I did throw out this one as it really looked odd. I would not recommend patinas on rings though. @deliasdelight: Great, I will try that. You will be tempted to look but don't! I think I will try the Ammonia method. A small … You can open the container or Ziploc bag when the metal or jewelry pieces darken to the color you want. You can use an acrylic spray, acrylic liquid, or any other clear fixative to seal in the surface color. There is a small amount of carbohydrates in egg whites which are linked to the proteins. Why do eggs now and again turn eco-friendly even as cooked? This is an eco-friendly way to oxidize copper and sterling silver. When I started peeling them, I noticed that the egg whites look brown. I will be adding to this lens very soon! I prefer nitrile, as they are a bit thicker and sturdier than the thin latex or plastic gloves. I boiled 6 eggs and really let them cook too long. Well, I just got done playing a batch and the first two that I ate had some liquid in that hollowed out area. I always dip my oxidized pieces in a solution of cold water and baking soda to stop the oxidation process no matter what chemical I use. There is no developing chick. Hard to justify using 3 eggs since my family goes through a dozen a week. You can purchase these at most online jewelry supply/bead shops. A small shallow dish on which to place your metal or jewelry pieces. Have lots of water handy. I then gently wash the piece in a solution of dish soap and water, rinse and dry. ProPolish pads. Answer: If your wire is already coiled, wash it before you oxidize it. Black Max is the best for getting the metal completely black. I just had this occur. Screw on the lid and wait a couple hours. Just the answer I was looking for!!! Here is what you need: Chop the boiled eggs. Apply it with a spray bottle and use a soft sponge. Does your wife cook for you delicious foods? Thanks! Using the fumes of household ammonia to oxidize metal is really quite easy and is an inexpensive way to oxidize copper and brass. I've never seen this before. Do I have to put a paper plate on my cold food before heating it up in my microwave? JavaScript is disabled. @deliasdelight: Hello, I have tried the hard boiled egg method a couple of times now. You can use wire or fishing line to suspend the metal or piece of jewelry just below the mouth of the jar. Use rubber/nitrile gloves. How do you think about the answers? All you need is a clean pickle jar with a lid, a piece of wire or fishing line to suspend your piece, and clear ammonia. I just wash my hands with the gloves on when I am done, and pat the gloves dry with clean old towels before I take them off. The yolk looked fine and all the other eggs looked and tasted fine. that is - i used the egg method on my brass-copper jewelry and in the morning it looked veeery nice, brownish brass and almost black copper, but when i touched it with my fingers the black oxide which was on the copper cleaned away from the piece leaving it just a bit darker, but far away from that amazing black effect before. I boiled 6 eggs and really let them cook too long. I just had this strange event happen to me too. could you please tell me which method warranted that beautiful gold color on the bracelet and the turquoise necklace? What breeds should I hatch? It wasn't overcooking on this occasion. I a sure it was due to the over cooking but find it extremely odd why this just occurred on only the one egg. Let me know! Place the small dish in the middle of the plastic container or inside the Ziploc Bag. The container or bag must be large enough to hold the small dish plus the hard-boiled eggs with room to spare. First and foremost, clean your piece of brass or copper with either alcohol or acetone to remove any oils or dirt so that the patina is consistent throughout the piece. I usually take old coffee mugs and fill them up about halfway and add about a teaspoon of baking soda. You can sign in to vote the answer. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Thank you so so much! I want a green patina on red and yellow brass. Cover and refrigerate. I personally like to use running water when I can, but when I teach classes that is not always possible, so a gallon jug of water is always at the ready! These are NOT brown eggs, so why did the whites turn brown? There are actually several ways to get that gorgeous brown patina on your copper or brass. These are spongy pads that contain permanently bonded micro-abrasives. You can check the piece to see what color you want to stop at. Dawn dish soap is my favorite but any will do as long as it is transparent. Great instructions. Of course you can use the tried and true, non-eco-friendly method of adding a patina to your metal with the use of chemicals like Liver of Sulphur, Black Max, and Antique Patina Solution. Where would I be able to get a wild boar cracker in time for Christmas.. Why do eggs now and again turn eco-friendly even as cooked? I would love an answer to this riddle. I also will oxidize my wire before wire wrapping with it. UK. You can use chemicals, or more eco-friendly methods. It smelt okay, but I didn't trust it to eat it. I thank you for this informative lense. Some of the "Jewelry" wires have a coating on them that resists oxidation. Let cool or run under water to cool then peel. I usually take my wire and use a green scouring pad to draw the wire before I use it. Plus if due to the heat then with the heat penetrating from the outside in, why would this darker color be the same throughout and not darker on the outside.These all came from the same carton and all the shells were brown and not the normal white