I found that it is suggested to descale every 200 brews!

08/23/2018 by

No coffee is coming out! When the machine gets a bit cooler, unscrew the boiler and clean the boiler.

This device has the same internal parts as the modern appliances of this brand. I finally got it to work; had to leave it running for 12 solid minutes for the pump to prime and for coffee to brew. This is a useful feature if you are serving a group of people. The table shows some common problems that you may face using this coffee machine. This is to wash off the descaler from steps mentioned above.

The rest of the housing is silver-painted plastic.

It'll be my next step but I would like to have your advice on this.

I put it all back together, still nothing. Run the whole reservoir of pure water through the system and repeat this cleansing procedure one more time to eliminate the descaling residue.

Fill the reservoir with pure water (34 oz./1000 ml) and pour a bottle of a descaler, which comes with the machine (8.4 fl oz./250 ml). also when I was descaling water out of the frother, there were a few drips of leakage coming from the espresso part. Load another tank of water if the acid smell continues. The modern world is shopping  online, and the EC702 is available from the official website of DeLonghi.

Firstly, wait for 10-15 minutes until it preheats the water.

It is the first time I'm trying the machine, but with already grinded coffee and no coffee is coming out.

Mark, I think you have been dismantling the mesh filter and spring in the main body of the machine.

10/21/2018 by Kara Gottfried. Immerse the wand in the milk jug observing the line on the wand. Where to Buy Manual EC702 Maker by DeLonghi? DeLonghi EC702 Review 2020. Thanks to multiple useful functions, these coffee machines have high ratings and receive positive reviews from users.

The DeLonghi EC702 looks like a professional coffee machine, and it is used by many coffeehouses. Thanks so much for the tip!

Ran it again, nothing came out, as in the original problem; no coffee, but pump sounds. The ground coffee is not firmly pressed in the portafilter. I tried it on whim (why not, nothing else is working) and out came water.

No water, or steam. last time I used my Sacco poemia espresso machine, which isn't that often, I turned the steam wand and there was absolutely nothing coming out of it. 08/13/2018 by

Position the portafilter under the brewhead with the handle towards the left. I had exactly the same problem, and followed the advice to de-scale (using 50% white vinegar solution) as you also suggested. The steamer works.

Turn the knob located above the wand counterclockwise. This aftertaste may appear after improper rinsing of a descaling solution. There are also internet-trading platforms like Amazon and eBay where you can get this coffee machine. This machine comes completely assembled and is ready to operate. Rotate the cup slightly to get the best froth.

Wash the wand and the nozzle with pure water. amzn_assoc_tracking_id="milkf-20"; The amount of ground coffee in the portafilter is not enough. @cjdgb.

Refill it. This unit mixes milk and steam into a creamy and velvety froth, which will be a perfect addition to your cappuccino. The machine comes with an integrated filter. The reservoir is removable and makes filling the water very simple.

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