Paul Grindel, che adotterà il nome d'arte Éluard nel 1916 riprendendolo dalla nonna materna, nasce da Clément-Eugene Grindel, un contabile socialista, e da Jeanne. When Eluard told her husband about them decades later, they drove to the old house, which was still inhabited by the artisan jewellers who bought it from Eluard in the late 1920s. His mother was a seamstress. The book will be re-released in France with new illustrations by the artist Chloé Poizat and is soon to be published for the first time in English, which might generate a new audience for Eluard's work on the English side of the Channel. Même la vieillesse n’est pas toujours courbée sous le froid nocturne. He married Gala on 20 February 1917. One day in June 1940, as the Wehrmacht was marching down from Flanders towards Paris and beyond, Cécile, then 22, was told by her employer, the Wheat Office, that she and the entire ministry had to leave the capital at once by their own means. Conférences ENS Lyon, Site officiel de l'association : Société des amis de Paul Eluard | Copyright 2016 |,, Eluard poète : études sur les poèmes et les recueils, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire Paul Eluard de Saint-Denis, Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin, pulvinar massa consequat. “Mijn bloed, mijn zuurstof, mijn engel van het evenwicht”. Op veel van de schilderijen van Dalí vindt men Gala terug, bijvoorbeeld Portrait of Galerina, Galatea of the Spheres en The Madonna of Port Lligat. Wounded and scarred by the war,[clarification needed] the four poets found solace in their friendship and poetry. Gala, Éluard en Ernst leefden enige tijd samen in een driehoeksverhouding. Gala is a frequent model in Dalí's work, often in religious roles such as the Blessed Virgin Mary in the 1949 painting The Madonna of Port Lligat. Eluard liked to discover new talents, and had a flair for the art market. He referred him to three young writers who had started a new journal called Literature. There was no drama, we met and parted amicably. Teils enge Freundschaften bestanden mit später bedeutenden Malern wie Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Joan Miró und Salvador Dalí. Hoewel Gala als Dalí's muze gold, bleef zij tevens omgaan met haar ex-echtgenoot en had veelvuldig affaires met vaak jonge minnaars die zij overlaadde met cadeaus. "I had totally forgotten about that one. She wrote to him that "you will become a great poet". Unlike Paul, however, he remained indifferent to propagating this revolt which he considered to be an intimate 'elegance'. Cousin) in einem Vorort von Paris geboren. Essaie de pénétrer toujours un peu plus dans le secret, qui n’est qu’apparent, des paroles que tu crois vraies, dans la vie ou dans les livres. Wouldn't she have preferred to hold on to such treasures? For Gala, Cécile didn't really exist any more. Her love for Paul gave her an unshakable faith that they would be reunited again. I never got to meet my Russian family. Een groot deel van haar jeugd bracht ze door in Moskou, waar zij haar diploma als onderwijzeres behaalde in 1915. Paul Éluard (French: [elɥar]), born Eugène Émile Paul Grindel ([ɡʁɛ̃dɛl]; 14 December 1895 – 18 November 1952), was a French poet and one of the founders of the Surrealist movement. However, he announced to his parents and newlywed wife that when he went back to the front line, he would voluntarily join the "real soldiers" in the trenches. Éluard nahm diesen Richtungswechsel in seine Dichtung auf und verfasste bis 1928 seine wichtigsten Werke. Paul was intimidated. [4], After living together since 1929, Dalí and Gala married in a civil ceremony in 1934, and remarried in a Catholic ceremony in 1958[5] in the Pyrenean hamlet of Montrejic. [7] Gala en Dalí brachten de periode van de Tweede Wereldoorlog door in New York. /Ombres et Soleil: Poems and Prose (1913–1952) by Paul Éluard. "A handsome young truck driver drove me there. The same year, Éluard published Le Phénix (The Phoenix in English), a collection of poems dedicated to his reborn happiness. He became known worldwide as The Poet of Freedom and is considered the most gifted of French surrealist poets. I was shocked when, in 1950, the great French Communist poet Paul Eluard publicly approved the hanging of his friend, the Prague writer, Zavis Kalandra. "My husband, a writer and shrewd businessman, rented the house from them for three months and hired a well-known restorer to peel off the wallpaper and retrieve Ernst's frescoes. Bien sûr, il y a de mauvais moments, mais réagis, tourne-leur le dos et ton printemps intérieur retrouvera ses promesses. He was still a soldier and wearing his war uniform. He was so alive, so earthy, so absolutely not abstract! Toen