smoke when standing still forces defenders to steer clear of smoke clouds and can. Alibi’s basic roamer kit of a punchy SMG, impact grenades, and 3-speed rating means that she can be compelling in a good player’s hands; but her Prisma decoys don’t add much to that equation. He’s the perfect pick against skilled teams that drone every corner of the map. In-Game. Thatcher’s the better way to clear defenses, but Twitch is backed up by one of the best weapons in Siege: the F2 assault rifle. His ACOG sight helps against long sightlines, but his MP5SD won’t win most gunfights without a headshot. His brief map scans can help in a post-plant hold, but they’re more of an annoyance to defenders than an actual roadblock. Her slow-firing assault rifles can get her into trouble, so her value really comes down to how many gadgets she can help destroy.

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