However, the habits of these birds prove otherwise. Upon returning from church Mr. Perkins discovered his prize duck in a somewhat logy condition. Readers beware. Whole grains like barley, oats, and wheat are great options too. Birds have the anatomical and physical ability to pass gas, he explains, “but if I saw gas in a bird’s gastrointestinal tract on an x-ray, I’d suspect that something abnormal was going on in there.”. The Alamo City Trump Train Facebook Group was used to organize the convoy's movements. Whether birds can burp is less certain but still plausible: Scientists are a little less certain about whether birds can release gassy buildup from the mouth, though. An Iowa man lost the sight in one eye when his prize-winning duck ate a pan of yeast and exploded. Here’s a couple more ideas to grow for duck food. Ducks, much like chickens forage for some of their food. They are not scavengers, and the Bible does not state they are scavengers. There are several different ways you can make frozen treats for chickens. It’s important to note…. However, anatomically, ducks do have a crop. For more about what the Bible teaches about meats that should or should not be eaten, see the section on “Clean and Unclean Animals: Does God Care What Meats We Eat?” and the chart “Clean and Unclean Meats.”. The Indianapolis Star   “Duck Eats Yeast, Quacks, Explodes; Man Loses Eye.”     The Spruce Pets. The Hebrew word tanshemeth (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #8580) is used to designate an unclean creature (unfit for human consumption). Moreover, speaking of the swan, the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia states, “White and gray swans … are among the most ancient birds of history; always have been used for food; … so there is no possibility that they were ever rightfully placed among the birds unsuitable for food” (“Swan”).     Popular Science. Birds don’t typically carry the same kinds of gas-forming bacteria in their gut as humans and other mammals to help digest food, so there’s nothing to let loose. I’d be pretty surprised if birds didn’t burp.”. A conspiracy theory based on one photograph won't cut it if there are literally hundreds of other photographs — and video — that argue against it. “Duck Exploded, Waiter Charges in $36,000 Suit.” This prevents poisons from being assimilated into their meat similar to the way the digestive process works in ruminant animals (which have a series of four stomachs). Colossians 2:16-17: Does It Abolish the Law of Clean and Unclean Meats? During the brooding the crop produces ‘milk’ from seeds eaten, which is regurgitated for the young. “Leaf-eating birds such as swans, geese, grouse, ducks and other game birds, have bacteria in their intestines which break down cellulose. All rights reserved. It is not what an animal eats, but the way its flesh was designed from creation that makes the difference. Moreover, it contains many wholesome veggies and fruits like apples, blueberries, and kale that provide lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Required fields are marked *. On the homestead, chickens are often known as garbage disposals, eating just about anything they come across. Tanshemeth is used twice in Leviticus and once in Deuteronomy. Thank you for visiting. Sign up to receive the week's latest articles, blog posts and updates. This helps to get the dry food down their long throats. How Should a Christian Deal With the Coronavirus Pandemic? The answer is pretty simple. According to this argument, one would conclude that duck is unclean and should not be eaten. Farts are, by definition, noticeable eruptions of significant volumes of intestinal gas. UPI. They’ll love pecking at the ice to get some frozen treats. Learn how your comment data is processed. Keep them busy and cool this coming summer and make them a frozen treat! I’ve placed some of these kind of food items on the list, but ruin a duck’s health by spoiling their dinner! Please select "I agree to get email updates" option. An interesting point to consider is the fact that the dove and the pigeon were anciently used for sacrifice (Luke 2:24; Leviticus 1:14-17). Since they like to mix water with their food. Romans 14: Does It Abolish the Law of Clean and Unclean Meats? This account did in fact run in dozens of newspapers across the U.S. in January 1910, with slight variations in dating and wording: As to the usual follow-up question of “Is this true?”, our attempts to track down any additional information about the plight of Rhadamanthus and Silas Perkins more than a century after the fact have not proved fruitful. Compost items – Ducks will eat plenty of veggies and fruits.     