In this Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835, our pick is Snapdragon 765G.

Although both processes are from Samsung, there is currently no fair comparison between a 7nm and a 10nm SoC, at least in terms of size and efficiency. India.

As you can see Redmi K30 scores around 302,847 points. 2. Required fields are marked *, Is this a review? Honestly,  Adreno 620’s graphical performance is way ahead of Adreno 540 . The difference could have been enormous if Qualcomm decided to use the same dual-cluster design as of SD 845 or increase the numbers and frequency of high-performance cores in SD 765G.

But it’s not just the same 7nm fabrication. Qualcomm Planned To Make SD 765G The Most Power-Efficient SoC.

However, that’s not the case. Phones; Tablets; 1. However: More Higher Cores and Frequency Does Provide Incredible Performance But At The Expense of More Power Consumption and Heat Generation. AnTuTu benchmark is the most popular benchmarking app in the world! Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, i12 TWS Manual | Step-By-Step Charging & Pairing Instructions (Guide 2020), Redmi AX6 vs AX5 vs Huawei AX3 Pro Router Comparison | Specs, Features, Speed (Compared), LPDDR5 vs LPDDR4x vs LPDDR4 | In-Depth Speed, Specs, Phones Comparison, i7 TWS Instructions Manual | Step-By-Step Charging & Pairing Instructions, Huawei Router AX3 Pro Review | Perfect Alternative To Xiaomi AX3600 Router! Whereas, Snapdragon 765G which is the first upper-mid end 5G and 7nm EUV SoC might benefit the manufacturer and provide a reason for the price increase. For Snapdragon 835 we have the OnePlus 5 AnTuTu benchmark with us on the previous version of AnTuTu. The first half of 2020 has passed. Yup, SD 835 heats like hell on Snapdragon 835. Global Mobile Phone Users Preferences, Q3 2020, Global Top 10 Best Performing iOS Devices, September 2020, Global Top 10 Best Performing Android Phones, September 2020, Global Top 10 Best Performing iOS Devices in August 2020, Global Top 10 Best Performing Flagship Phones and Mid-range Phones, August 2020, Global Top 10 Best Performing iOS Devices in July 2020, Global Best Performing Android Phones in July 2020: MediaTek Enters the List. Why? Snapdragon 835 had the 3 generations’ previous version which was Hexagon 682. However, if it would have been Adreno 640 (SD 845), then Adreno 620 would have been beaten easily by 40,000 points. On AnTuTu V7, the MediaTek Helio G90T scores around 225K, which is an impressive score for sure. Snapdragon 765G supports 5G networking and is the first upper-mid SoC to provide this networking. cross-platform products may not be directly comparable. The 2019 and 2020 is the year of gaming phones and AI, so that is why we see incredible gaming optimization and AI upgrading in SD 765G. Now let’s compare the SD 765G and SD 835. Over 200,000,000 users choice AnTuTu.

The SD 835 have more numbers of performance cores than SD 765G (only one). Performance Ranking of V8 ... * 1 AnTuTu was developed based on the unique technologies of different platforms, such like Vulkan(Android) and Metal(iOS). Ther Snapdragon 765G and 865 have the 7nm EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) fabrication, and the Snapdragon 855 has the standard 7nm LPP fabrication. The Cortex A76 has 40% better power efficiency and a 35% increase in performance when compared to A75.

It’s amazing to witness tremendous improvement in technology from 2017 to 2019. It means that the battle for global mobile phone market share in the next half year is about to begin. Battery Life: 3 hours – 4 hours continuous gameplay on 4000mAh battery, Battery Life: 2 hours – 2.5 hours continuous gameplay on 4000mAh battery. Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – AnTuTu Benchmark Comparison With the release of Redmi K30 with SD 765G, we have its AnTuTu V8 Benchmark with us. Oh and one more thing, I was running the game on FHD, (extreme fps + mid graphics) on Snapdragon 765G and for Snapdragon 835 (ultra fps + low graphics). If you are able to find a box packed SD 835 phone, it won’t cost higher than $120 to $250 depending on which phone it is, for example, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or OnePlus 5.

