Looks like an automatic gearbox but seems to act as a manual gearbox, unless we're doing it wrong! Description: This mod adds a cigarette pack and optional cola or coffee. Omsi – Opel Manta. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This is a standing capacity mod adding extra standees for Iveco Crossway LE First Speedfix: V.1.1.0 2020-11-01 21:52:07 Omsi 2 - Bus 1. google_ad_width = 468; There are two modifications. To be teeming with passengers. /* Inserted articles */ OMSI 2 AI Traffic Description: New addition to the artificial intelligence in the form of cleaning car Holder C2.42 AI from authors joker, LMG-123 into your maps in a virtual world OMSI Omnibus Simulator. LUZES: Marivaldo Cardial Model for the locomotive was the BR99 222 HSB, the wagons I have stolen the Wangerooger island railway. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8570694663777147"; google_ad_slot = "3692832623"; The Ferry is part of the ailists of the sea city map! Very high quality model and envelope machine. Just have fun! Some may already have discovered this train on the map Eberlinsee-Schönau, most probably not yet. TEXTURAS: Comil Svelto 2000 – Eudes Santos 0. Have fun! Special thanks to McLaren for the sounds and American_Bus_Driver for the tests! Omsi / Omsi Cars. You could type 'insert' key to enable or disable the effect. - Template for the Gn Download: - Mirror works out in the Ki automatically FS19, FS17, City Car Driving, ETS 2, ATS, SpinTires, Mudrunner, FernBus Mods. Vous souhaitez me contacter autrement ? Sponsored Links . Manual transmission. Description: The assembly is not the final version. Want faster? Recent Comments. Model for the locomotive was the BR99 222 HSB, the wagons I have stolen the Wangerooger island railway. December 12, 2017. Also contains: Omsi 2 Bus mods . Best Ccdmods Download. To be teeming with passengers. They helped me in model, textures, scripts: JXBELL, nemeza, Pádár Martin, Download: Kingto__x27_s_SweetFX_1.0.2.rar (6 KB), Fix: V1.2 for MB Irvine Citaro Piotr Rozmysłowski, converted by O530 Citaro, Add “vehicles\MB_Mischer\MB_Mischer.bus into. Note: It only picks up passengers, I still can't make the cars get on the ferry! Livrées. ATS – International Lonestar Reworked V1 (1.37.x), Farming Simulator 17 / FS17 Mods / FS17 Forestry / FS17 Forestry Tractors, Mercedes Benz Actros Megaspace [18 Wos Haulin], Farming Simulator 17 / FS17 Mods / FS17 Buildings / Objects, Which Simulation game type do you like more? - correct positions for cancellers, change and ticket sales 1. [CDATA[// >

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