The Spruce Pets. Snopes and the logo are registered service marks of Never miss a post! This behavior reflects that birds don’t generally swallow food and water the same way humans do — they lack the mechanism for peristalsis (contractions occurring in the esophagus which propel food toward the stomach) and instead have to rely on gravity to move food from their mouths to their crops: Since birds lack the mechanism for swallowing without the aid of gravity, people reason, neither can birds perform the opposite of swallowing — that is, vomiting — without the aid of gravity. This material may not be reproduced without permission. However, if you can find duck starter crumbles (harder to find in feed stores) that would be best. Your email address will not be published. If a piece of food is stuck in the upper esophagus, it can get dislodged and fall into the wind pipe, which would cut off the air supply and the person might turn blue and pass out. You have successfully subscribed to the Newsletter, I would love to know what you think, Please leave me a comment! As an example, a horse eats mainly grass, hay, oats, barley, flax, etc., and yet horse meat is unclean, not fit for human consumption. My husband being one of those people. This is the primary food storage area, in some birds its considered a seperate organ. Des Moines, Ia — The strangest accident recorded in local history occurred this morning when Rhadamanthus, a duck, which took a prize at recent Iowa poultry show, exploded into several hundred pieces, one of which struck Silas Perkins in the eye, destroying the sight. One of the multiple, “What the heck was this about?” old-timey newspaper articles that commonly circulates via social media postings is the infamous “DUCK EATS YEAST, QUACKS, EXPLODES; MAN LOSES EYE” report about an Iowa man who supposedly lost the sight in one eye when his prize-winning duck named Rhadamanthus (after the mythical king of Crete) consumed a pan of yeast and exploded, presumably from the excessive build-up of gas in its innards: DUCK EATS YEAST, QUACKS, EXPLODES; MAN LOSES EYE. Coughing and wheezing can also be a warning sign of food caught in the oesophagus or a variety of other problems that, if caught and treated quickly enough, are totally curable. (The phrase “according to its kind” is taken from the creation record in Genesis.) Deuteronomy 14:16: “The little owl, the great owl, the white owl” (NIV); “the little owl, the screech owl, the white owl” (NKJV). 30 May 1975   (p. 2). Does God consider duck a food we can eat? Corney, Charlotte. When we think about what do ducks eat, most people are thinking of some kind of commercial feed that can give them all of their nutrients. Or, to summarize those two currents of thought: Birds have an anus, and so technically could fart, but to date there’s been no official evidence that they do. A sudden change in the weather can be enough to cause pneumonia in ducks, and ducklings can get colds from exposure to water or air that is not warm enough. 2.     3 January 1910   (p. 1). Moreover, you could feed a confined pig a healthy mixture of only grain, but doing so would not change the flesh of the pig—neither horses nor pigs were created for human consumption, according to the Creator. According to some sources, there are approximately 8,616 species of birds in the world! 11 September 2006. Most authorities concur that “swan” is an incorrect translation in the original King James Version of the Bible. Ducks are sometimes confused with several types of unrelated water birds with similar forms, such as loons (an aquatic bird found in many parts […] The biblical list is not intended to be an exhaustive source; it gives us guidelines by which we can make good judgments. It is considered a clean bird by the Jews, but some people have questioned this. The complaint alleges Shun was holding a dish with the flaming duck when Mrs. Liu poured alcohol on the duck and it exploded. Click to read the article! Both of these birds fit the six descriptions given above for birds that are suitable for food. They also have great instincts about what they can’t eat. I just came to update this post because I saw it on Amazon for the first time ever. The Bible lists 20 and the oral traditions add four additional ones. They just don’t need to, says Mike Murray, a veterinarian at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. We can say, however, that this account appears to fall into the category of extremely implausible tall tales, one that echoes multiple urban legends about birds allegedly exploding due to their consuming substances that expand in volume after ingestion — the most common expressions being the legends that seagulls will gruesomely and fatally burst if fed Alka-Seltzer (due to the resulting build-up of gas in their stomachs), or that birds often die after eating rice commonly thrown at newly-married couples at the end of wedding ceremonies (because the birds purportedly cannot digest the grains, which swell from moisture inside their stomachs and cause fatal raptures).

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