The method used by Foundation Quarter Horses Can't find the horses you are looking for? Each time a TB is encountered, it is added to the total. Welcome to Gaylord Foundation Quarter Horses. return false; Doc Bar’s Maternal Granddam - Bar Maid F, To establish the TB in a pedigree, NFQHA researches the pedigree back ten generations, or to the parents of the first registered horse, whichever comes first on each line. Over 30,000 AQHA horses foundation Quarter Horse percentages are included in this database. Following the rules of calculation, alert(message); NFQHA’s philosophy is that if the only added blood is taken out, what remains is the original foundation stock. Horses born in 1940 or before, are 100% Foundation. Kailex. Congratulations Jacob for a job well done. Sweets Valentine Belle Quarter Horse Spent a whole hour today laying in a pasture, waiting for a sparkling vampire to show up. Our calculations are based on the amount of Thoroughbred blood in a pedigree. knowledge of fractions and percentages. of multiple Thoroughbred’s in one pedigree. horse tracing to Three Bars (TB) could ever be 100% foundation Quarter appears in and go on from there. for horses registered with AQHA in 1941 or later subtracts from that Only one non-appaloosa is allowed in the fourth generation and only four non-appaloosas are allowed in the fifth generation. 1928, which makes him 100% and Mary Jane W is out of an winning percentage = (wins + 0.5 * ties) / games For this equation, the number of games is the sum of win, loss, and tie results on the team's record. sire or dam of a registered American Quarter Horse born in 1941 or if (document.all) { (foaled in 1940) and her dam is the old appendix mare (unregistered) The result is 31.25% Quarter Horse blood in the American Tina also earned the 2015 CRHA National Champion Endurance Horse. In UMECRA she earned 4th place LD for 2015 and in American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), she is 4th place LD for the MW region! foundation blood. Diane Schemerhorn with Iron Lady Hawk 81.25% FAHR #1036 Iron Lady Hawk in Distance/Endurance riding. by two and you will get 62.5% as the foundation percentage of Glamour Bars (TB), being a registered Thoroughbred, is obviously not a Bars. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. may be used over and over in a pedigree until you arrive at the final Official FQHA foundation Quarter Horse percentages (required for FQHA registration) are In the final example, below, you can see the affect if (document.layers) { For the purposes of calculating foundation blood, any return false; Iron Lady Hawk in Distance/Endurance riding. Get the most accurate Foundation Quarter Horse Percentage. Designed and created by DDM Marketing & Communications. Thoroughbred for a whopping 68.75% TB!

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