She said: “It makes me look at the entire justice system differently. “The actions of the Department, based upon the evidence of the actresses who came forward, have resulted in the Industrial Tribunal imposing the maximum prohibition period permitted by the legislation for both parties.”, Get the day's headlines delivered directly to your inbox, Coronavirus: 11 further deaths and 649 cases in Northern Ireland, Thousands participate in virtual Dublin marathon, Man shot in leg in paramilitary-style attack in west Belfast.

Mr Butler headed Universal Artists Belfast, a talent agency which has provided cast members for numerous film and television productions. McCrory was given a four-month jail term that was suspended for two years and was placed on the sex offenders’ register until 2014.

She is a constant source of joy to us and we owe it to her to not allow this to blight her life. The department previously obtained a prohibition order against Butler in 2009 when it became aware he had a previous conviction for indecently assaulting a young actress in 2005. Sections, Alexandra Ford with her husband Mark Butler, also known as Mark McCrory. “To a degree it shattered that happiness. He has provided talent in the past for some Northern Ireland-shot films including City Of Ember, Fifty Dead Men Walking and Cherrybomb. Fionnuala O Connor: In the midst of a surging pandemic, much of the editorial judgment on display is heartening, Wins for Donegal, Cavan & Armagh in opening weekend of Ulster SFC. “I think that if I were a member of the public and thought that someone had been asked to sign the sex offenders’ register for putting their hands on someone’s waist and attempting to kiss them, I’d think that was a pretty harsh punishment that was meted out. The prohibition order against Butler and Ford should give a clear message to work-seekers in the entertainment industry that there is no need to tolerate unprofessional or inappropriate conduct on the part of an agent.". “You’re back from your honeymoon in a bubble of love and giddyness about being married and then all of a sudden an allegation like this comes. "In this case, the Employment Agency Inspectorate acted immediately to investigate a series of complaints from actresses who sought to be or had been signed to Universal Artists. Born and raised in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, Alexandra Ford holds the Irish nationality. “This stand by your man term — I’m not standing by my man, I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with him. The scandal-hit husband of Give My Head Peace star Alexandra Ford has been banned from working as a talent agency boss for a decade.

The department spokesman continued: "Any work-seeker experiencing misconduct or inappropriate behaviour from their agent can bring concerns or complaints to the regulator of recruitment agencies, the Employment Agency Inspectorate in the Department for the Economy, and action will be taken. During the meeting in May 2005, the victim said McCrory grabbed her hips with both hands and kissed her.

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