1/sec (+0.5/sec/lvl) Sure. Goku can use kaioken x1, x3, x10, and x20. You can achieve a similar build in terms of sheer mass. Even then I still don't its possible. Ki Consumption gradually increase the longer you charge! I do a very basic routine and have now for the past four months, my current stats are height 5'10 and weight 278 pounds weighed today. Duo Skill can only be performed once per Map. And keeping working out and dieting until you achieve similar stats, which are entirely reachable. You have to train 4-6 times a week doe, and eat 6 times a day. You will have to train everday for the rest of your life with barely any breaks. Dude! By the way, "Welcome to the 'Vine @emiyakiritsugu"! It's not the kind of fitness I'm into, but it sounds like what you're after. And even so, you're gonna need to lift everyday for a really really long time, and maybe, just maybe you can look similar to Goku's physique. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Transformations are part of Goku's loadout. Unfortunately my metabolism is high as sh!t. Mastering/Perfecting a Transformation happens by staying in the form over time. You would only acquire a certain body type if you have the frame for it. For its natural characteristics, subjects with such type of body tend to have a fast metabolism and so it will be harder for them to gain weight since the changes are very subtle with much effort. All Skills have no cooldowns; A Ki Resource is used instead, Perform a Main Transformation by Tapping F, Perform a Kaioken Transformation by Holding F, Additional Attack Speed Increases Ki Drain Rate, Using in Excess or in the Air Reduces Effectiveness. But Your going to have to make the weight room your best friend and the kitchen is going to be your brother. Super Saiyan? His hair also stands up in the front with 4 s… I've worked out for two hours every day for the past couple years, and I max out at Nightwing at best. If using Goku's default m1 being in any stage of kaioken allows goku to teleport to enemies by targeting them and attacking with m1. I appreciate any serious answers anyone can give thanks in advance. Unless, your have an incredibly distended rib cage, collar bones, shoulder bones, unhealthily large thorasic and cervical vertebrae, abnormally short humorous bones, longer and unusually large tibia and fibia. I'm also an artist who is very familiar with anatomy, proportions of the body and musculature. When coming out of kaioken stun the kaioken strain meter gets completely reset meaning when your about to enter kaioken stun you can drop to base form and switch to kaioken x1 to intentionally get the kaioken stun that only lasts a fraction of a second and get your full kaioken meter back. Ground charge increased armor by 100 Points. but for 99% of people it's highly unlikely since you don't good genetics for bodybuilding. This type of body is easily recognizable in those subjects who are first of all taller, but naturally relatively skinny, with a very low-fat mass percentage, thin bones as well as long-limbed body. What I am more interested in is to know if with practice it's possible to make my body elongate like Plastic Man or Mr Fantastic. We just don't want to get massive because we don't want to spend the money on all the tailoring for new clothes. - YouTube If you train hard like Goku everyday it might be possible but I am no gym teacher. It won't work. Goku is a Saiyan originally sent to destroy Earth as an infant. The greater the kaioken multiplier the faster kaioken strain builds up. And mainly how fast they grow. Moving to the next map will refresh the ability. You won't have ki powers, or transform into a super saiyan, or fly around blowing up things, but yes, you can be like Goku if you try. Look at the size of this monkey: Lol no, unrealistic aspirations. In all honesty..............even though some things seem unattainable......most things are possible if you put the hard work in to achieve them with the understanding that some goals take time to achieve them and see results. The stat boosts from kaioken are NOT proportional to the multiplier. 100 (+25/lvl) Bonus Distance only applies with a Target. Depends on intention, focus, dedication, and patience. HP Regen He must have like 3% body fat or somethin. Goku can use kaioken x1, x3, x10, and x20. Amount of strain is indicated by how dark your ki bar is on the bottom left, it goes from bright blue and gradually gets darker until red stress marks start covering it. This is a good page to start looking for a training and diet regimen you might want to follow. Base? Same here. The stat boosts from kaioken are NOT proportional to the multiplier. fewer and thicker lumbar vertebrae ...Iwon't even get into the legs. Instead of draining Ki, kaioken strains the body, the amount of strain goku can take is dependent on transformation and level. I can't pack in enough calories to bulk up because of my digestive system. I wouldn't worry about that to much, id just try to be the best you can be. Damage Once Unleashed, you can explode the Spirit Bomb for, Cannot be triggered by Void Realm or HP Shrine Damage. Ki Regen 200 (+26/lvl) Health A lot has to do with your genetics like stated earlier though, some people are just not build with aesthetically pleasing muscle insertions or a good hip to shoulder ratio among other things. Meeting one of these requirements will reward you with a Zenkai Stack. Essentially, Goku is the spitting-image of his father, Bardock, possessing the same spiky black hairstyle, dark-colored eyes, and facial features. Zenkai Stacks Increase your Base Health Regen, Armor, Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Damage, and Power Level by 10% per Stack. bodyweight? Just don't over do it, and do it in a healthy way, take LEGAL supplements, and eat correctly (they'll probably have you eating chicken breast and plain rice most of the time, but do NOT forget to add a vegetable...just my advice). Sure of course it's possible. Do not try to use Zenkai Boosting with a Fuel Array equipped. 13 (+2.6/lvl) You CAN look like a normal human equivalent of Goku. Genetics are a big part in how your muscle look mainly in terms of dimensions,proportions, waist size,calf size, arrangement and shapes of abs etc. @mad_titan: @guardiandevil83: I mean...we really could if we wanted to. 3D goku body, formats include MAX, body character goku gokua human human-body, ready for 3D animation and other 3D projects Armor Once you have lost the weight you want start adding more calories back in to your diet to the point where you are gaining size back but keeping fat gain to a minimum. This is most useful for players that opt to use instant transmission instead of charge. 2.1/s (+0.55/sec/lvl) I know this seems like a silly question but I would really like to go for it, although part of me thinks that the body type is simply overexagerated for effect I really don't know anything about training and am just getting my start. Getting good at rapidly switching on and off the various stages of kaioken is imperative to using it effectively. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You can bypass this start up, otherwise known as animation canceling, by going kaioken while charging, using m1, charging an attack, sprint flying, or any other type of action really. Goku's Body has changed a lot through this series and today we take a look at our heroic monkey boy through the years. Make sure you eat like alot and depending on your metabolism alot might mean increasing your food intake in excess of 500 calories. The stat boosts from kaioken are NOT proportional to the multiplier. Be sure to share with all your friends.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Find me on the internet!FaceBook Page for those who have facebook and want to see Goofy old pics of me and get video updates: https://www.facebook.com/Jaxblade07Twitter for Funny updates and Funny Tweets Also to see how I cook : https://twitter.com/JaxBladeFitnessInstagram where model and show badass Fitness and Martial Art Skills Im learning: http://instagram.com/jaxbladeIf you'd like to support me and help me and my fam out when I upload videos heres my https://www.patreon.com/JaxBlade?ty=hAnd for those interested in Personalized Training routines just for your body type Email me here and we can discuss pricesjdownsfitness@gmail.com---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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