She said that she awoke to something sucking the air out of her and that she couldn’t make it stop. Try not to think about them too hard, and whatever you do never say the name out loud. What happened next I will never forget. Then they began breeding, and interbreeding and INbreeding! Cory Daniel is a professional certified interpretive guide and writer/researcher who currently lives in the Valley of the Sun. Next, he saw his sister coming around the other side of the hogan and because of the curve of the structure she could not see the creature. But that was new to me . These are just furries of the aboriginals. The Wendigo (Algonquin) is the most famous. Interesting. I’ve also considered that before AZ achieved statehood with established laws, etc., every low I.Q., cutthroat, murdering, raping, psychopath from every corner of the nation converged upon this area (N/W in particular due to the close proximity of the borders), to partake of the last remaining lawlessness. Before we get started here I will give you some Navajo advice. I wish we had a better legend. and it seems to me that werwolves and skinwalkers has been in different cultures throughout history. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Upon leaving the old homestead I was alone for better than an hour on the trail. But there's many others. For western culture, this may seem ludicrous but this creature is taken quite seriously here in northern Arizona, especially on reservations where they command much respect and avoidance. This Navajo swore to this and by the look on his face, I believed him. According to what was conveyed to me by a Navajo gentleman one evening over a campfire in Wikieup, AZ, “When a bad witch chooses his way he will begin walking the dark path. Many people who posted and shared the picture Thursday said they found their posts and comments disappear. The Algonquins are not all that numerous anymore it seems. When they got to the area where the Skinwalker was supposed to be he jumped into the back of the truck with the shotgun. New Mexico Gas Company brought in experts to patch the leak and the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority assisted with venting the sewer system throughout the area. It wasn’t a particularly bad spot, in fact, there was already a pile of firewood pre-cut and laying next to a fire pit, it was the feeling of a presence at the location that bothered me. “History is the lie commonly agreed upon” -Voltaire   The Conspiracy of Archeology The research I do is time-consuming. Does the Skinwalker phenomenon have anything to do with this? His friend said that he knew where one had been seen recently and that there was good chance it was still around. Navajo medicine men believe the earth is sacred and can both heal and kill. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. ), Press J to jump to the feed. What’s the government not telling us about this area? My uncle was a writing a dcomumentary on the yen but passed away last year and did not finish his work, but since I’ve become interested in stories again I think I will start doing my own investigating.

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