zij in 1964 William Rothlein, een 22-jarige aantrekkelijke drugsverslaafde, in New York ontmoette had ze een nieuw project. A tous les tourments et les doutes qui t’assaillent, à tes cauchemars, oppose la douce assurance que tu aimes, que tu es aimée. He adheres to Dadaism and becomes one of the pillars of surrealism by opening the way to artistic action politically committed to the Communist Party. "Ah, parents! There he met a young Russian girl of his age, Helena Diakonova, whom he nicknamed Gala. In June 1916, Paul was sent to Hargicourt to work in one of the military evacuation hospitals, 10 kilometers from the front line. Breton later despised her, claiming she was a destructive influence on the artists she befriended. She had a fondness for young artists, and in her old age she often gave expensive gifts to those who associated with her. Paul's mother came to visit him and he talked for hours about his beloved, opening his heart to her and slowly rallying her to his cause. 26 August] 1894 – 10 June 1982), usually known simply as Gala, was the Russian wife of poet Paul Éluard and later of artist Salvador Dalí, who were both prominent in surrealism. These were naked ballerinas on a boat. It has been a turbulent ride through the decades, but it has never been dull. An affair quickly developed between Gala and Dalí, who was about 10 years younger than she. Von seinem Gedicht Liberté wurden tausende Exemplare von englischen Flugzeugen über dem besetzten Frankreich abgeworfen. ", Did his mistresses resent the friendship? Nog voordat Dalí en Gala elkaar ontmoetten had hij een sterke vriendschap met de homoseksuele dichter Federico García Lorca, die tweemaal vergeefs seksueel contact zocht met Dali[6]. All rights reserved. Gala werd geboren als Elena Dmitrievna Djakonova in een familie van intellectuelen. There he met Pablo Neruda.In September, he was in Mexico for a new peace conference. "The shah's wife, Farah Diba, bought the biggest panels. At night, he dug graves to bury the dead. On 24 March 1924, Éluard disappeared. The principles of peace, self-government, and liberty became his new passion. Seine Frau Nusch starb 1946 an einem Schlaganfall. "Let me live a tougher life", he wrote her, "less like a servant, less like a domestic". Her parents, Paul Eluard and Gala, born Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, met in Switzerland at a sanatorium in 1913. [6], Paul Éluard died from a heart attack on 18 November 1952 at his home, 52 avenue de Gravelle in Charenton-le-Pont. His daughter's reminiscences open the door to a lost radical and vibrant world in which conventions, whether artistic or moral, were there to be flouted. Les comprendre te donnera la possibilité d’y répondre. Having grown up surrounded by some of the most colourful, eccentric and brilliant artists of the century, Eluard has a treasure trove of such memories. [2] odio dolor mattis Aliquam Phasellus, CERCC Centre d'études et de recherches comparées sur la création. Een jaar later trouwden zij en op 10 mei 1918 werd hun dochter Cécile geboren. 1921 besuchte Éluard zusammen mit seiner Frau Gala Max Ernst in Köln, mit dem er in der Folgezeit auch zusammenarbeitete. Door Éluard werd Gala betrokken bij de surrealistische beweging. But Paul wrote to Gala and four months later, she bought a ticket to go and find him and bring him back, locating him in Saigon. Es war der Mädchenname seiner Großmutter mütterlicherseits. Cecile eluard wikipedia Paul Éluard - Wikipedia . Paul had an immediate and an absolute sympathy for Max. You can see them today at Tehran's modern art museum." At Libération, Éluard and Aragon were hailed as the great poets of the Resistance.[5]. He was a member of the Congress of Intellectuals for Peace in Wrocław in April 1948, which persuaded Pablo Picasso to also join. In 1943, together with Pierre Seghers, François Lachenal, and Jean Lescure, he assembled the texts of several poets of the Resistance in a controversial book called L'Honneur des poètes (The Honor of Poets in English). As befits the daughter of one of the 20th century's most famous surrealists, Paul Eluard, the childhood of Cécile Eluard was never less than extraordinary. In fact, he was very happy to see all those long-forgotten décors. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. In Moscow, Gala listened to no one. "There was a duck on wheels just above my bed." Family Members . Nevertheless, even after the breakup of their marriage, Éluard and Gala continued to be close. William Rothlein stond model voor Dalí in de zomer van 1964, die een vaderlijke affectie voor hem had, omdat hij verschrikkelijk veel op hem als een jonge man leek.

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