Thank you so much for this comment! Dans le jeu de combat rythmé et skillé Stick Fight 2 vous devrez cogner et frapper les ennemis qui se rueront sur vous. I’m putting this one first because there is just so much potential in this software package. You can see from the screenshots of TISFAT here how similar the timeline is to Flash. With all the capability and software out there, guess what, stick figure animation is really cool. Share the best GIFs now >>> Please post a link to your stick figure animations on YouTube in the comments below! What’s really interesting to note is what Stykz has on the list for future versions. 4.5. At the moment we are using Pivot and we’ve also tried Stickman & Elemento. It looks and sounds great. Thanks Kvant, my aim is to build a useful resource for various levels. Free download. Here is a sample of what they are working towards: Sound effects and background sound; Transitions and visual effects; Sprites (imported images); Inbetweening; Draw objects (polygons, ovals, arrows, etc. Share your animations with other people who have Stick Fighter installed on their phones, or export to video and watch on a computer. If you really get into it, here is a little blog on the history of stick figure animation from Know Your Meme. It’s really popular with boys, and it’s all about stick men fighting. It seems to have more features and the timeline looks like Flash. My website is in development and just looking at yours, I’ve already picked up some ideas- Thanks! Thanks Simon, my son makes stick figure videos with Pivot, he makes about 30 seconds in about half an hour, or an hour or more depending on the action. thanks for creating this website, i really love it, i hope i can get to learn this when i enter 6th grade, since i’m going there this year! No virus. . It comes with some predesigned characters and you can download more characters from Droidz that other people have made and animate them, but it’s also super easy to make your own figures. Hi LucyLee Everything you need to create hand drawn animation, anywhere you go! February 2019 – Opportunities and Deadlines, How to capture video from your screen in QuickTime v10, Animate with key frames, control points, switches, matrix, Control body poses, switches with keyboard, GDI+, AntiGrain rendering with OpenGL acceleration, Slide physics for “line rider” like simulation, Many features for reusing graphics between projects, Sound with animated triggering, volume and pan, Snapshot a frame, export frames as PNG sequence, Stop motion, capture video of desktop or webcam util, Load your own backgrounds including bitmap images, Position your figures with easy to use handles, Create cycled movie clips and give them motion in the scene, Export animated gifs, sequence of images or avi videos for YouTube, Tutorials are provided by Pivot users and fans on YouTube and there is full user help on the website, Stretch and distort a segment during a scene, Add and remove nodes from a segment during a scene, Create and edit characters directly on the stage, Comes with predefined figures that can be used as a starting point, Create filled regions with the PollyFill tool, Export animated gif, image sequence, transparent PNGs sequence, .mov for YouTube, Full help documentation and Tutorials on the website, forums and community support, There is also a Windows tool to allow you to convert your Pivot files to be used in Stykz, Drawing primitives (lines, rectangles, bitmaps, polygons, text), The ability to create any custom stick figure, with as many limbs as you choose, Create-A-Scene, enabling creating animation through physics, Export to popular formats (Animated GIF, AVI, Flash), Automatic frame-tweening, to make your animations smoother, Add sound effects to the frames of your animations, (PRO version only), A virtual camera to move and zoom, make your animations cinematic, Filters such as blur, saturation, inversion, glow and tint (PRO version only), Variety of shapes, color/scale on a per-segment basis, Gradient colors, too to make your stickfigures look realistic or cartoony, Textfields make it easy to add text and dialog to your animations, Ability to create, save, import, and share stickfigures you create, Thousands of awesome stickfigures available on the website for free, Compatibility with Pivot-created STK files (version 2.2.7 and earlier), Clean, mobile-inspired interface – pinch-to-zoom for ease and convenience, Forward and backward onion-skinning for precise animating, An undo/redo system, don’t worry about fat-finger mistakes.

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