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The kindergartners miss Miss Bindergarten! This could be done at a specific time when someone in the class, another teacher, or the principal is sick. Miss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with Kindergarten. Activities Include: Ideas for Read Aloud. Individual Student Mobiles At this point, each student should have five pieces for their own personalized mobile. 0000007121 00000 n 3. Activities Include: Ideas for Read Aloud Seq. Crawled underneath the door. Perhaps they went shopping for new clothes and school supplies. Ask students to draw a picture of a time when they were not feeling well. You got your I! Helping New People (Such as the Substitute Teacher) 1. 218 0 obj<>stream Let them use the items to spell out their names. Activities for the Miss Bindergarten's Kindergarten Series. They pass the time by making get-well cards and singing songs, all the while counting out the days that Miss Bindergarten is away. Children will develop listening skills. $6.99 pb 0-525-45446-2 (40 pp.) 0000004451 00000 n As you call out names from the word wall, also write the names on the board or a large sheet of chart paper. 2. The flu strikes on Sunday, so she has to stay home from kindergarten on Monday. Overview. Students can... Are you reading Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad in Spanish? Create a sentence strip for each character, such as "Adam Krupp wakes up."

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