16 that offers speeds of up to 1.0 Gbps and for load makes use of LTE Cat. Considering, those flagships such as Redmi K30 5G, the price range of a Snapdragon 765G phone is around $380 to $500, given that 5G networking is supported and it’s a gaming phone as well. For 4G LTE, the download uses Cat 24 with a speed up to 1200 Mbit/s and for upload Cat 22 with a speed up to 210 Mbit/s. Do proof read it once. The smart phones are developing faster ever than we can imagine. It improves your credibility. So, the products in the ranking list......... It’s June now. Snapdragon 765G is way better than Snapdragon 835 in every aspect whether it is CPU, GPU, AI, Connectivity, and Camera. Moreover, 3 years back proper AI wasn’t introduced that is why we don’t see any AI features in SD 835 such as AI power management, AI game boost, AI camera, and so on. The GPU of SD 765G is almost 10% better in graphical performance than SD 765. AnTuTu Hong Kong, Email: “SD 765 has Spectra 355 with 2x ISP and SD 855 has Spectra 280”, Thanks for the correction! This is when we witnessed a 2x performance increase from the previous generation (SD 820 and 821) because of the octa-core configuration and better multi-core score. 835 rocks ! Snapdragon 765G is better than Snapdragon 835 in every aspect whether it be gaming, CPU performance, connectivity, or AI. Meanwhile, Snapdragon 835 was considered the most powerful Android SoC in 2017 and was quite a hit when it was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S8 series and the Note 8 series. This offers better features compared to the Adreno 530 GPU of the Snapdragon 821. Moreover, the greatest selling point of the mid-end Snapdragon 765G is the 7nm EUV process (no other mid-end SoC uses this process). Yes. This confuses the reader. Additionally, the V8 can run for up to 40 minutes compared to the V7, which runs for 30 minutes. (Updated). cross-platform products may not be directly comparable. So, here the winner again is Snapdragon 765G. Then, in the second place, we have the Exynos 7904 that got an official score of 109,450 points and, lastly, the Exynos 7870 got an official score of around 61,818 points on v7 of AnTuTu. Vivo iQOO 5 Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. During this period, apart from iPhone SE 2020, Apple hasn’t launched any other products. 13 with speeds of 150 Mbps. The flagship models for the first half year have been launched to the market.

Breaking down the score, the chipset scores around 85,000 in CPU, 70,000 in GPU, 55,000 in UX & 14500 in Memory. What do you think, let us know in the comments! Because it’s better than Snapdragon 835 in almost everything, whether it be gaming, AI, camera, CPU, or networking.

Welcome to another war between SoCs and this time we have 2019’s Snapdragon 765G taking on the 3 years old Snapdragon 835 in this Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 SoC comparison.
By having a more powerful GPU, the 835 chipset offers graphics representation up to 25% faster and a screen color 60 times larger compared to the Snapdragon 821. * 2 The above list, only the popular models will be displayed, monthly update. Therefore, the list of Top 10 Best Performi......... Now we’ve entered July. It hasn’t moved to Cortex-A77 but consists of: The only difference between SD 765 and 765G in the CPU section is that SD 765G has a slightly higher clock speed (0.1GHz higher) of high-performance Kryo Prime Cortex A76 core than SD 765. Please do not be in a hurry to upload. The July of 2020 has passed and here comes August. Snapdragon 765G uses a Kyro 475 CPU based on a seemingly odd tri-cluster, octa-core design (1+1+6) which is new in this 7 series. Huawei Mate 40 RS Huawei HiSilicon KIRIN 9000. 7nm EUV is far more superior than 10nm FinFET. Among all these four competitors, only the Snapdragon 845 is manufactured over the 10nm LPP node or otherwise, there is a trend of 7nm fabrication here. No Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835: Specs, AnTuTu Compared (In-depth). The SD 835 scored 185686 points. The SD 765G release date is December 7, 2019. The Snapdragon 835 offers advanced specifications with the X16 LTE modem. * 1 AnTuTu was developed based on the unique technologies of different platforms, such like Vulkan(Android) and Metal(iOS). Almost half a year has passed in 2020. So, let’s see how the newly released upper mid-end SoC (SD 765G) will perform against the best of 2017 (SD 835) in this Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 SoCs comparison: We have also compared the next generations of the 8xx series with SD 765 and 765G. This is what the Snapdragon 835 is missing. Snapdragon 765G is quite popular since its release in the new Redmi K30. Two years ago, the 10nm process was considered the best in the market, which meant that smartphones that used that processor were at the forefront of technology. However, it’s the best price-to-performance phone right now as the prices of the smartphones increase this 2020. While for Snapdragon 765G the game remained smooth over time with slight temperature increase.


AnTuTu also support cross-platform,including Android, iOS and Windows. For download uses LTE Cat. For long gameplays, SD 765G is recommended over SD 835. AI and dedicated gaming phones were absent at that time. The number of cores does play a role. Adreno 620’s graphical performance is way ahead of Adreno 540. The primary difference between the V7 and V8 is suction power and battery life.
While the Snapdragon 835 has just 10nm FinFET by Samsung. On AnTuTu v8, Snapdragon 835 scores around 251928 points on Samsung Galaxy S8+.

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