color. I hard boil eggs quite often and cooked a dozen today. Store your pieces in a clear bag so they keep their patina and do not get darker or cause other jewelry to tarnish. Instant pot pork hocks.How much cooking time? They are used to shine up the highlighted areas of your patinated pieces. Any suggestions on how to oxidize more evenly? At no time should the metal or finished jewelry come in physical contact with the ammonia liquid; it is the fumes that will produce this patina. Did you try these methods? :( It doesn't match the faucet anymore, which is the exact brown on those two pieces of jewelry. Live coverage of 2020 presidential election, 3-way Georgia Senate race heads to runoff election, Ex-Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville wins Senate race, How Georgia’s blue drift changes politics nationwide, 'Hamilton' star changes lyrics of song for voters, Trump signals he won't try to declare victory prematurely, Battle intensifies over which votes will count, The Obama-Biden economy outperformed Trump's, Celeb forced to quit 'DWTS' gives health update, WH coronavirus adviser warns of new 'deadly phase', Visiting campaign HQ, Trump says ‘losing is never easy’. Then oxidize it before you make coils. Can this ever come back to bite me? The ammonia odor on your piece should fade quickly, but if you want, you can leave the piece out for a while before very gently buffing out any high points for contrast. @anonymous: You can try the Fuming method first to see if that works. I have a very interesting situation here. You must log in or register to reply here. When you are done doing whatever you are going to do with the wire you can use either a sunshine cloth or pro polish pad to bring up highlights or lighten the patina. I wonder if this can be traced back to the chicken and something she had eaten. Using a Ziploc bag or a clear plastic container will help you withstand temptation. They do cost more but I reuse them as many times as I can before they break. Nicely done. Still have questions? Join BYC FREE here to see fewer ads, post questions, upload pics, & more! I did throw out this one as it really looked odd. Do not touch the surface that you want to patina. I would suggest using a very fine piece of steel wool to the wire pieces and then washing with a paste of baking soda and a really good rinsing. I have cooked a lot of eggs in my life time but I have never heard of that, and I have overcooked more than a few. The piece must not come in contact with the liquid ammonia. Will that make me sick or can I finish the remaining 5? I am incubating in the spring! I will try to attach a picture for all to see. You know the part of the egg that is hollow at the top (or bottom) of the hard boiled egg. Answer Save. I taped the ends of two pieces of fishing line to the outside of the jar to create a little cradle. The egg should not touch the metal or jewelry pieces. Plus the other three eggs turned out perfect with only one egg having its white part looking like a milk chocolate color. It is a little smelly, but if you are quick the smell should be no problem. How can i do it? I usually lightly sand the surface with either a green scrubbie pad or fine grit sponge prior to oxidizing as it will give the metal some tooth to hang on to the oxidation. Monica (author) from Illinois on May 25, 2012: @anonymous: I have had that happen but only when I used Liver of Sulphur. $100 Still up-for-grabs in our TSC / Amazon Giveaway! Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance, Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures, prayer warriors (following Jesus Christ, everyone welcome), Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates. Question: I can’t find a way to do coiled wire...if I hang it with the ammonia method it patina unevenly. Its the same reaction that happens in baking to turn breads, cakes, cookies brown on top. Arod- learn to spell and write....and THINK. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Or visit our Learning Center for articles on How To Raise Chickens. Is 6 weeks too early to tell the sex of Easter Eggers? I understand that it can be desirable effect when the jewelry is hammered, spinned or has other irregular forms, because part of oxide goes away and part stays, but mine was flat and perfectly polished. Cover with the lid or close the Ziploc Bag. Question: Where can I get copper that will antique well in patina? Pizza, Pits, Puzzles and Pumpkin Party Animals Play!, Sponsored Content, Contests, and Giveaways, Transitioning from roofed to roofless run. even as eggs are cooked for too lengthy or at too severe a temperature, they're going to now and again turn eco-friendly. Did I overcook them? Shelli Godinho from Ontario, California on April 10, 2015: Thanks for the idea. My inlaws had the same issue every time they cleaned the sink. Use safety glasses. Are you using Bare Copper/Bare Silver or Artistic Wire/Parawire? Add eggs and soy sauce and liquid smoke together in shallow container. I use clear household ammonia, which works on copper and brass. We left our eggs in the pressured cooker past the time. My favorite brand is 3M. I have tried this method on finished pieces that included freshwater pearls and turquoise which are usually considered delicate materials. Depending on the look you are going for, you can either use a clean soft cloth to buff the piece for a nice shine or if it has raised areas you can use a Propolish Cloth, Sunsheen Polishing Cloth or green 3M scrubby to gently remove the patina from the raised area while leaving the recessed areas dark.

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