[77] They spend much time grooming, individuals concentrating on their own ventral areas, alternating one side with the other, while social grooming occurs with one individual grooming another on its dorsal surface. They are abundant and increasing throughout their range, partly due to a reduction in rabies in Central Europe. [44] Dominant sows may kill the cubs of subordinates. Guard hair length on the middle of the back is 75–80 mm (3.0–3.1 in) in winter. They typically kill lambs by biting them behind the shoulder. [47] Aggression among badgers is largely associated with territorial defence and mating. The grooming seems to disadvantage fleas rather than merely having a social function. An adult badger weighing 15 kg (33 lb) eats a quantity of food equal to 3.4% of its body weight. They are easily fed, as they are not fussy eaters, and will instinctively unearth rats, moles and young rabbits without training, though they do have a weakness for pork. Large boars sometimes intrude into neighboring territories during the main mating season in early spring. The European badger is a member of the Mustelid family and is found in northeast India to central China and Southeast Asia where they consume mostly insects, worms, small birds, rodents, and wild fruits. Males are normally fecund during January–May, with spermatogenesis declining in summer. [103] The pelt was also formerly used for pistol furniture. It is found in the western and central United States, northern Mexico, and south-central Canada to certain areas of southwestern British Columbia. [51] In areas with medium to high badger populations, dispersal from the natal group is uncommon, though badgers may temporarily visit other colonies. [58], The European badger is found in deciduous and mixed woodlands, clearings, spinneys, pastureland and scrub, including Mediterranean maquis shrubland. They also suffer from mange. The American badger is usually smaller in size than a European badger. The far older name "brock" (Old English: brocc), (Scots: brock) is a Celtic loanword (cf. Their hearing is no better than that of humans.[34]. According to IUCN, the European badger is common and widespread throughout its range but the total number of their population is unknown. This was in contrast to fleas away from their host which ran upwards and jumped when disturbed. Their diet includes – lizards, snakes, fruits, earthworms, cereals, rabbits, insects, plant roots, eggs as well as carrion. They can easily tear off the chicken house and can kill or eat the chickens. They form a bag or pocket made from a pelt and a badger or other animal's mask may be used as a flap. An unnamed badger is part of Bosnian writer Petar Kočić's satirical play Badger on Tribunal in which local farmer David Štrbac attempts to sue a badger for eating his crops. When fighting, they bite each other on the neck and rump, while running and chasing each other and injuries incurred in such fights can be severe and sometimes fatal. Copyright © by PBurns. Shave Nook is a place to discuss the fine art of wet shaving. These burrows have multiple chambers and entrances, and are extensive systems of underground passages of 35–81 m (115–266 ft) length. Social Wasps: Their Biology and Control. [86] The children's television series Bodger & Badger was popular on CBBC during the 1990s and was set around the mishaps of a mashed potato-loving badger and his human companion.[87].

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